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Heat Jaws is a combination of Heatblast's and Ripjaws' DNA. He cannot be accessed unless the faceplate of the Omnitrix is broken or by using the Biomnitrix.


Heat Jaws has Ripjaws' torso, head and tail flap, but has Heatblast's arms and legs. Also, Ripjaws' dorsal fin is replaced by flames.

Powers and Abilities


Heat Jaws suffers extreme problems. His Ripjaws half needs to stay out of the heat or he'll dry out, but Heatblast's half constantly generates heat, making him dry out quickly when using his fire powers. But it does have a few advantages as well because of his Heatblast half, Heat Jaws only needs water when he is using his fire powers, and because of his Ripjaws half, he can go underwater without extinguishing his flames. In fact, his flames get stronger underwater. But since water extinguishes fire normally, he instead shoots a high-pressure stream of scalding water. Ben revealed that Heat Jaws was "not the best combo", as a fire alien and a water alien don't really mix as they tend to hurt each other. Other than Ripjaws' swimming and Heatblast's pyrokinesis, his Ripjaws strength is increased.


His Ripjaws-half needs water to live, but his Heatblast-half needs to stay away from water, giving Heat Jaws a terrible disadvantage.


Ben 10


Ben 10


His name is the combination of Heatblast and Ripjaws.

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