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The Hardware Store Headquarters is a plumber base that contains the Hands of Armageddon, first appearing in Ben 10: Race Against Time.



Ben, Max, Gwen and the Plumbers inside the Hardware Store Headquarters.

This headquarters was entered through an elevator that can be activated by flushing the toilet which could be used to reach lower levels. This HQ was full of pipes and seemed to be a center for pipes under the city. It held the Hands of Armageddon which when attacked could cause natural disasters such as the energy force from the first attempt created the Grand Canyon, one of the next attempts started the Great Chicago Fire, and Edward White's attempt to destroy the Hands in 1989 caused the Great Earthquake.

Eon sought the Hands of Armageddon for himself so that he could free his people and it was the place that featured the climax of the movie when the Plumbers were trapped and when Eon had taken over Ben, only to lose control because of Gwen and the Hands of Armageddon were shut down by Max thus preventing the invasion while Eon was thrown into the Hands by Wildmutt thereby destroying it (As they all thought). The Plumbers were rescued by Edward White. It is unknown what has happened to the base after the Hands of Armageddon were destroyed.




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