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President Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is the future version of Gwen.


Gwen appears similar to her younger self, but has a taller build. Her attire consists of a blue uniform over a white shirt and black high heels.


President Gwen has almost has the same personality as her younger Classic Timeline counterpart shown when she and Ben 10,000 are bickering with each other.



Gwen Tennyson is the President of the United States of America and is leading the resistance against the Xerge threat.

According to Hex and Max from the future, she had not spoken to Ben from the future for years.

Ben 10

President Gwen Tennyson states to the military under her leadership that they must take action. General Hex offers to recruit an "alien ally" to help combat the threat as it reaches Bellwood. Gwen later attends a press conference, accompanied by Secretary Zombozo, before the Xerge attack. Donning a battle suit constructed by Sergeant Steam Smythe, Gwen goes and battles the Xerge. Hex eventually arrives with Kevin, still trapped in the form of Humungoraptor, and he and Gwen battle the Xerge.

Later on, Ben 10,000 arrives at the White House, and Gwen is once united with her cousin. The Xerge attacks the White House, and Gwen evacuates along with the others while Ben, Kevin, and Hex fight them off. Gwen soon returns in her battle suit to join the fight.


Ben 10

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