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Eunice and Gwen talking about the latter's relationship.[1]

Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin are one of the main couples in the franchise.

Ben 10[]

Levin (274)

Gwen meeting Kevin for the first time

When they first met, Kevin was a renegade 11-year-old, who knew Gwen as Ben's smart-mouthed cousin. Gwen distrusted Kevin at their first meeting in an arcade and said he was just trouble. Gwen and Kevin did not show any interest for each other. He later had a vengeance against Ben and almost burned Gwen in the episode Framed if not for Ben transforming into Diamondhead and protecting Gwen.

MER (480)

Kevin holding Gwen hostage

In Back With a Vengeance, Kevin held Gwen hostage so that Ben would give up the Omnitrix. Ultimately, he was trapped in the Null Void.

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

11-year-old Gwen had begun to develop feelings for Kevin during the times that they had met.

In one of the flashbacks presented in Mud is Thicker Than Water, Lucy asked Gwen what Kevin was like. Gwen told her that Kevin is a guy who thinks that he is cool because he is a bad guy. Lucy laughed and then teased about Gwen liking Kevin, but Gwen rejected the theory.

WXI2 (247)

Gwen checking up on Kevin after he reverted from his mutation

In a flashback in Weapon XI: Part 2, Gwen encountered Kevin (who was with the Amalgam Kids at the time). During the fight between Ben and Kevin, Ben transformed into Eye Guy and pinned Kevin to the ground, but Kevin once again absorbed DNA from Omnitrix and underwent another mutation. Kevin went insane and started to blast at Ben, Gwen, Max, and even the Amalgam Kids. Kevin overpowered all of them but was suddenly taken down by Argit who shot his quills at Kevin's head, knocking Kevin out and causing him to revert to normal. After everyone was freed from the vines, Gwen looked over Kevin. Gwen then pulled the quills off of his head and asked Kevin if he was okay. Kevin greeted her weakly and smoke filled the area. Kevin, Argit, and the Amalgam Kids returned to the Null Void.

FHtE (532)

Gwen blushing after encountering Kevin again, without knowing he is Lucy in disguise

In From Hedorium to Eternity, Ben and Gwen both encountered Kevin again underground and she and Ben (along with their cousin Lucy and friends Cooper and Jonesy) joined forces with Kevin to stop Zs'Skayr and his Ectonurite minions from taking over the Earth. Kevin teased Cooper about being Gwen's boyfriend and said that he thinks he is a better guy, pointing out how he's the "bad boy" and Cooper is the "nerd", leaving Gwen enraged. Gwen was surprised that Kevin had been unknowingly helping Zs'Skayr and that other Ectonurites had possessed the adults. Due to the collective efforts of all the kids, everyone was saved. Suddenly, the Null Void portal started to pull Kevin. Ben, Gwen, Lucy, Jonesy and Cooper helped to pull Kevin to prevent him from being pulled into the Null Void portal, but they failed to do so, and Kevin got pulled back into the Null Void, much to Gwen's sadness. Later, outside Ben's house, Ben and Gwen suddenly noticed Kevin climbing out of a hole. Kevin said Gwen's love brought him back from the Null Void. Gwen blushed and held his hand, but Kevin was revealed to be Lucy in disguise. Lucy and Ben teased Gwen about liking Kevin, which angered Gwen and she chased Ben and Lucy on the road.

Alien Force[]

At the beginning of Alien Force, Gwen and Kevin's connection started to develop in a major way, as Gwen was a crucial voice in convincing Kevin to join her team with Ben and help fight with them. What started as a professional concern for each other's safety quickly turned into a strong mutual crush on each other. Gwen saw Kevin as the bad boy of her dreams,[merch 1] while Kevin was eager for Gwen's approval. Their unspoken feelings quickly came to a head, and turned into an impatience from Gwen over Kevin not asking her out yet,[2] but they eventually started dating. The two also worked well on the battlefield. Whenever Gwen was knocked out, or hurt in a fight, Kevin would automatically be by her side helping her up. Each would also put their life at risk in order to protect the other. Arguments between Gwen and Kevin were quite rare; they would more often try to talk things out rather than shouting.[3]

B10R1 (564)

Gwen convincing Kevin to help the team

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, after Kevin was put in energy cuffs by Magister Labrid, Gwen convinced Kevin to lead them to the Forever Knights' castle by putting her hand on his shoulder and telling him that people could be hurt if the Forever Knights used the Laser Lances they bought from Kevin. On the way to the castle, Ben lashed out at Gwen for joking that it was a wonder that Max's strange cooking hadn't killed him. Kevin reprimanded Ben for lashing out at her.

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 2, Gwen briefly sought comfort from Kevin after Magister Labrid's death.

In Kevin's Big Score, Gwen stood up for Kevin when Ben snapped at him for stealing the Rustbucket 2 and claimed that he hadn't changed from when they were kids. Near the end of the episode, Kevin held onto Gwen when he reverted to normal after absorbing large amounts of Taydenite.

In All That Glitters, Gwen confronted Kevin, saying that she knew he liked her, and admitted to liking him back. She wondered why he had yet to ask her out, but Kevin denied having a crush on her, and said that "a guy does the asking", which frustrated her. The team later met Michael Morningstar, who presented himself as a a charming Casanova. There was a dim spark between him and Gwen. Ben, because of his eagerness to build a team, and Gwen, because of her crush on him, automatically trusted him, but Kevin resented him, due to his own crush on Gwen. After a battle against the zombies, Michael asked Gwen out on a date which made Kevin even more jealous. Later, it turned out that Michael had never liked Gwen as a person, only her mana.

Gwen's frustration at Kevin for not asking her out remained in Pier Pressure, where she complimented Ben for being mature enough to ask Julie out, indirectly chiding Kevin for not doing the same with her.

WALGMO (339)

Gwen kissing Kevin on the cheek

In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Kevin did not want Gwen to go to Anodyne to learn how to fully master all of her Anodite abilities, leaving him and Ben behind, which made Gwen kiss him on the cheek. She appreciated that he told her how he really felt about not having her around, unlike everyone else who wanted her to do what she thought was best for herself.

At some point, Gwen and Kevin started spending time together outside missions without Ben, as seen in The Gauntlet when Gwen accompanied Kevin in his garage while he worked on his car.

In Paradox, Gwen hugged Kevin after Professor Paradox somehow reverted him from an old man to his normal age.

In Darkstar Rising, Gwen tried to comfort Kevin after Magister Prior Gilhil confiscated his Plumber badge. The two almost kissed until a Highbreed barged in.

StLD (517)

Gwen and Kevin dancing in the desert

In Save the Last Dance, Gwen invited Kevin to a spring formal. Although they did not make it to the dance due to having to deal with Ben's problems with Big Chill, Kevin made up for it by turning on the stereo in his car and dancing with her in the desert after the situation was resolved.

WotW2 (253)

Kevin convinces Gwen to revert to human

In War of the Worlds: Part 2, when Kevin was threatened by a Highbreed, a furious Gwen released her dormant Anodite form for the first time, and almost lost her human form as she threatened to defeat the Highbreed all by herself. However, upon hearing Kevin's confession that he couldn't bear to lose her, she reverted to human form and shared a warm hug with Kevin afterwards.

Gwen and Kevin officially got together sometime before the end of Season 1.[DM 1][DM 2]

In Alien Swarm, Gwen kissed Kevin on the cheek when he found the Microchips. Kevin later kissed Gwen on the forehead because she was a little jealous of Kevin building Ben a car and not her, but this resulted in her hitting Kevin in the gut.

When Kevin was mutated after he and Ben tried to hack the Omnitrix, their relationship was put to the test as Kevin went through bouts of depression and low self-perception. In Fool's Gold, Kevin avoided talking to her throughout the episode, despite some prodding from her. At the end, he gave her a locket holding a picture of him before the mutation alongside her, asking her to remember how he used to be. She replied that she did not care what he looked like, though Kevin did not feel the same way about himself.

At the end of Simple, Gwen comforted Kevin when he cried after being forced to leave his chest of alien money behind on the alien planet.

In In Charm's Way, Kevin took his frustrations out in the wrong way on Gwen after she attempted to comfort him after a kid called him a monster, stating that she did not know how to do much of anything. He met Charmcaster, who attempted to get close to him by making herself out to be better than Gwen. She kissed him and subsequently put his mind under her control, though this was later undone. At the end, Ben told Kevin that Gwen had been working day and night and going through every spellbook to find a cure for him, leaving him to regret getting mad at her.

In Trade-Off!, Kevin teamed up with Darkstar to turn back to normal. He succeeded but lost his powers in the process, making him useless in battle to the team. Nonetheless, he was happy about being human again, and asked Gwen to see a movie with him. She declined, sensing Darkstar in Kevin's aura. Without telling Ben or Kevin, she went after Darkstar. Darkstar then absorbed all of her power and did the same to Ben (as Swampfire) when he arrived with Kevin. Kevin saved them by taking hold of the Dominus Librium, regaining his mutation. Gwen was sorry that Kevin had mutated again, but he reassured her that he would do it again in a heartbeat if it meant saving her.

In Time Heals, against Paradox's advice, Gwen went back in time and convinced her past self to prevent Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix. In doing so, Kevin did not mutate, but it created an alternate timeline where the team lost a fight against Hex and Charmcaster, and Hex took over the Earth. Gwen was murdered by Charmcaster, Kevin was enslaved and turned into a Rock Monster by Charmcaster. Gwen watched Charmcaster abuse Kevin in horror and vowed to save him. She later set things right by preventing herself from convincing her younger self to stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix.

TFB2 (304)

Gwen and Kevin sharing their first on-screen kiss

In The Final Battle: Part 2, after Kevin returned to his human form, they shared their first on-screen kiss.

Ultimate Alien[]

In Hit 'Em Where They Live, Kevin defended Gwen when Ben blamed her for not doing enough to stop Zombozo from kidnapping Sandra.

In Video Games, after Kevin tried to teach Gwen how to drive, they argued. Gwen called him the worst teacher ever, to which Kevin responded, "You have to treat a car like you treat a woman" but did not elaborate upon seeing Gwen's expression.

In Too Hot to Handle, after Gwen got hit by P'andor's blast, he quickly held her, helped her get up, and told her not to "ever do that to him like that again". Later in the episode, he made Gwen leave the power plant because he did not want her to get exposed to the radiation.

In Andreas' Fault, Gwen's feelings were hurt when Kevin angrily told Argit "You know I love money more than anything in the world".

In Fused, after Gwen cast a teleportation spell, she nearly fainted and landed on Kevin's lap. Kevin asked her not to do it again, seeing how it took a toll on her.

In the episode Hero Time, it was shown that Gwen does not approve of other girls approaching Kevin. When Jennifer tried to ask Kevin out, Gwen threateningly told her that she would "peel her like a grape".

UA (165)

Kevin kissing Gwen on the cheek

In the episode Ultimate Aggregor, Kevin kissed Gwen on the cheek after she took him aside to find out why he was so determined to take down Aggregor. Later in the episode, when Kevin revealed that Osmosians go insane when they absorb energy, Gwen discovered that absorbing too much energy was the reason for Kevin's berserk and criminal behavior when he was 11.

In Map of Infinity, Gwen was defeated by Aggregor and Kevin helped her, but soon Kevin was defeated too. When the two got up, they embraced.

In Deep, Gwen consoled Kevin when he warded off the blowfish he used as a breathing helmet, as he believed the fish belonged with its own kind and not with him.

PH (350)

Gwen and Kevin's first on-screen kiss in Ultimate Alien

In Perplexahedron, when Ben and Kevin were separated from Gwen, Ben reassured Kevin by saying that Gwen could take care of herself. Kevin said he knew she could take care of herself, but he wanted to take care of her anyway. During this time, the two also talked about their feelings. Ben told Kevin that he considered him the big brother he never had. Kevin then said that he was grateful that Ben and Gwen gave him another chance, and that he owed them for changing his life. Ben and Kevin later found Gwen, who is frozen in a block of ice, and after Swampfire thawed Gwen out, she and Kevin kissed, prompting Swampfire to say a disgusted "Why don't you guys get a room?!"

In The Forge of Creation, Kevin was forced to absorb the power of the Ultimatrix to stop Ultimate Aggregor from absorbing the baby Celestialsapien's power, causing him to mutate and go insane. He then told them that he is the one that no one trusts and the one nobody cares about, to which Gwen said, "That's not true!". He told her that no matter what he looks like, he will always be a freak.

In ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Gwen was horrified when Ben suggested killing Kevin after seeing that Kevin intended to kill Morgg.

In The Enemy of My Enemy, Gwen stopped Kevin from killing Ben, and yelled at him for brutally injuring Argit, horrified that he would do such a thing. Kevin attacked her and was about to kill her but stopped himself at the last second. He told Gwen that the only reason she is alive was because of what she used to mean to him. He then phased through the ceiling into space, leaving Gwen with tears in her eyes, showing that she knew that he still cared about her.

In Absolute Power: Part 1, Ben decided that he must kill Kevin to stop his rampage. Gwen disagreed, believing there could be a way to help Kevin. The argument escalated into a fight that Ben won, due to Gwen holding back. When Max also agreed with Ben that Kevin had to be put down, Gwen resorted to recruiting Darkstar, casting a spell to restore his looks. The two met up with Ben, and Darkstar explained that when Kevin destroyed the Dominus Librium, the ancient artifact that cured Kevin and Darkstar of their previous mutations,[4] he managed to salvage a piece and that it lost all of its power, but with enough energy channeled through it, they could tap into its powers and could cure Kevin. Ben was reluctant to follow through Darkstar's plan and was just intent on finding Kevin in order to put him down.

AP1 (386)

Gwen tries to reason with Ultimate Kevin

At Total Zone, Gwen encountered Kevin and explained that Ben was after him and that she wanted to help him, but Kevin started to lose control and attacked Gwen. He yelled at her for not staying away, with the last shred of his sanity having been his love for her (only now it was not enough to stop him). After a brief fight, Kevin began absorbing Gwen's powers and Gwen screamed in pain, while Kevin looked all the more pleased.

In Absolute Power: Part 2, Gwen escaped from Kevin's clutches. In the Rustbucket 3, Darkstar explained that since Kevin had a taste of Gwen's powers, he would want more, making Gwen the bait in his plan. They landed in Los Soledad, where Darkstar showed that he recruited Cooper to help him with turning Kevin to normal by building a machine that would tap into Darkstar's Dominus Librium piece. This would absorb Kevin's powers and all the powers he stole and return him to normal. Cooper began building the machine while Ben told Gwen that he was the only one who can stop Kevin's rampage because Professor Paradox told him and he was still reluctant to follow Gwen's plan.

AP2 (572)

Gwen and Kevin's second on-screen kiss in Ultimate Alien

Later, after a fight at Gwen's house, Gwen lured Kevin to Los Soledad. When Cooper tried to protect Gwen, telling Kevin to "stay away from her", Kevin picked up Cooper and jealously said "Trying to make time with my girl, huh?!" and threw him up in the air. Just when Kevin was about to punch him, Ben saved him as Ultimate Echo Echo and then fought Kevin. Ultimate Echo Echo was ready to deliver the final blow, but Gwen prevented him from doing so and convinced him otherwise. Kevin was then restored to his normal self with the help of Cooper, who was given a kiss on the cheek from Gwen as thanks, only for Kevin to sarcastically reply in return "Hey, since you're kissing people..." while pointing at his face. They shared a romantic kiss as a result, celebrating the return of the normal Kevin Levin.

In The Transmogrification of Eunice, Gwen was mad when Kevin had a minor suggestive crush on Eunice.

In Girl Trouble, Gwen was annoyed at Sunny for flirting with Kevin and asking for details about their relationship.

In The Creature From Beyond, Kevin was jealous of Winston, whom Gwen had a small crush on. He was also very protective when the Lucubra attacked her. Later, when the team was about to attack the Lucubra in the warehouse, Kevin told Gwen to stay outside. She told him that he can take care of herself, to which Kevin said that he couldn't afford to lose her.

At the beginning of It's Not Easy Being Gwen, Kevin called Gwen and asked her if they could meet for lunch. Before Gwen could answer him, a tiny fire started as a result of casting a spell to write invitation letters to her family members for their upcoming reunion. She told Kevin that she would call him soon. Later, Kevin showed up at Gwen's school. She saw that Kevin's shirt was all ripped and he said that he found Dr. Animo. Gwen and Kevin talked on their way to her house, and she told him that even if he did not go to school, she did not want him to go and fight their enemies. Kevin was shocked that she knew about him not going to school. They later talked in her room, where Gwen said that she realized that he did not go to school since he did not attend either of the two high schools in Bellwood. Kevin said that he was in the Null Void for a long time and, by the time he got out, he had outgrown fifth grade. Gwen said that he is smart at math and history and offered to help him get a GED. The two almost kissed but were interrupted by Ben, who told Kevin to hurry up as he fought off more mutant frogs. Gwen gave him a charm and tells him to use it if it got too dangerous, to which he agreed, but Gwen said that if he pronounced the incantation on the charm incorrectly, she would never see him again. He said he will see her tonight, and that they will talk about him getting his GED. After Dr. Animo was defeated, Gwen arrived home while Natalie was getting dinner ready. She told Gwen that Frank was getting dinner and that Kevin called to inform her that he and Ben would be joining them.

In Prisoner Number 775 is Missing, when Kevin commented on the way the Plumber ships had bad security systems, Gwen knew right away that he wanted one. She said she might get one for his birthday, patting him on the shoulder which made both of them smile. When Rath climbed up the stolen Plumber ship, Kevin commented that Rath is the only alien that Ben transforms into that makes him want to sit down with a bag of popcorn and watch, to which Gwen asked if that was really appropriate for right now, only to agree with his sentiment.

In Simian Says, Kevin said he would let Gwen know if he needed her help to fight the DNAliens while she and Eunice worked on reverting them to Arachnichimps. Upon witnessing it, Eunice told Gwen that she "had herself a good one there", to which Gwen replied that he was reliable in life-and-death situations, but there was room for improvement in day-to-day matters.

In Double or Nothing, when the Gwenettes entered the stage during Ben 10 Live, Kevin seemed intrigued by the idea of there being ten Gwens, but Gwen was insulted.

In The Perfect Girlfriend, after Elena (disguised as Julie) pushed Gwen down an elevator shaft, thus causing her to break her ankle, Kevin accompanied her when her leg was put in a cast. He later spied on Elena at her request.

In The Ultimate Sacrifice, after Ben was somehow stuck inside the Ultimatrix, Gwen and Kevin disagreed with how to handle the situation, with Gwen opting to go into the Ultimatrix and Kevin opting to ask Azmuth for help. At Kevin's suggestion, they each handled it their own way, telling each other to be careful before parting ways.

In A Knight to Remember, after Gwen was possessed by Dagon and became weaker, Kevin was protective of her. He later argued with Ben when he asked her to teleport them to the seal but relented when Gwen assured him that she could do it.

In Solitary Alignment, Kevin comforted Gwen after she was visibly shaken upon seeing Sir George kill Dagon in Azmuth's flashback.

In Enemy of My Frenemy, after Charmcaster killed Kevin, Gwen was angered, and turned into her Anodite form to fight Charmcaster, but was also killed. She was later brought back to life with everyone else Charmcaster had killed, when Spellbinder returned to the dead.

CR (418)

Gwen kissing Kevin on the cheek

In Couples Retreat, Gwen blamed Kevin because he moved her spellbook from her desk to his garage, claiming it would be safer that way. She informed him that she had cast 15 security spells, making her house safer than anywhere else. Gwen remained angry and ignorant of Kevin throughout the episode, telling Ben to relay messages to his 'friend', acting as if he wasn't there. After seeing how Darkstar treated Charmcaster, she kissed Kevin on the cheek, telling him that, all things considered, he is a pretty good boyfriend.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1, when Gwen was possessed by Dagon, Kevin followed her from her house all the way to the seal. As she began to break the seal, Kevin ran up to her and grabbed her arms, then covered her in the metal coating he was wearing, before pulling it back onto himself, with the exception of a metal cap over her head, to prevent Dagon from controlling her. Gwen felt guilty that Kevin had to do that, as he left himself wide open and she could have hurt him. He reassured her by saying that she could never hurt him.


In Omniverse, Gwen and Kevin moved away from Bellwood, with Gwen attending college at Friedkin University, and Kevin living and working in a garage near campus to be close to her.[5] They also started calling each other pet names, with Kevin calling Gwen "baby",[6] "G",[7] and "babe",[8] and Gwen calling Kevin "babe".[9]

In Many Happy Returns, Gwen and Kevin visited Bellwood. Kevin spent most of the first half of the episode trying to hide, with Ben's help. A Tetramand named Princess Looma Red Wind eventually found him, saying that she was there to claim her husband, Kevin Levin. After Ben, Rook, Gwen, Kevin, and Argit escaped from Looma, Kevin explained that, a while ago, he was engaged to Looma in exchange for a Tetramand Engine Block for his car. Gwen felt sorry for Looma, who had been exploited by Kevin. Though she was disappointed at Kevin, she still went to his side when Looma fought him.

MI (118)

Gwen kissing Kevin on the cheek

Kevin was shown to be proud of Gwen and sometimes got upset when she did not get the recognition he thought she deserved. In Mystery, Incorporeal, when Ben and Rook visited Friedkin University, Ben asked the students if they thought he should attend college there, causing the crowd to cheer. Kevin yelled "Hey, Ben 10's cousin goes here, too!", to no avail, which saddened him. Gwen comforted him by kissing him on the cheek.

In Weapon XI: Part 1, a concerned Gwen came to Ben and Rook with a coded letter. She used a spell to correctly decode the message, and read that Kevin had Alan and that she must go get Helen, and Manny. Ben, Rook, Gwen, Zed, Argit, and the Amalgam Kids went into the Null Void, specifically to Rooter Headquarters, and found Kevin. Servantis shocked the Amalgam Kids into fighting Ben, Rook, Gwen, Zed, and Argit, while he talked to Kevin. Servantis managed to turn Kevin against Ben, forcing him to flee Rooter Headquarters with Rook, Gwen, Zed and Argit. Gwen looked back at the headquarters with sadness before continuing to run away with the team.

WXI2 (537)

Gwen hugging Kevin

In Weapon XI: Part 2, following a fight with a Way Bad, Argit led the team to a secret location to hide. There, he explained the Rooters' history with the Amalgam Kids, and why the Rooters wanted to kill Ben. The team then went back to Rooter Headquarters in hopes of using the Null Void Projector stored there to get back to Earth. There, Gwen, Rook, Zed, and Argit fought Swift and Leander, while Ben fought Kevin, who absorbed the Omnitrix and mutated again. Kevin defeated Ben and was about to put him inside a non-balearic chamber that would destroy him and the Omnitrix at the same time. Before Kevin could put Ben inside, Kevin suddenly let go of Ben and grabbed Servantis instead. Kevin spun Servants around (prompting the Amalgams to power up and plan to attack Kevin), smashed Servantis' forehead and shocked the other Amalgam Kids. Kevin explained that Servantis destroyed his own loyalty neuro-matrix and was locked out of their heads for good. When Gwen, Rook, Zed, and Argit arrived, Gwen embraced him, happy that he was alright and was faking being evil all along.

In Third Time's a Charm, after Charmcaster turned Gwen into a totem, Kevin was worried about her throughout the episode, enlisting the help of Ben and Rook to find her.




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