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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is an alternate version of Gwen who found the Omnitrix instead of Ben.


Gwen 10's appearance is somewhat different from her main counterpart. Her outfit consists of a blue raglan shirt with a cat logo on her chest, white capris, and a pair of white shoes with dark blue stripes. Her hairclip is a different shade of blue from her counterpart's and located on the right side of her face.

Gwen 10 wears an Omnitrix similar to Alternate (Original Series) Ben's, but without the extra button, on her left wrist.


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Gwen is a bit more feisty than her counterpart in the reboot universe, willing to kick the alternate Bens if they irritate her.


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Powers and Abilities


Gwen 10 possesses the Omnitrix, having been the one to discover it in her timeline. Through it, she can transform into various aliens and utilize their respective powers.

Aliens Used


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Ben 10

Season 5


  • Gwen 10's design in the reboot is a stylized version of her "What If?" counterpart.
  • Gwen 10's inclusion in the reboot was first hinted when Duncan Rouleau dropped vague hints on what to expect for Season 5.[DR 1]
  • The reason why Gwen 10 used only Ripjaws during Alien X-Tinction was due to time constraints and design costs.[DR 2]


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