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Gwen Tennyson is the paternal cousin of Ben Tennyson.


Regular Appearances

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Gwen is a red-headed girl with green eyes and wears a white shirt under a blue shirt with a black cat face on it. She wears brown shorts, blue and white striped socks. She has blue and white shoes. She also wears a blue hairclip.

Occasional Appearances

During water-based activities, she wears a one-piece swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops the same shade of blue as her shirt.

In Brief Career of Lucky Girl, she wore a Lucky Girl outfit.

While riding on a Rustbuggy, she wears a blue helmet.

In Dreamtime, she wore pink pajamas.

In Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!, she wore a light blue princess gown with a darker blue bow on the front, a matching hat and puffy sleeves and blue flats.

In Beach Heads, she wore light-blue and white swimming shirt, blue swimsuit, and a pair of blue flip-flops.

In Which Watch, she wore a blue spacesuit.

In Introducing Kevin 11, she wore a grey shirt, yellow apron, and yellow and grey socks.

In Big Ben 10, she wore a deerstalker and coat over her ordinary clothes, a homage to Sherlock Holmes.

In LaGrange Muraille, she wore a yellow hat.

In Cirque-Us, she wore light-blue gown with blue ribbon belt.


Fights with Ben a lot, and is a bit tomboyish. When she is not fighting against him, she tries to help him. Sometimes, she helps him and fights with him at the same time. Kevin seems to have a crush on her even though he hates Ben.   


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Powers and Abilities

She is slightly more durable than an average human.[1]

Thinkering: She shows notable skill fixing and making electronics' devices.


Cat Pin: Gwen used a suit that was given to her by Phil[2], though it was later destroyed by Forever Knight.[3]

Hammer (piruette): She uses a big blue hammer.

Lucky Girl disguise.


She possesses a normal human weakness.


Ben 10



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