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Has Ben's Time Come? is one of the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien comic books that come with figurines. This is about Vilgax going back in time to the day Ben found the Omnitrix to steal it from him.


While Ben is viewing a "thank you" present sent to him from another planet, Professor Paradox appears and tells Ben that Vilgax has returned and tricked him into sending Vilgax back to the day Ben found the Omnitrix. Just then, the Ultimatrix disappears from Ben's wrist!

Paradox takes himself and Ben to Vilgax, and find him holding the original Omnitrix. Paradox brings Ship under Ben's command, and the Omnitrix flies off of Vilgax's hand by Ship's missiles and Ben puts it on his wrist to fight.

Ben unlocks codes to get Lodestar and Brainstorm to fight Vilgax, and then Paradox sends Vilgax somewhere in time and space. Ben takes off the Omnitrix and puts it back in its pod, and watches as his younger self shows up and the Omnitrix latches onto his wrist, resetting the original timeline and the Ultimatrix reappears on Ben's wrist. Paradox then takes Ben home and leaves to get ready for a date with Julie.



Aliens Used


  • This comic book comes with figurines of Alien Force Vilgax and Original Series Ben.
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