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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is the paternal cousin of Ben Tennyson.


Regular Appearances

Gwen is a girl with short orange hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She is commonly shown wearing a white elbow-length shirt under a blue t-shirt with a black cat face on top, light brown shorts, and blue and white striped socks. She also wears blue and white converse-like shoes. She also wears a blue hairclip to pin her hair to the left side of her face.

Occasional Appearances

During water-based activities, she wears a one-piece swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops the same shade of blue as her shirt. While in her swimsuit, Gwen wore her hair regularly, but in Ben 10,010, she tied her hair in a ponytail while wearing her one piece.

In Brief Career of Lucky Girl, she wore a Lucky Girl outfit.

While riding on Rustbuggy, she wore a blue helmet.

In Dreamtime, she wore pink pajama pants underneath her normal shirt(s).

In Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!, she wore a light blue princess gown with a darker blue bow on the front, a matching hat, puffy sleeves and blue flats.

In Beach Heads, she wore light-blue and white swimming shirt, blue swimsuit underneath, and a pair of blue flip-flops.

In Which Watch, she wore a blue spacesuit.

In Introducing Kevin 11, she wore a grey shirt, yellow apron, and yellow and grey socks.

In Big Ben 10, she wore a deerstalker and a coat over her ordinary clothes, as a homage to Sherlock Holmes.

In LaGrange Muraille, she wore a yellow hat.

In Heat of the Moment, Gwen wore a jacket with earmuffs, and a hat.

In Cirque-Us, she wore a light-blue gown with blue ribbon belt. She also wore a blue dress.

In Wheels of Fortune, she wore an orange vest, reading glasses with a pink frame, retro 3D glasses over her forehead, and a navy blue cat pin (obtained later in the episode).

In Roundabout: Part 1 and 2, she wore a high tech suit, that shares resemblance to a cat. However, the suit was later destroyed by Forever Knight.


Gwen is a remarkably smart and quick-witted girl who is the mastermind behind nearly all of her cousin's plans of defeating villains. She plays an active role as the brains of Team Tennyson. She is also wise beyond her years and often gives Ben advice.

Although she and Ben have many disagreements, Gwen often finds a way to get along with him. She is respectful and friendly towards people in general, but she is not afraid to make sarcastic comments towards whom she is arguing or disagreeing with.

Gwen is quite forgiving, considering she more worried than angry at Ben for running away.[1]

Gwen can be a bit tomboy-ish because of how she acts and speaks sometimes. Even though she is usually confident about herself, she still has insecurities about not being useful to Team Tennyson.[2] These insecurities soon leads her to join Zombozo's crew. However she got over them after she and Ben admitted to his selfishness, and started giving her credit.

Gwen has an adoration towards science, things from the 80s and 90s eras, space, and geek culture. Her favorite show in particular is Lucky Girl.[3]

Gwen has an unrequited infatuation towards Ryan Sez, and often drops into a fan-girl based attitude, doing anything to get his attention, often ending in failure on her part. This often makes her a target of mockery by Ben.



Ben Tennyson

Gwen and Ben get along very well. They argue sometimes but they always end up forgiving each other. Gwen often tries to help Ben fight, but Ben usually ignores her info and rushes into battle. Gwen and Ben are mostly hanging out with each other.

Gwen sometimes partakes in Ben's mischievous behavior. In The Ring Leader, Gwen and Ben snuck out into a wrestling tournament, and Gwen played as his cornerman. In Omni-Tricked: Part 4, Gwen jumped into a volcano just to save Ben from Vilgax.

Gwen and Ben both argue over little things, in Half-Sies, Gwen and Ben had a fight over a cupcake, which affected how they could work together in fighting crime. Gwen did not believe Ben about Frightwig in All Wet, until she found out for herself. She later learned that she should listen to Ben more often.

Ben and Gwen picture in Cirque-Us.jpg

In Cirque-Us, Gwen helps Ben save a worker from falling off of a lift. Once again, Ben takes the glory, despite Gwen being the brains. Gwen joined Zombozo and fought against Ben due to this. Ben and Gwen were able to talk it out, and Ben started giving Gwen more credit.

Gwen is used to Ben screwing up.[4]

Max Tennyson

Gwen and Max Team .jpg

Max mostly takes Gwen's side when Ben and Gwen argue. Gwen and Max sees each other as "team destroy", since they've destroyed so many things villains have created over the summer. Max and Gwen are also pretty playful with each other, as shown in Reststop Roustabout when Max and Gwen were playing outside with flags.



Charmcaster hates Gwen very much due to intense feelings of jealousy. However, Gwen does not share the same feeling. Charmcaster tries to take Gwen out on multiple occasions, but fails each time. In The Charm Offensive, Gwen helped Charmcaster after seeing she was being used by Michael Morningstar, and knowing that she is acting out of the trauma created by past abuse, Gwen continues to try to help her change her ways no matter how difficult Charmcaster's grudge makes it for her.[DR 1].

Kevin Levin

Gwen seems to be oblivious by the fact that Kevin has a crush on her. She thinks he’s a lost pet, and thinks of him as a possible project[DR 2]. Gwen doesn't share the rivalry that Ben and Kevin has. Gwen felt very sad for Kevin after hearing about how no one ever took him to Adrenaland. After all three of them went on a rollercoaster ride together, Kevin balled up a pic of the three having fun. Gwen still felt sorry for what was going on with Kevin, who secretly saved the picture to keep. In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Gwen attempts to help Kevin reform and be a hero, even though Kevin handles doing so much more violently than Ben normally does, a style he keeps even in the future seen in Ben 10,010.



At some point her and the rest of Team Tennyson encounters Hex, Animo, and LaGrange and become enemies.

During the series

In Waterfilter, Gwen tries to become Ben's filter, although Ben hardly listened to her. The trio worked together to take down the Hydromander.

In The Filth, Max and Gwen explores the bat-guano caves, while Ben stays behind and Cleans the Rustbucket.

Gwen, Including the rest of the Tennyson trio, encounters Zombozo for the first time in Clown College.

Gwen becomes Ben's cornerman in The Ring Leader.

In Freaky Gwen Ben, at a flea market, the trio runs into Hex. Gwen and Ben's bodies are switched by Hex. Gwen uses Upgrade to defeat Hex. Hex switches their bodies back.

In Rustbucket RIP, She alongside Ben and Max travel to historic Oldville, there they meet Billy Billions for the first time.

In Bright Lights, Black Hearts, Gwen was brought to the set of The Unalivers, staring Michael Morningstar. Soon Gwen gets some alone time with Michael. She asks him questions about the movie, but he reveals that he doesn't like it. Gwen walks away disappointed. Michael attempts to feed off her energy, but Gwen is able to fight him. Gwen eventually figures out that in order to beat him, Heatblast. Has to steal the spotlight. Gwen helps encourage Heatblast, and eventually ends up defeating Michael.

In Omni-Tricked, Gwen and the rest of Team Tennyson tried to figure out what was wrong with the Omnitrix. When Ben faced Vilgax inside a volcano, Gwen jumped in attempting to be his back up. However she is thrown back up by Four Arms. After Vilgax was defeated, Gwen listened to Ben's story about how he defeated him.

In The Charm Offensive, Gwen and Ben visits Biggie Box. A kid, with his dad, walks up to Ben and admires his heroics. Gwen tries to say she helped out too, but they don't seem that interested. Gwen walks around eating ice cream, looking for something to cheer her up. She hears someone say her name. Being caught off guard, her ice cream is transformed into a monster by Charmcaster's magic. Gwen runs away thinking Ben made someone mad. Charmcaster gets a hold of Gwen, and reveals her backstory. Michael Morningstar shows up and tries to feed on Gwen. Michael keeps attempting to drain Gwen, but gets no luck. Charmcaster shows up and tells him that Gwen is a nobody, and that she isn't worth it. Michael begins to drain Charmcaster, but Gwen stops him. Gwen tells Charmcaster that Michael is just using her, and she should dump him, but Ben, as Four Arms, shows up and attacks Michael. Michael starts to feed on Charmcaster again. Gwen tells Omni-Enhanced Four Arms that Charmcaster needs to see for herself that she is being used. Gwen finds a remote to the TVs displayed in the store, and shows a recording of Michael revealing how he's using Charmcaster. Soon Michael is defeated by Charmcaster, and Charmcaster tells Gwen that they are still enemies.

In Charm School's Out, she switched appearances with Charmcaster. Gwen was however unaware of this. Soon she runs into Ben who chases after her. He transforms into Rath and chases her through the forest. Eventually Ben times out, and runs away, calling her Charmcaster. Gwen is confused on being called Charmcaster, to which she takes a picture of herself and finds out. She finds Ben and tries to reason with him, but Ben wasn't believing her. Eventually Gwen reveals Ben's favorite snack, which gets Ben to believe her. Gwen's body then returns to normal, and so does Charmcaster's. Ben then chases off Charmcaster, who is then picked up by someone in a ship.

In Which Watch, Gwen enjoys her time in a space camp. Ben returns to the camp telling her that he was fighting of Kevin, and some glowing tentacles grabbed him. Soon, Kevin arrives as Hot Shot. It is soon revealed that Charmcaster is forcefully controlling him to get revenge on Gwen. Charmcaster casts a spell to make it appear that they are in space. Gwen and Ben goofs around until Charmcaster shows up. She then mutates Kevin, and he and Ben fights. Gwen gets an idea put of Kevin's fire breath. She moves over to where Charmcaster is, and takes her book. She then throws the book towards Ben, who forces Kevin's fire breath to burn it. Soon Charmcaster removes the spell, sending Gwen, Ben, and Kevin towards Earth.

In What Rhymes with Omnitrix?, Gwen and the rest of the Tennyson trio visited a poetry center. There they encounter Kevin, who disses Ben in a rap. Soon, Charmcaster steps out. She attempts to get her revenge on Gwen. Gwen soon pieces together that it's the words that make Charmcaster's magic rune work. So she plans to use words to defeat her. Kevin writes a poem for Charmcaster to cite, Charmcaster is soon defeated, and she creates a portal, and escapes.

Powers and Abilities

Gwen has enhanced agility and acrobatics,[5] being able to complete an obstacle course against competitors that were all adults.[6] Because her skills have gotten better upon learning a new martial arts branch,[7] she is now agile enough to dodge the Clocktopus' attacks for a while.[8]

Gwen is remarkably intelligent for her age, being remarkably good with technology and having received good grades while taking science class in the past.[9][10]

Gwen is prone to succeed when trying new things, often picking up new hobbies.

Gwen is slightly more durable than an average human.[2]

Gwen can speak pig Latin.[11]


Gwen used a cat-motif suit that was given to her by Phil,[12] though it was later destroyed by Forever Knight.[1]

While in her Piruette persona, she used a big blue hammer to fight Humungousaur.[13]

Gwen was given a wristband-like device by Maximilian, which can generate a glowing green disk-like projectile that behaves like a frisbee.[14]


Even though Gwen is slightly more durable than an average person, she still has limited strength.

Given her age, there is a limit to Gwen's intelligence, as she can be prone to making as many mistakes as Ben.

Gwen was afraid of snakes until her first ordeal with King Koil.[15]

Gwen has a strong hatred for clowns.[16]


Ben 10

Video Games


  • Gwen is 7 seconds older than Ben.[17]
  • Gwen occasionally has podcasts with Tim Buktu. Max sometimes features as a guest on some podcast episodes.[18]
  • She is notably nicer to Ben than her classic timeline counterpart was in the original series.
  • Unlike the original series, she is totally clueless about Kevin's precocious crush on her. Even when Ben repeatedly talks about it, she seems more annoyed and dismisses it as one of his bad jokes.
  • Throughout the reboot, Gwen has not developed or learned of any magic powers.[DR 3][DR 4]
    • While she has used magic on a few occasions,[19][20] Gwen showed no interest in developing magic powers until she learned that an alternate counterpart from Original Series Ben's dimension had magic powers.[14]
  • Gwen's favorite color is blue.[21]
  • Unlike her classic counterpart, Gwen is left-handed.[22]
  • Unlike her classic counterpart, Gwen is afraid of clowns.[23]
  • Unlike her classic counterpart, Gwen isn't an Anodite.
  • Gwen likes cats, as evidenced by the cat-inspired motif of the battle suit Phil gave her and being depicted as an anthropomorphic cat during Ben's second story.[24]


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