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Havok Beasts are small aggressive aliens from the Null Void.


MER (425)

Blue Havok Beasts

Havok Beasts are small red aliens with black claws on their hands and feet.

Havok Beasts vary in color, red and blue ones have been seen.


Havok Beasts love eating metal and are known to devour entire spaceships mid-flight.[1][2]


In Truth, a Havok Beast was rampaging in a hotel. It was stopped by Ripjaws.

In Singlehanded, several Havok Beasts in the Null Void were tearing apart the old Plumber base where Max hid in Voided. When Ben's hand ended up in the Null Void, they activated the Omnitrix and turned Ben into Brainstorm. At the end of the episode, a big Havok Beast from the same group from earlier in the episode stole Sunder's axe and the others surrounded Sunder and cheered, hoping to see him and the bigger Havok Beast fight.

Powers and Abilities

Havok Beasts possess enhanced strength and agility, as well as sharp claws and teeth.

Havok Beasts can cling to walls and climb them.

Havok Beasts can breathe fire.[3] They can also spit out any liquid substance they swallow, such as water.[4]


Ben 10

Season 1

  • Truth (first appearance)

Season 2

Alien Force

Season 1

Season 3

Ultimate Alien

Season 1



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