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Gwendolyn Tennyson was originally Ben 10,000 and Kai Green's daughter and Ken's sister.[DM 1] She has been retconned out of existence.[DJW 1]


Gwendolyn bears a striking resemblance to her mother at her age, primarily consisting of a Native American complexion, black hair, brown eyes, and her frail figure. She has her long, black hair kept in a ponytail. Her outfit is a blue colored dress with white stripes on its center.


In Ken 10, Gwendolyn was seen at Ken's 10th birthday party along with Ken's friends.[DM 1]



  • Gwendolyn and her brother were named after Ben's cousins, Gwen and Ken.[DM 1]
  • In Ben 10,000, Gwendolyn appeared during the battle with Vilgax. This was an error as Ken 10 is set 12 years after the episode, so she would not have been born or would have been an infant.


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