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If I wanted to take it easy, I'd go live with my grandma. I'm not about to let anyone down.

– Gwen to Kevin.[14]

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is an Anodite Plumber, Ben's paternal cousin and was a main member of his team until her departure with Kevin in The More Things Change: Part 1.


Regular Appearances[]

Human Form[]

In the Original Series, Gwen had pale skin, green eyes and short orange hair held by a blue hairclip and wore sapphire earrings, an elbow-length blue raglan shirt with a cat logo, white capri pants, and white sneakers with dark blue stripes without socks.

In the first season of Alien Force, she wore a white shirt under a dark blue sweater, black tights under a black miniskirt, and black high heels. Her hair had also grown longer and was down to her waist.

In the second season of Alien Force, as well as The Transmogrification of Eunice, she wore a red shirt paired with a black vest, gray jeans, and black flats. Her hair was worn in a high ponytail.

In Ultimate Alien, Gwen's outfit was similar to her outfit from Season 1 of Alien Force, but with a red sweater instead of a blue one. Like Alien Force Season 2, she wore a high ponytail.

In the first episode/season of Omniverse, Gwen still had her ponytail, albeit shorter. She wore clothes similar to her Alien Force Season 1 outfit, except she now wore long white socks that went up to her knees with black Mary Janes. She also had freckles.

For the rest of the series, she has shorter hair with a blue hairclip, a light blue T-shirt with her cat logo, a blue plaid miniskirt, and blue-tinted glasses. She also wears long white socks and blue sneakers with light blue stripes.

11-year-old Gwen in Omniverse looks just like she did in the Original Series except that she has freckles and the cat logo on her shirt is now bigger.

Anodite Form[]

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, in her Anodite form, she looked like a slightly smaller version of Verdona.

In Omniverse, her Anodite form's, or Lucky Girl alter ego, skin is purple. Her hair remains the same length as her human form but is now made of mana and is pink and her eyes also turn pink. Her form now has clothes. Her glasses become a blue mask and she now wears blue gloves, and her shirt is a darker blue with a light blue stripe. Her shirt cuts off and reveals her midriff and naval. She also wears blue boots, a dark blue miniskirt with a light blue stripe and a belt. The cat logo on her shirt also becomes black with pink eyes.[note 2]

Occasional Appearances[]

In the Original Series, her pajamas consisted of a long-sleeved purple T-shirt with a crescent moon on it, as well as long blue pants.

In Last Laugh, she briefly wore a clown mask.

She wore her original Lucky Girl outfit in Lucky Girl, Tough Luck, Time Heals, and Enemy of My Frenemy.

During water-based activities in the Original Series, she wore a purple one-piece swimsuit with a light blue diagonal stripe across her torso in A Small Problem and a teal green one in Divided We Stand.

In Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray, she wore an orange life jacket.

In Back With a Vengeance, she wore a yellow raincoat while touring Niagara Falls on a ship, and later wore a Plumber suit when she went to look for Ben in the Null Void.

In A Change of Face, she wore a pilgrim outfit.

In Merry Christmas, while cursed as an elf, she had pointy ears, and her eyes were fully green. She later wore a typical elf outfit.

In Game Over, while inside Sumo Slammers Smackdown, she wore a light grey and blue outfit with a grey shoulder pad on her left shoulder and a grey headband. She later briefly became overweight after solving a riddle from the Kappa.

In Under Wraps, The Return, and Be Afraid of the Dark, she wore a hazmat suit.

In Ben's dream in Perfect Day, she briefly became a humanoid rat wearing the same outfit as Ultra Ben.

In Divided We Stand, she briefly wore a life jacket over her second swimsuit.

In Big Fat Alien Wedding, during the wedding ceremony, she wore a light blue gown.

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, she temporarily wore a visor in the Mt. Rushmore Plumber base.

In Secret of the Omnitrix, while trying out clothes at the mall, she wore yellow-tinted glasses, a light blue collared shirt, a blue vest, black pants, and red and white shoes.

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and It's Not Easy Being Gwen, she wore her karate uniform.

In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, she wore a white bikini.

In Save the Last Dance, she wore a white dress.

In Birds of a Feather, when on the Moon, she wore an orange spacesuit with four arms.

In Alien Swarm, she wore a pale blue coat over her regular outfit. She later wore a grey wooly jacket over a maroon shirt paired with a black vest, gray jeans, and heels.

In In Charm's Way, she wore a black bikini.

In Time Heals, she briefly wore glasses and a long coat over her Lucky Girl outfit.

In Con of Rath, Gwen had a desire to go to the beach, and dressed in black sandals, a white sun hat, a yellow bag, black sunglasses, and a pink cover-up over what appeared to be a black one-piece swimsuit.

In Ultimate Alien, she wore a standard Plumber suit during a few of her off-world excursions.

In Escape From Aggregor, she wore a pastel blue winter coat and blue pants.

In Basic Training, while at the barracks in the Plumbers' Academy, she wore an olive tank top and black shorts.

In It's Not Easy Being Gwen, she wore a grey T-shirt and black running shorts during her morning run and later wore a white T-shirt and red shorts during her gym class.

In The Perfect Girlfriend, she wore a short-sleeved light blue hospital gown that stopped at her thighs, alongside a cast around her left foot.

In Inspector #13, Gwen wore a violet tank top with a white skirt and tennis shoes. She later wore the Ultimatrix symbol on her chest.

In Malefactor, 11-year-old Gwen wore a Psycholeopterran-proof visor.


Listen to me! I am not going. I love having powers, but I like my life better. I like fighting monsters and saving the world.

– Gwen to Verdona.[13]

As a child, Gwen was portrayed as an intelligent, sassy and mature girl who displayed a stubborn, smart-mouthed side, especially when dealing with her cousin, Ben.[2] Her quick thinking and good instincts gave her an edge in dealing with dangerous situations, even without powers.[34] Although she generally acted with more maturity than Ben, she could occasionally be nearly as childish and disruptive as him, as she was shown to enjoy taking Ben down a peg.[35] She could also be pretty easily riled up, particularly if her cousins were involved.[2][21][36] However, she was consistently shown to be deeply caring and supportive, and strongly valued her family, even if she regularly bickered with them. While she initially acted in a supportive role to Ben alongside Max, over the course of the Original Series, Gwen started taking an interest being a hero herself, and eventually started learning magic.[5]

Gwen is shown to be a gifted academic, and from a young age, she partook in multiple extracurricular activities to the point where she can be seen as an overachiever. For example, at age 10, she was part of her school's Jujutsu team and treasurer of its science club.[37] She is very organized and enjoys planning things out (having meticulously planned out her whole summer when she was 10),[2] and is shown to have aspirations for getting into good schools.[37][38] Her studious nature, irritability, and her sense of responsibility tend to lead her to be seen as uptight, or relegated as being the "responsible one", much to her chagrin.[21] Gwen was shown to be interested in technology, and often used her laptop to do research on the enemies the Tennysons came across during their road trip,[39] and continued acting as researcher for the team into her teens.[40][41]

By her teens, Gwen has become even more mature, caring and sympathetic, and even somewhat soft-spoken. She is less easily annoyed by others, and her relationship with Ben has since become more mutually supportive and affectionate.[42] Gwen has grown to be forgiving and empathetic, even towards her enemies: if she believes they have changed for the better, or if they have the capacity of change. This is most evident with Kevin (who had tried to kill her on two occasions),[43][44] but also her archenemies, Hex and Charmcaster.[18][29] By this point, her interest and mastery over magic has only grown, applying her studiousness to gain considerable skill in it in just a few years, despite being entirely self-taught,[18] and has since become an important part of her identity.[13]

Despite being more serious and reasonable than Ben and Kevin (often becoming their voice of reason for the both of them), Gwen is still somewhat hotheaded and can lose control of her mana if angered enough.[45] Additionally, Gwen still retains some of her irritable, sassy traits (though not nearly to the extent of her younger self), and she occasionally enjoys making fun of Ben and Kevin, especially if either of them are acting immaturely.[46][47] In spite of apparently maturity and improved relationship with Ben, Gwen still gets openly frustrated with him on occasion, and can get just as frustrated by her other cousins as well.[21][36]

Gwen occasionally prioritizes things incorrectly, seen when she put more importance on Ben arriving to Julie's tennis match on time than stopping the Forever Knights' armed robbery of the Bellwood Museum.[48]


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In the Original Series, Gwen went on a road trip with her grandfather Max and her cousin Ben. She and Ben constantly argued (like about Ben misusing the watch[3] or about Gwen's powers).[49] However, they were shown to deeply care for each other.[50] Gwen also showed deep affection for her grandfather.

Gwen also used newspapers and her laptop to research any strange people and creatures they came across.[3] She was a capable gymnast and has had some training in martial arts.[pop-up 1][49]

Lucky (656)

Gwen as Lucky Girl

She was depicted as snobbish due to her young girl attitude. Overall, her most notable skill at this time was her innate, if latent, ability at magic. Having within her what Charmcaster called a "magical aura", Gwen was capable of using various magical artifacts, charms, talismans, and spells. When using the magical, luck-giving Charm of Bezel, she was able to activate it instinctively, whereas Hex could not. Later on, when she took and used his staff, she was able to make it fire a yellow-colored energy blast. According to Charmcaster, only someone of Hex's skill should have had that ability.

Visitory (318)

Gwen casting a spell

Gwen started tapping into magical powers when she procured a small book of spells from Charmcaster in the episode A Change of Face. On two occasions, Gwen used the Charms of Bezel's incredible and unique powers and abilities to become a superhero by the name of "Lucky Girl". At first, her ability drew from the luck-granting, Charms of Bezel, which innately gave her perfect luck and the abilities and powers of probability manipulation. While wearing the charm, any action she took would result in a Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction benefiting her original intent, but usually injuring Ben in the process. She later brought back her superhero identity after obtaining the legendary Keystone of Bezel, which greatly strengthened and increased her natural abilities to superhuman levels rather than just affecting her luck. Both times, Gwen was forced to retire when the Charms of Bezel were destroyed.

In Perfect Day, a superhero form was given to her by Ben as a form of petty torment while they were inside Ben's dream battling his imaginary bullies. In this form, she only exhibited the power of enhanced biting. Ben called her Ultra Rat.

Gwen formed a rivalry with Charmcaster during the series.

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In Ben Again, Gwen was intrigued by the sudden increase in maturity of the 11-year-old Ben, whose mind had been switched with that of 16-year-old Ben. Eventually, she helped to defeat Eon and her memory was erased about the events of the episode except for a thing that 16-year-old Ben in 11-year-old Ben's body told her in a vague memory. 

In Mud is Thicker Than Water, she was constantly annoyed by Lucy messing with her and threatened Ben.

In Evil's Encore and From Hedorium to Eternity she helped to defeat Dr. Animo and Zs'Skayr respectively.

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At this point, Gwen had become a black belt in karate but tended to favor using her powers. She was capable of creating mana constructs for nearly any purpose, usually creating platforms to levitate herself (and others),[51] beams to grab enemies,[42] circular blasts to knock enemies back, projecting beams from her eyes that seem to simulate heat vision[52] and opening up interdimensional portals.[11]

During the course of the series, she developed a romantic relationship with Kevin. She stood up for Kevin when Ben questioned Kevin's loyalty.[53] They even almost kissed in the episode Darkstar Rising.

In the episode Everybody Talks About the Weather, Kevin said she got her powers and abilities from her alien bloodline, but she refused to believe him. Little did she know that she would find out he was right in What Are Little Girls Made Of?.

WALGMO (291)

Gwen learning about her Anodite heritage

Her powers and abilities were revealed to be of alien descent; her paternal grandmother, Verdona, is an energy being known as an Anodite; from the distant planet Anodyne, and surprisingly, she seems to be the only human descendant who inherited Verdona's powers. Verdona told Gwen that what she and others originally thought of as magic was actually the control of mana, a substance of magic-making Anodites; a magic-wielding race. Verdona offered to take Gwen to her home planet and train her in the immense mystical and magical ways of the Anodites, but Gwen preferred to remain on Earth with her friends and family. She disliked being called an "energy being", referring to her Anodite heritage.[54]

In Unearthed, an alien creature was able to see her as an Anodite, in which she looked exactly like her paternal grandmother's true form, but slightly shorter.

In the episode Save the Last Dance, Gwen had a dance at her prep school and asked Kevin to take her. The episode ended with Gwen and Kevin dancing together in the moonlight. In the same episode, it was revealed by Ben that she likes yellow roses.

WotW2 (248)

Gwen in her Anodite form for the first time

In the two-part first season finale War of the Worlds: Part 1 and Part 2, when Kevin was threatened by a Highbreed Commander, she released her dormant innermost Anodite self for the first time, and easily defeated the commander with an exceedingly strong powerful burst of pure magenta-pink glowing energy. She was almost overwhelmed by her own power and wanted to defeat the Highbreed all on her own before Kevin snapped her out of it by saying "I can't lose you".

In the two-part second season premiere, Vengeance of Vilgax, Ben and Gwen seemed to have revived their infamous rivalry from the Original Series, in part due to Ben's cockiness and inflated ego. In the same episode, Gwen poured a smoothie over Ben's head, and he nearly returned the favor. Despite their rivalry, they both still had a strong bond, visible in the episode In Charm's Way, when Ben defended Gwen and informed Kevin that she had been spending all of her spare time trying to find a cure for Kevin's condition.

In the episode Fool's Gold, Kevin appeared to be avoiding her because he was ashamed of his recent mutation due to accidentally absorbing a massive feedback pulse as a result of trying to hack the Omnitrix. She was unaffected by the blast because she put an energy shield around herself. Kevin gave her a locket of the two of them when he was in his human form, asking her to remember him as he was. Gwen said she didn't care what he looks like, and he replied "Maybe not. But I do."

In The Final Battle: Part 2, Kevin returned to normal after the Omnitrix self-destructed. Gwen then kissed Kevin on the lips. She and Max crashed Vilgax's ship in the ocean while Ben and Kevin fought Vilgax.

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HEWTL (607)

Gwen threatens Zombozo

In Hit 'Em Where They Live, Zombozo and other villains, including Vulkanus and Charmcaster, teamed up to take revenge on the Tennysons and company, and kidnapped Ben's mother Sandra. Enraged, Gwen released her dormant, inner Anodite for the first time since War of the Worlds: Part 2. Whilst Zombozo trembled with fear, Gwen began to grow to a huge height, promising that if one of his teammates (or other notable villains) even bumped into their families on the street, she would come for them. Petrified, Zombozo screamed off-screen and Gwen saved Sandra. When Kevin asked what happened to Zombozo, she simply replied "We came to an understanding" whilst smiling.

VG (516)

Gwen with her driver's license

In Video Games, she tried out for her driver's license, earning it in the end.

In the episode Hero Time, Gwen became very jealous when Jennifer Nocturne started flirting with Kevin after he saved her life from Carl Nesmith. Kevin also protected Jennifer a lot over the course of the episode.

During her attempt to recover the first part of the Map of Infinity in the episode of the same name, she discovered it but was hit by a poison dart and ended up fainting, allowing Aggregor to catch the first fragment, but Kevin and Ben save her from near death.

In Reflected Glory, Gwen was comprehensive with JT and Cash. Gwen had the idea to use a mirror against the R.E.Ds, and her powers apparently did not greatly affect the R.E.Ds.

In Deep, the group went to the planet Piscciss to help Magister Pyke stop Aggregor. Gwen was caught by a squid-like creature, but Kevin revealed that he installed neuro-shock pulsers which could shoot lightning, allowing Gwen to get free. When they reached the nucleus of the planet Piscciss, an earthquake occurred. Gwen put an energy shield around them, but failed to protect Magister Pyke, so she stayed with him while Kevin and Ben went after the second part of the Map of Infinity. However, Aggregor arrived first and fled with the second part of the map after defeating Ben and Kevin. When the planet began to crumble, Ben as Goop saved the planet, re-constructing the lost water particles using Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector. At the end of the episode, Gwen consoled Kevin for having to leave the Blowfish in Piscciss.

In Where the Magic Happens, Gwen relied on Charmcaster to help her, Ben and Kevin survive traveling through Legerdomain to find the next piece of the Map of Infinity, the Alpha Rune. Along the way, she learned of Charmcaster's background and came to sympathize with her nemesis.

In The Forge of Creation, Gwen travelled with Ben and Kevin to stop Aggregor from absorbing a newborn Celestialsapien's powers. Young Ben came along as Ben accidentally fell into the Chronal Randomization Barrier. Gwen, Kevin, and even Ben became annoyed with Young Ben. However, everyone eventually understood why Young Ben is so arrogant and cocky. He explained that, when dealing with the pressure and the danger that could kill somebody, he tends to joke around so he can be prepared to face anything. Unfortunately, everyone was easily defeated by Aggregor, who seemed to have won, but Kevin absorbed the immense energy of the Ultimatrix as a last resort, defeating him but becoming insane in the process.

In ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Gwen and Ben travelled to the Null Void Incarcecon to warn the warden about Kevin. The warden would have been killed if it were not for Gwen, (who saved him from crash landing using a much stronger version of the "Turbo" spell.) Ben implied Kevin needed to be "put down", which shocked Gwen.

In The Enemy of My Enemy, Ben and Gwen were shown to be having difficulties. The two argued about Kevin while trying to locate a ship. On the way, they stumbled upon Argit, who needed a place to hide from Kevin. They travelled to the Plumbers' Academy in the Rustbucket 3, only to be attacked by Kevin. They barely succeeded in defeating him, and Gwen said she turned the air lock on to send Kevin falling because she understood he would kill them if he had the chance. After Argit preformed his orders, Kevin attacked the Plumbers' Academy. Ben used Ultimate Echo Echo to deal with the nuclear bomb, while Kevin relentlessly attacked Argit. Gwen begged him to stop and to give himself up, but he knocked her down. Gwen remained there crying as Kevin stated that she was only spared because of what she used to mean to him. Ben returned and the two had a conversation. Gwen said that they could still help Kevin, Ben replied that they cannot.

In Absolute Power, Gwen was more determined than ever to save Kevin. Ben disagreed with Gwen, opting to kill him now rather than a last resort. Gwen went to Max, hoping he would disagree about killing Kevin, but her grandfather confirmed that killing Kevin was the right decision. He also told Gwen that if she disagreed, she should leave Ben to do it and not get in the way. Gwen left, disappointed and angry, ready to take desperate measures as she went to Michael Morningstar for help. Meanwhile, Ben went off looking for Kevin, who was relentlessly going after anyone he thought had betrayed him. Gwen stopped Ben from harming Vulkanus, accompanied by Michael. Ben was infuriated by Gwen's alliance, but she made a deal with Ben, saying that if her plan did not work, she would not bother him anymore. Gwen also admitted that she promised Michael enough mana in return for his help that would keep him at full strength and power for one year, furthering Ben's anger toward her.

AP1 (386)

Gwen tries to reason with Ultimate Kevin

Michael explained that he saved a part of the Dominus Librium, which could be used to turn Kevin back to normal. However, the machines and energy required to power it was only available at Los Soledad. In order to lead Kevin there, they needed bait. Gwen suggested herself. Gwen went to Total Zone and confronted Kevin. He admitted that he had been avoiding her so he would not absorb her energy, which he was desperately hungry for. They fought intensely, and Gwen tried talking some sense into Kevin. Unfortunately, this didn't work, and Kevin grabbed a hold of Gwen and absorbed both her magical and Anodite powers, making her scream in pain. Gwen retaliated with a blast and escaped.

Michael and Ben travelled with Gwen in the Rustbucket 3 to Los Soledad, where Michael trapped Cooper to create a machine that could operate the Dominus Librium. Kevin went to Gwen's house in search of more mana but found Max. Another fight occurred, and just as Kevin was about to kill Max, Harvey, Kevin's stepfather, stopped him. Ben appeared after Kevin and Harvey's altercation and fought Kevin, yet again. They destroyed the Rustbucket 2, at which point Gwen came out of her house. Kevin managed to disable Ben long enough so he could chase after Gwen. After a long chase, Ben returned and fought Kevin once again.

Kevin defeated Ben, but little did he know that was all part of the plan. Gwen called Cooper to tell him that Kevin would be there soon. Cooper tried to stall Kevin by using the weapons available at the military base, but Kevin dodged the missiles and approached the base. Kevin and Ben fought, with Ben no longer holding back. In anger, he almost killed Kevin, but Gwen stopped him, as they could still bring him back. They finally set Kevin to the machine, and Kevin was healed from his third mutation.

INEBG (139)

Gwen with her best friend, Emily

In It's Not Easy Being Gwen, it was revealed that Gwen takes her education very seriously. She was shown to come home late at all hours of the night and wakes up at 5:30 AM. She is involved in many activities, such as jogging, French, and after school karate classes.

The More Things Change, Part 1 (138)

Gwen hugs Ben goodbye before leaving Bellwood

After the events of Ultimate Alien, a 16-year-old Gwen was seen with Ben and Kevin chasing Zombozo through Bellwood. Shortly after fighting and capturing Zombozo, Gwen said her goodbyes to Ben because she was heading to college. She then told Ben to stay out of trouble and got into the car with Kevin (who also revealed that he was going to stay near campus), then the two drove off, leaving Ben to deal with Zombozo.

Sometime later, she made the decision to take up the mantle of Lucky Girl again.[MW 2]

In Many Happy Returns, Gwen returned with Kevin to visit Bellwood for the week. She returned with an all-new look. They marked their return by saving Ben as Rath from a burning building when he was trying to save a toy. The next day, they go for smoothies, only to be attacked by Princess Looma Red Wind and Kevin revealing that he was forced to marry her in order to get the engine block he needed for his ship, and later his car. After battling Looma again, Gwen showed her new Anodite form/Lucky Girl to try to finish it, but Looma's father intruded by forcing Kevin to marry her. Ben defeated Looma, but he later found out it just made him Looma's fiancée. Kevin awkwardly left, not telling Ben he just came to Bellwood to "pawn" Looma on him. Gwen assured Ben that she would make frowning faces on the ride back and the two rode off.

Gwen returned in Showdown: Part 2 where it was revealed that Max used her to track Ben's location through his mana. She also went along with Azmuth and Rook to the remains of Galvan B to find clues to solve the problem involving reviving the Galvanic Mechamorphs and defeating Malware. Gwen was seen again after Malware is defeated and was surprised that Kevin knew that Khyber's former dog is a girl. Gwen then flew back home along with Ben, Rook, Kevin, and Max.

Gwen was seen again in The Frogs of War: Part 2 where she, along with Rook, Kevin, and Argit gathered supplies and weapons to fight against the invading Incurseans. However, they nearly got blasted by some Incurseans and escaped outside, avoiding the Way Bads. They eventually reached Ignacius Baumann's shop and Gwen and the others entered the back. Gwen broke up an argument between Rook and Kevin and suggested breaking Max out of Plumber Headquarters. As she and the other prepared to do so, they were stopped by Attea and a bunch of Incurseans. However, an alien by the name of Bullfrag fought the Incurseans and led them to a ship. Bullfrag got knocked out and tied up by Kevin, who demanded an answer. Gwen then looked into Bullfrag's eyes and told Blukic to let him go. The group eventually reached Plumber Headquarters and they freed Driba and Max. Bullfrag went up to him saying "Grandpa", revealing to be actually Ben but Attea soon appeared behind them. Kevin was surprised and Gwen told him that no one else would come up with a name like "Bullfrag". Gwen then blasted Attea, becoming annoyed with the flirting. Gwen then heard the story on how Ben survived in space and unlocked Bullfrag. Gwen was seen again after the capture of Milleous but soon knew that Attea was playing them the entire time. Gwen and the others were forced to watch Attea leave with the entire Incursean army as if anything hadn't happened. As Ben said that he wanted a smoothy if a Way Bad hadn't destroyed all of them, Gwen remarked "Ben Tennyson is back."

Gwen returned from college in Mud is Thicker Than Water. She visited Ben at the Plumber Headquarters while Rook and Kevin headed off to an auto-show, only to find out that her cousin, Lucy Mann, had become a Plumber. They realized that their Plumber technology was stolen by a spy. She and Ben then saved the power core from exploding, which was used as a distraction so that the spy could steal their Plumber tanks. She suspected that Lucy was the spy as she arrived since the threat started. The Plumbers decided to move all the tech off the planet, starting with the Annihilarrgh, which Blukic and Driba had fixed. Psyphon's Gang then attacked the Plumber ship and took the Annihilarrgh. Gorvan was then revealed to be the spy among the Plumbers. Suddenly, the Plumbers arrived to take on Psyphon and his gang. Psyphon was shocked and he blamed Gorvan for telling the Plumbers their location, but Lucy, disguised as Liam, revealed herself as the one who told them their location, making Psyphon even angrier. Gorvan tried to escape with the Annihilarrgh, only to be stopped by Gwen using the judo techniques she learned for nine years. Psyphon and his gang were stopped by Ben as Crashhopper. Suddenly, Vilgax arrived, scaring Psyphon, only for Vilgax to be revealed as Lucy in disguise. Psyphon was then defeated by Lucy in her Lenopan form and Crashhopper. Gwen threw the Annihilarrgh at Ben. It was revealed that it was a fake one to use as bait to stop the threat. Back at Plumber Headquarters, Gwen apologized to Lucy for suspecting her but Lucy did not mind at all, and the two of them started talking in the end.

Gwen, Kevin and Zed were seen in the Rustbucket 3 in For a Few Brains More. They helped Ben, Rook and Max, but Gwen failed to save the Proto-TRUK, which ended up being damaged with Max and Rook passing out. Khyber and his Panuncian attacked Kevin and Zed. Gwen helped Rook and Max up, with Azmuth removing her spectacles. Albedo as Ultimate Gravattack took Azmuth's brain from Ben as Gwen trapped Khyber using a few planks. Ben transformed into Pesky Dust to get information from Khyber about Albedo's location in his dream. Gwen's shield broke from Khyber's Panuncian and Rook shot at it. Gwen trapped it as Kevin removed the Nemetrix with the help of Ben as Water Hazard. The team headed off to Billions Tower to confront Albedo. Gwen shot mana at Albedo but her attacks got reflected and she was knocked out. The team was then trapped by Albedo's power. Azmuth transformed Ben into Bloxx and freed the team. Albedo transformed into Ultimate Humungousaur and hit Ben. Azmuth transformed Ben into a new alien, Atomix, who easily took out Ultimate Humungousaur. He hit Gwen and the rest of the team up to high altitudes as he finished Albedo, who transformed into Ultimate Spidermonkey, with a blast. Azmuth received his brain back as Albedo turned into a copy of 11-year old Ben, altered by Azmuth.


Gwen as Lucky Girl

Gwen made an appearance in Mystery, Incorporeal, in which Ben and Rook visited Friedkin University. She, Kevin and Zed eventually helped Ben to fight a Rock Monster, and to investigate who was behind the attacks of the monsters. Once the team found out that it was Darkstar's doing, Ben, Rook, Kevin, and Zed fought many obstacles, including a fully-powered Morningstar who had absorbed Gwen's powers. The team eventually stopped him and saved Gwen with the help of Ben as Ghostfreak. Soon, Ben saved the day and Gwen obtained her first mystical Charm of Bezel, also providing the ability to telekinetically fly at high speeds. For saving the day, Ben was given an honorary degree and he and Rook left for Bellwood.

In Charmed, I'm Sure, although Gwen did not make an on-screen appearance, Rook texted her throughout the episode. Rook mentioned that they talk a lot, and she told him all about Charmcaster. She helped Rook on Ben's poor skin condition, as well as to carry magical supplies such as her spellbook to try and cure Ben's skin and defeat Charmcaster. Ben thought that Gwen was trying to do something bad, but Rook disagreed. However, most of the spells Gwen asked Rook to try did not work as Rook was not in close proximity to the Alpha Rune until the end where Charmcaster held possession of it. In the end, Gwen told him that it was due to Swampfire's growth into its new form that caused Ben's poor skin condition.

Gwen made an appearance in the two-part episode Weapon XI: Part 1 and Weapon XI: Part 2 where she received a coded message from Kevin. She, along with Rook and Ben then set off to find the Amalgam Kids. Then, together with Argit and Zed, the team set off to find Kevin and take on the Rooters in the Null Void. Servantis then turned the Amalgam kids and Kevin against Ben, forcing Gwen, Rook, Ben and Zed to take them on. Gwen and Rook took on Swift and Leander who defended the Null Void Projector after escaping from the Mutant To'kustars while Ben went into Rooter Headquarters to take on Kevin, who absorbed his Omnitrix and mutated for the fifth time. Gwen was knocked out by Swift. Fortunately, Rook immediately saved her from the exploding generator of the Null Void Projector which Swift and Leander attacked. Gwen then wondered how they would get out while Ben, as Swampfire still struggled with Kevin's attacks, eventually passing out. Kevin then surprised Servantis and shocked the Amalgam kids by knocking out his Loyalty Neuro-Matrix and was locked out of their heads for good. Gwen, Rook and Zed arrived and were glad Kevin did not turn insane, thanks to the first brain spark from Servantis. The Plumbers then arrived with the Magistrata, having the Rooters' Plumber status revoked and their Plumber tech confiscated, leaving them stranded in the Null Void with the Mutant To'kustars. Gwen was then seen talking to Kevin about the letter containing his coded message as Ben was eager to eat, wishing the Rooters luck when facing the Way Bads.

CS (25)

Gwen in Hex's class

Gwen appeared in Charm School, where she was attending class conducted by her favorite teacher Hex. They got over their conflicts as Hex had put his past behind him and was a professor in her school. She was surprised to notice Charmcaster in her school, so she decided to talk to her. Later, she called Ben and Rook over to her school on the case. Ben attacked Hex, but Gwen explained to him that Hex is a good guy now, proven by using her magic spell that confirmed that all the students were not influenced or brainwashed by Hex, that he was completely normal. She then faced Charmcaster, who has turned Hex into a Stone totem and obtained his staff. As Lucky Girl, Gwen gave everything she got in the face off with Charmcaster, but none of her spells and attacks worked on her. She then casted a spell to clone herself as a distraction so that she could grab Hex's stone totem. Together with Ben as Ghostfreak, Kevin, Rook and Zed, they led Charmcaster into Hex's library in the school as Gwen had a plan in mind. When Charmcaster reached the library, Gwen blasted her and Charmcaster assumed she was about to give up, but because Gwen was holding onto Hex's stone totem, it gave her access to his library and all the magical powers, making her even more powerful. This time, Charmcaster's attacks did not work on her as Gwen grabbed Hex's staff. As Charmcaster was about to make another attack, she quickly opened a portal to Legerdomain and sent both Charmcaster and Hex into that dimension. Gwen now held possession of her favorite teacher's library of magical artifacts and his staff, leaving her with a huge responsibility to take care off, as well as having a lair for her Lucky Girl in campus. The episode ended with Kevin and Rook going off to the auto-show with an excuse, and Ben was left in school, trying to figure out on how to get back to Bellwood.

In Third Time's a Charm, Gwen was lured to Legerdomain when trying to get Kevin's car back. Charmcaster appeared and transformed Gwen into a stone totem, which she put into her bag. There, Gwen encountered Hex, Darkstar and Addwaitya, who were too busy bickering with one another to help her escape. Gwen came up with her own plan, drawing a magic circle on the inner bottom of the bag and tricking Charmcaster into reaching in and touching it. When she did, Charmcaster was transformed into a totem and all her victims were restored to normal. The episode ended with Gwen keeping Charmcaster, who was sealed in her own bag, in her headquarters, remarking that she believed she and Charmcaster could become friends now that Charmcaster was rendered harmless.

Gwen briefly appeared in The Most Dangerous Game Show where she was among the contestants to compete for Ben's hand in marriage. However, she was quickly eliminated before the competition started after Ben told Zenith that they were cousins, along with other family members who are already related to him.

At the end of A New Dawn, Ben called Gwen to get Kevin as he proposed that Ben, Gwen, Rook and Kevin go on a road trip together to explore the universe.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Spark[]

Kevin wasn't kidding. You're filled with mana. It's so unfair.
I worked my butt off for my power, and you were born made of magic.

Charmcaster to Gwen.[55]

Gwen's magical powers are of alien descent from her grandmother Verdona, a member of a free-spirited alien race of pure energy beings known as Anodites, from the planet Anodyne. Though she technically did not inherit these powers, she shares a "knack" for mana manipulation, referred to by Verdona as "the spark".[13] This is possibly because Verdona manipulated mana in her human form.[DM 2] Gwen's powers are enhanced when she is given an excess of mana, such as in Legerdomain.[18]

Gwen can project mana from her hands, such as in the form of waves[17] and beams.[56]

Gwen's mana beams can phase through the ground, as shown when she used one to hit Octagon from afar.[57]

Gwen can use her mana as a laser to break free of restraints[58][59][60] or cut through the ground.[61] She can also do so by firing mana from her eyes as a form of heat vision.[52][62]

Gwen can create a mana explosion by firing a blast of mana at the ground.[63] If given enough mana, she can send out a burst of it from her hands to achieve the same effect at a greater scale.[18]

When sufficiently angered, Gwen's body can emit mana in the form of electricity.[64][65]

Gwen can create mana constructs, such as crushing weights,[66] blades,[67] tendrils, throwing discs,[28] and whips[23] as offensive attacks; shields,[22] bubbles,[68] and domes[28] to protect herself and others; bolases,[62] arms[69] and lassoes[19] to grab or throw people or objects; chains to tether herself to others;[70] cuffs,[20] tapes,[71] shackles,[68] walls,[72] and cages[16] to restrain others; and cushions,[73] slides,[74] stepping stones,[75] ramps,[38] and platforms[68] as forms of transport or to allow a safe fall. However, there is a limit to what types of constructs she is capable of creating.[DM 3]

Gwen can modify the mana she has already fired out with precision, as shown when she fired a ball of mana at Dr. Animo, which split into a stream that destroyed his outline of the wall behind him but left him unharmed.[76]

Gwen's mana discs can act as boomerangs, as shown when she fired one to hit Galapagus from behind.[46]

Gwen's mana domes can protect anyone inside them from being affected by Dagon's mind wave.[77]

Gwen's mana bubbles can envelop part of someone's body in addition to their entire body. Using this, she can knock opponents' heads together.[78]

Since Gwen's mana constructs are airtight, she can use them to suffocate someone[79] or put out fires.[80]

Gwen can create a floating orb of mana to use as a light source.[81][82][23]

Gwen can enhance her punches by igniting her hands with mana.[83]

Gwen can leave mana discs on the ground to form a trail.[84]

By enveloping a person or object in mana, Gwen can move them around as a form of telekinesis.[76][71][68]

Gwen can absorb mana from other living things.[64][77]

Gwen can levitate by meditating.[61][65][85]

Gwen can communicate with others through the mana field, as displayed when she called Verdona while struggling with fighting Sunny.[21]

Gwen can detect someone's mana signature as a form of dowsing, allowing her to track them down by either following their energy trail;[70][merch 1][merch 2] detecting the traces of mana that they left on their belongings;[86][78][87] or being at one with the cosmic mana.[88] Detecting someone's mana signature also allows her to discern what they are doing at the current moment.[89] If the person being tracked is "losing touch with [them]self", it makes their mana signature weaker and harder to track, as was the case with Jennifer Nocturne.[87] Dowsing can also be used to identify someone even if the person in question is deceased, as was the case with Victor Valadis.[90]

Gwen can distinguish beings with physical similarities, such as Ben and Albedo, by reading their auras.[DM 4]

Gwen can discern multiple minds inhabiting one body, such as when she was able to detect Ra'ad when he had fused with Ben as Ampfibian.[91]

Gwen can notice the absence of someone's mana signature, as shown when she detected billions of mana signatures had disappeared after almost everyone on Earth had been turned into Esoterica.[77]

Gwen can also locate objects, as shown when she scanned the universe to search for Kevin's car.[30]

Gwen can perceive people and events beyond what normal senses would allow, as seen when she scanned a Highbreed ship to look for Max.[92]

Gwen possesses telepathy, allowing her to receive telepathic messages through her energy field. She can also display a 3D projection of the sender, as shown when she displayed a projection of Helen when she sent her a telepathic SOS.[11]

Gwen can erase memories, as she once demonstrated on her past self.[61]

Gwen can scan memories, allowing her to obtain information even if it is buried deep in someone's subconscious,[93] including the current location of a person the individual being scanned has encountered.[94]

Gwen can heal others if they have been drained of mana.[85]

Gwen can create portals[11] and dimensional vortexes.[55] One way she can do this is by retracing the energy path from a telepathic message she has received.[11]

By exploiting the incompatibility between mana and high-tech machines, Gwen can send out a wave of mana to intentionally disrupt a nearby piece of high-tech machinery.[95]

Gwen can read objects to figure out how they work, as she once attempted on P'andor's containment suit.[86]

Gwen can disrupt holograms with her mana.[10]

Gwen can see through dimensional barriers, as shown when she scanned Dagon's world to look for Esoterica.[27]

Gwen can scan an area to discern if the individuals within it have been placed under a spell, by releasing mana grids.[29]

Because Anodites lack DNA,[DM 5] Gwen is immune to being reverted into human form by the Forever Knights' DNA Scanner, as well as the lethal effects the device has on hybrids.[DJW 3]

Anodite Form[]

Gwen can assume her Anodite form, which greatly enhances her existing powers.[64]

Gwen can fly[65][DJW 4] and levitate without meditating.[64]

Gwen can increase her size, as shown during her confrontation with Zombozo.[17]

Gwen can astral project, as shown when she used her astral form to enter the Ultimatrix to find Ben.[65]

Gwen can encase someone in a forcefield to force them to their knees, as she demonstrated on Humungousaur.[77]

Gwen can unleash a burst of mana powerful enough to knock back a Tetramand.[22]

Gwen is strong enough to throw a Tetramand over her shoulder.[36]

Gwen is durable enough to withstand being thrown at a stone statue.[30]

Gwen's Anodite powers also increase over time. According to Verdona, it would take 60 or 70 years for Gwen to master her powers.[13]


Due to having a magical aura,[96][5] Gwen can use magic by casting spells to achieve a specific result. Though she often has to recite the incantation in order to cast a spell, she does not always have to do so, as shown with some teleportation spells.[91][18]

Gwen has stated that being self-taught in magic is not so easy as it looks. For example, when trying to get into Yawatacsip, she mistook its name for "Wah Di Tah", as she knew how to read that name but not how to pronounce it correctly. Regardless, Charmcaster herself stated that her incorrect pronunciation wasn't far off for someone self-taught.[18] Nevertheless, Gwen is already catching up to Charmcaster as of Omniverse.[DJW 5]

Gwen's spells seem to react to Gwen's emotional desires, like wanting to embarrass Ben.[pop-up 2][49][pop-up 3][97]

Athletics and Martial Arts[]

Gwen can jump high in the air.[67]

Gwen is highly acrobatic, able to execute a backward somersault in mid-air.[67]

Gwen has enhanced reflexes, allowing her to dodge attacks with ease.[67]

Gwen is a capable gymnast and martial artist.[pop-up 1][49] She was part of her school's Jujutsu team when she was 10,[37] and trained in judo for nine years.[36] She also knows savate,[98] karate (enough to have received a black belt at the age of 15)[42][AF Brief 1] and Taekwondo.[99]

When preferring to use her athletics during fights or when she cannot rely on her powers, she is shown to be highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.[64][75][36]

Gwen can synchronize her martial arts with her mana manipulation abilities. For example, Gwen once created a mana whip and used it as a weapon in tandem with her fighting skills. When Kevin asked her how she learned it, she stated that she remembered seeing it in an old movie.[23]

Other Skills and Abilities[]

Gwen is very intelligent and knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. At the age of 10, she had a 4.2 GPA.[37] At the age of 16, she was able to skip a few grades in high school to attend college at Friedkin University, the best Ivy League college among all the colleges around Bellwood.[38]

Gwen is a computer expert. For example, she once used her laptop to find a pattern between the locations and activation times of the Dimension 12 portals to determine where and when Computron's minions would appear.[21] In another instance, Gwen's computer smarts allowed her to assist Eunice in programming a genetic alteration pulse against the Xenocite infestation on Aranhascimmia.[80]

Gwen can combine her computer expertise with her knowledge of magic, as she was able to develop an algorithm to predict the next true name of Legerdomain.[70]

Gwen has shown herself to be quite proficient in using weaponry, such as a DNA Repair Gun[100] and a Mark 12 Techadorian Multiblaster.[101]

Gwen is proficient at driving. For example, she was able to avoid the Stalker's attacks by executing sharp turns and drifts.[102]

Gwen is seemingly immune to the disconcerting effects of going through a Hyperspace Jump Gate, as while Ben (as Brainstorm), Kevin, and Azmuth were affected and subsequently had to recover from the effects, she was unaffected.[64]

Gwen also does horseback riding, softball, skiing, and cross country.[DM 6]

While mind-controlled by Dagon, Gwen was able to levitate without meditating[27] and run at great speeds, which was partially assisted by her mana absorption ability.[77]

When in Sumo Slammers Smackdown, Gwen had her natural fighting skills enhanced.[pop-up 4][7] When her body was altered by the Kappa, Gwen was strong enough to generate an earthquake and destroy the Kappa.[7]


Gwen owns several spellbooks,[55][77] allowing her to cast a variety of spells. She obtained her main spellbook from Charmcaster after switching bodies with her,[5] and stole the Archamada Book of Magic from Hex and Charmcaster's tower.[61] She also temporarily owned all of the magic books in Hex's library in Friedkin University when he had been turned into a totem.[29]

Gwen has a hazmat suit, given to her by Max. The suit protects her from the effects of Corrodium[32] and allows her to survive in space.[8]

Gwen has a Plumber Badge, given to her by Magister Prior Gilhil.[15]

Gwen has a Plumber suit, allowing her to survive in unsuitable environments and granting her increased defense during battles with her opponents. Kevin modified her suit by installing propulsion units and neuroshock pulsers.[94]

Gwen owns a protection charm, which she lent to Kevin. It can protect the user only if they correctly recite the incantation on it, as Gwen stated that she would never see Kevin again if he mispronounced the incantation. It was last seen when Kevin dropped it on the ground, so it is unknown if Gwen ever got it back.[14]

With the Charm of Telekinesis, Gwen can fly through the air at incredible speeds and also have great telekinetic control and manipulation over multiple objects or people all at once.[28]

Gwen owns the Staff of Ages.[29]

Gwen keeps Charmcaster's bag in her hideout.[30]

In Lucky Girl, Gwen took possession of the Charm of Luck, which innately gave her complete and perfect luck in everything she did. While wearing the charm, any action she took would result in a chain reaction benefiting her original intent, but usually injuring Ben in the process. She destroyed it, along with the other Charms of Bezel, at the end of the episode, preferring to be herself instead of wielding so much power.

In Tough Luck, Gwen obtained the legendary lost Keystone of Bezel, which greatly increased her natural abilities to superhuman levels rather than just affecting her luck. It was later obtained by Charmcaster in Third Time's a Charm.

Gwen temporarily wielded Plumber grenades, belonging to Max.[44]

Gwen temporarily wore a watch which acted as a homing beacon for the Omnitrix, lent to her by Max. The watch was also linked to Max's Null Void Projector and had a gauge to indicate when the Null Void portal would close.[44]

Gwen temporarily wielded a laser pistol, belonging to Max.[44]

Gwen temporarily used Max's Plumber jetpack when she looked for Ben in the Null Void, which allowed her to fly.[44]

Gwen formerly wielded a DNA Repair Gun, which she used to revert the DNAliens back to human.[100] Simian later sold it to the Incurseans.[80]

When in Sumo Slammers Smackdown, she had access to the Sumo Bow and the game map, which she turned into a Shuriken. However, both were destroyed by Kenko.[7]


Gwen's raw mana attacks are useless and ineffective against certain species such as Geochelone Aerios[46][103] and Rock Monsters, though the latter was only an issue in In Charm's Way.

Gwen's mana constructs can be tampered with by more powerful Anodites, as shown when Verdona turned Sunny's shield into a bubble to trap her.[21]

Gwen can struggle to determine someone's location in an area riddled with technology.[62][84] She also cannot track Ectonurites, as they have no mana.[104][28]

Most of Gwen's Anodite powers can be neutralized by a mana disruption grenade,[57] a power dampening headband,[69][59]bracelets used by a member of the Synthroid race (as demonstrated with Verdona),[26] or cuffs from Inspector 13's Techadon factory.[67]

Gwen can be drained of her energy to the point of either being rendered powerless[55] or death, as nearly demonstrated with Verdona.[26] This can be done by trapping her in runes at midnight and exposing her to moonlight,[55] or placing her in a machine used by the Synthroid race.[26]

Up until Omniverse, Gwen could not transform into her Anodite form without risking losing her humanity.[note 2]

Certain intense spells, such as teleportation spells, exhaust Gwen to the point of having to rest and recover,[91] and can even make her faint if she is too physically weak.[27] The distance between her and the location she is teleporting to is a factor to this weakness.[MW 3] Similarly, her spells won't work correctly if she is wearing a hazmat suit.[105]

Gwen has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.[106][107][108] She also has claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces.[109]

Gwen is vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[37]

Gwen is vulnerable to hypnosis.[110]

Gwen can be immobilized by ice, as shown when she was frozen by the DNAlien Freeze Guns[51] and in the Perplexahedron's frozen room.[84]

Gwen can be rendered unconscious by sedative quills, such as those generated by Argit's species.[53][83]

Gwen can be trapped in an Arachnichimp's webbing.[108]

Gwen can be rendered unconscious by a Methanosian's sleeping spores.[58]

Gwen can be immobilized by Addwaitya's crystallizing attacks.[18]

Gwen is vulnerable to strong winds.[16]

Unless she is wearing a protective metal helmet, Gwen is vulnerable to the mind-controlling abilities of Dagon[27][77] and the Lucubra.[25]

Although her intelligence and knowledge have only increased since her youth, Gwen is not completely free of her naivete, and at times can be arrogant. Gwen can occasionally be too trusting with people who want to exploit her good will, leading her or others into harm's way. For example, after P'andor was released from his containment suit, she believed he would stop absorbing energy if he were taken back home. When she told him she had contacted the Plumbers to do so, he attacked her.[86]

Overall, while Gwen is immensely powerful, she almost always holds back in battle to avoid injuring her opponents to where they can gain the advantage and potentially injure her instead. She is also weaker than her other Anodite relatives.


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Frank and Natalie Tennyson[]

WALGMO (317)

Frank and Natalie promise to support Gwen regardless of her decision

While Gwen's parents, her mother especially, don't necessarily approve of her lifestyle, they love their daughter and are willing to support her decisions no matter what. For example, despite wishing that she would take over Natalie's side of the family, they were willing to let her go to Anodyne if that was what she wanted.[13]

Ben Tennyson[]

See article: Relationship with Ben Tennyson

Max Tennyson[]

IAEF (504)

Gwen hugging Max

Between Ben and Gwen, Max appears to trust Gwen slightly more, as she was put in charge of watching the former during the team's visit to Galvan Prime.[111]

When Gwen thought Max had died after detonating the Null Void Projector,[52] she expressed deep sadness, as seen when she did not play games with Ben and Kevin when they visited Max's old fishing spot.[13]

Gwen keeps a framed picture of Max in her bedroom.[21]


WALGMO (308)

Verdona invites Gwen to come with her to Anodyne

When Gwen first met Verdona, they both started off on the wrong foot, battling each other. Shocked to see her manipulate mana, Verdona was soon revealed to be Gwen's grandmother. Verdona explained that Gwen had the spark ever since she saw her use her powers and revealed much of her alien powers and background. Verdona then tried to convince Gwen to train with her on her home planet, Anodyne, which would take about seventy-five years to master. Refusing the offer, Gwen decided to stay home. Angered, Verdona tried to force the inner Anodite out of Gwen by fighting her. Fed up, Gwen demanded her to stop and eventually came to understanding terms with her. Verdona flew home and promised to revisit every now and again.

Verdona considers Gwen her favorite grandchild.[21]


GT (384)

Gwen battling Sunny

Gwen loved playing with Sunny when they were younger. Now, however, Gwen is extremely irritated by Sunny's behavior (such as flirting with Kevin), while Sunny developed a grudge against Gwen's due to everyone telling her to be like her cousin. When the two fought, Sunny overpowered Gwen until Verdona came to take Sunny. Before Verdona left, Gwen told her not to be hard on Sunny because despite being a pain, she is still family.[21]

Lucy Mann[]

Lucy loves teasing and playing tricks on Gwen.

Gwen was shocked to see Lucy who became a Plumber in a short amount of time.[36] Lucy also disguised herself as Kevin, making Gwen confused since he went to the auto show with Rook. Lucy tricked Gwen making her angry again. Throughout this episode, due to Gwen always being tricked and teased by Lucy, Gwen suspected Lucy to be the spy in Plumber Headquarters stealing Plumber tech. In the end, Max revealed that Lucy was actually posing as Liam to find out the real traitor, leaving Gwen feeling sorry for herself and Lucy. In the end, the two of them started talking.

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Cooper has had a crush on Gwen ever since a flashback in From Hedorium to Eternity, though the feeling is not mutual. Cooper was called in by Ben to create a camera to spy inside Thaddeus J. Collins' house. Cooper was initially reluctant, but changed his mind after he heard Gwen's name. As Cooper worked on making Kevin more mobile, Kevin taunted him over his crush on Gwen, telling Cooper that he was the better guy.

Four years later, when the team recruited Cooper for the final battle against the Highbreed, Cooper happily agreed. He also expressed a distaste for Darkstar after he referred to Gwen as "Lovely Gwen".[100]

AP2 (567)

Gwen kissing Cooper on the cheek

When Kevin had mutated into Ultimate Kevin, Cooper agreed to Darkstar's plan to create a device to power the Dominus Librium to revert Ultimate Kevin. Cooper later charged Ultimate Kevin in retaliation for attacking Gwen, though Ultimate Kevin outmatched him and tried to kill him, though he was saved by Ultimate Echo Echo. After they finally managed to revert Ultimate Kevin to human, Gwen kissed Cooper on the cheek.[112]

Julie Yamamoto[]

VV (162)

Gwen and Julie hanging out at Mr. Smoothy

Due to Julie's relationship with Ben, Gwen and Julie have developed a very close friendship, spending time together by shopping[47] or doing homework.[58] Usually when Ben and Julie have relationship problems, Gwen usually comes to Julie's defense knowing how obnoxious Ben can be. For instance, when Ben expressed romantic interest in Eunice, Gwen reminded him about Julie, to which Ben stated that they had broken up (or, in Julie's view, might as well have been broken up).[113]

When Ben doesn't help Julie, Gwen usually is the one to help her. For example, when Ship suddenly went to Monarch to help Baz-l, Gwen and Kevin offered to help her when Ben refused.[114]

On one occasion, Julie was in danger because the Vreedle Brothers were given a task to take Ship for a prize in return. Ship merged with Julie to protect her, but it wasn't enough. Gwen risked her safety to save Julie and fight them off together.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag and talk to each other on occasion off-screen, enough for Rook to know when Gwen's birthday is[115] as well as the history between Ben and Kai.[116]

Gwen, however, felt somewhat offended when Rook said that she is only attractive by Earth standards.[117]

Rook was worried for Gwen when he did not know about Kevin's whereabouts.[118]


Hex used to be one of Gwen's worst enemies in the Original Series, bearing a grudge against her for foiling his plans for world domination.[49]

Charm school

Gwen in Hex's class

In Omniverse, Hex reformed and became Gwen's favorite teacher at Friedkin University, the two of them bonding over their shared affinity for magic and mutual concern for the well-being of Charmcaster. Gwen defended Hex from Ben's constant accusations of still being evil, though she admitted that him giving her a B- was pretty evil of him.[29]

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Kevin Levin[]

See article: Relationship with Kevin Levin

Sir Winston[]

TCfB (98)

Gwen introducing herself to Winston

Gwen and Winston engaged in a discussion about the Seal, and Winston shared his notes on the Seal with her. Kevin was jealous of how the two had bonded, and that she considered him cute.[25]

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MI (546)

Darkstar absorbing Gwen's mana

When Ben, Gwen, and Kevin first met Michael in All That Glitters, he was a charming Casanova and there was a dim spark between him and Gwen. Ben, because of his eagerness to build a team, and Gwen, because of her crush on him, automatically trusted him, but Kevin resented him, due to his own crush on Gwen. After a battle against the zombies, Michael asked Gwen out on a date which made Kevin even more jealous. Later, it turned out that Michael had never liked Gwen as a person, only her mana. By the end of the episode, she came to her senses, regained her magical and Anodite abilities, and returned to Kevin's side which, he was happy about. She also stated that Michael had some sort of control over her, implying that she did not truly have a crush on him.[119]


TUE1 (313)

Dagon possessing Gwen

Due to being controlled by the Lucubra,[25] Gwen inadvertently became connected to the Dagon's influence.[27] The Dagon saw her as a means to escape his prison and referred to her in a respectful matter. While under Dagon's mind control, Gwen was his devoted servant and wished (or rather controlled) into attempting to release her master and was only free once Kevin put metal over her head to stop the Dagon's mind powers.[77] Gwen both fears and hates the Dagon for the trauma of being brainwashed by him.

Looma Red Wind[]

MHR (499)

Gwen trying to reason with Looma

Even when finding out that Looma was Kevin's fiancé, not much animosity was between the two girls. More of Gwen's disappointment went out to Kevin who duped Looma in the first place to get what he wanted. Gwen felt more sympathetic towards her, trying to imagine how Looma must've felt being in the situation. When Gwen tried to reason with Looma, she insulted Gwen by calling her a "puny human" and attempting to assault her. Ultimately calling her a mere "girl", Gwen was forced to become serious and finally fight back.[22]

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WtMH (311)

Gwen and Charmcaster teaming up

Charmcaster developed a grudge against Gwen in the Original Series, because Gwen stole her spellbook[5] and learned magic easily.[6]

In Alien Force, Charmcaster exacted her revenge on Gwen by kissing Kevin and subsequently putting his mind under her control.[55]

Their relationship in Ultimate Alien initially did not change, until Where the Magic Happens, when Charmcaster teamed up with the team in Legerdomain. The two bonded through their experiences and combining of their powers, with Gwen coming to sympathize with Charmcaster when learning of her origins.

In Enemy of My Frenemy, the team returned to Legerdomain to help Charmcaster. However, Charmcaster's long time trapped in Legerdomain had corrupted her, and she temporarily killed Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to resurrect Spellbinder. When Spellbinder refused to come back to life at the expense of others, she became saddened by that, and her life became empty and lonely. Gwen let Charmcaster go rather than have her apprehended, revealing she didn't hold a grudge against her for her betrayal afterwards, but instead felt even more sorry for her and worried about how she would be able to move on after this trauma. This pity was maintained in Couples Retreat, where Gwen was very concerned about Charmcaster's well-being when Charmcaster fell in love with Darkstar and tried desperately to convince her that Darkstar was merely using her for her power. At the end, the two had a truce and Charmcaster gave Darkstar over to Gwen to beat up.

In Omniverse, Gwen first saw her in Charm School, where she attended class with her, conducted by Hex. Charmcaster wasn't there to go after Gwen though, but her uncle Hex. She double crossed Hex and turned him into a totem in order to claim the Staff of Ages. Gwen tried to talk some sense into her, telling her that she was not a bad person but was damaged and needed help, which started a magical battle between the two sorceresses. Gwen was overpowered by Charmcaster and was tired. They had a long fight around the university until the team of Ben, Kevin, Rook and Zed helped to lead her to the library. Gwen holding the Hex totem in the library allowed her to become more powerful and she sent Charmcaster and Hex to Legerdomain.

In Third Time's a Charm, Charmcaster turned Gwen into a totem and put her in her bag with Addwaitya, Darkstar and Hex. Gwen managed to use Charmcaster's lipstick to draw in her bag. Ben tricked Charmcaster (who had turned into a dragon) into touching the magic in her bag and was turned into a totem. Gwen, Hex, Darkstar, Bezel and Addwaitya were free, with Darkstar being arrested but Addwaitya escaping. Gwen kept Charmcaster, who was now inside her own bag, in her room. Gwen happily said that under these circumstances of Charmcaster being rendered harmless, she and Charmcaster could finally become friends, as she patted the bag with Charmcaster in it fondly.


Cartoon Network Action Packs

Gwen appears in every Action Pack, except for Old Friends, Plumbers' Kids, It's a Set Up, and TwoSome.

Chapter Books
Alien Force
Ultimate Alien
Graphic Novels
Alien Force
Short Books
Alien Force
Ultimate Alien
Other Comics
Alien Force

Ben 10
Alien Force
Ultimate Alien

  • Formula Cartoon All-Stars

Video Games[]

Ben 10[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth[]

Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character, helping Ben throughout his travel around the country. Gwen is later kidnapped by Clancy and then Dr. Animo.

Nintendo DS Version[]

Gwen is playable in the game via a cheat code. She is able to use the Omnitrix temporarily with access to the same aliens as Ben.

Ben 10: Alien Force[]

Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions[]

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Gwen is playable in two levels; 'Bombs Away' and 'A Change in the Weather'.

Nintendo DS Version[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction[]

Gwen appears as a non-playable character.

Punch Time Explosion and XL[]

Gwen appears as an Assist Character.


  • In the Original Series, Gwen had her own plans for a summer vacation,[2] such as going to a summer study program.[pop-up 5][50] It was Max who convinced her mother to push her to go on the road trip.[2][3]
  • Gwen's birthday is in December,[120][115] which she shares with Ben.[121][122] Their childhood rivalry in the Original Series arose from this.[pop-up 6][2]
  • When she was 10, Gwen had a 4.2 GPA, she was the president of the Computer Club, treasurer of the Science Society, volunteer at several local charities, and a member of her school's Jujutsu team.[37]
    • At age 16, she mentioned that she had taken three years of cotillion and nine years of judo.[36]
  • Gwen hates mushrooms, though this may have been a consequence of her ordeal with the Living Mushrooms.[122]
  • Gwen isn't too fond of some of Ben's aliens, namely Stinkfly,[105] Goop,[25] and Upchuck.[67]
  • Before the events of What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Gwen believed magic ran through her side of the family.
  • Gwen is Verdona's favorite grandchild.[13][21]
  • Gwen dislikes being called an energy being, and felt out of place when she was in high school.[13]
  • Gwen's favorite flowers are yellow roses.[123][124]
  • Gwen's DNA was sampled and randomized into the Unitrix to create Eunice.[113]
  • Dagon described Gwen as the most powerful being on Earth.[77]
    • Matt Wayne later said that he doesn't think so,[MW 4] even though he wrote the episode.
  • In Alien Force, Gwen was in her freshman year of high school.[DM 7]
  • When Matt Wayne wrote What Are Little Girls Made Of?, he was under the impression that going Anodite would destroy Gwen's body.[MW 5] This was also mentioned by Verdona in the episode. However, when Gwen assumed her Anodite form in War of the Worlds: Part 2, she was able to revert to human with her body intact.
  • By the time of late Season 1 of Ultimate Alien, Gwen had already written her college essays.[DM 8]
  • Gwen has the potential to live as long as she wants to, if she ever chooses to allow Verdona to train her.[DM 9]
  • Gwen and Kevin are famous on Earth, just not nearly as famous as Ben.[DM 10] Dwayne McDuffie compared their level of fame to that of American television personality Gayle King.[DM 11] However, Gwen is not very famous in space.[DM 12]
  • Gwen can go back in time to change events, but doesn't because she fears changing history for the worse, as she accidentally did once before.[DM 13]
  • Gwen lives on-campus in Omniverse.[MW 6] However, she does not yet know her major.[MW 7]
  • Gwen has much more control over her abilities and her Anodite form than the audience has seen.[MW 8]
  • Kevin was probably with Gwen the night that she made the decision to become Lucky Girl again.[MW 2]
  • At least one student at Friedkin University probably knows that Gwen is Lucky Girl.[DJW 7]
  • If Gwen used the Omnitrix from the start, the Rooters would not consider her a threat.[DJW 8]
  • Before the events of the Original Series:
    • Ben and Gwen once did not speak to each other for two months over an argument about a stick of gum.[pop-up 7][6]
    • At one point, the arguing between Ben and Gwen had gotten so bad that their parents refused to take vacations together anymore.[pop-up 8][50]
  • Gwen's Lucky Girl costume in the Original Series and Alien Force/Ultimate Alien ties into the cat logo on her favorite shirt.[pop-up 9][49]
  • When they were kids, disliking Max's cooking was one of the few things Ben and Gwen agreed on.[pop-up 10][105]
  • In the initial stages of the Original Series' development, Gwen was written as a classmate who happened to be friends with Ben, and had no familial relation to him.[pop-up 11]
  • Gwen's Original Series design was made by Dave Johnson.[DJ 1]
    • One of Gwen's concept designs had long hair and a red and yellow raglan shirt with a mushroom on it. However, Cartoon Network nixed the mushroom design due to drug connotations.[DJ 2]
  • Gwen's design in Season 1 of Alien Force was created by Glen Murakami and finalized by Glenn Wong, with colors added by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • Gwen's Omniverse design was created by Derrick.[DJW 9]
    • Gwen's second design in Omniverse bears some resemblance to Velma Dinkley from the Scooby-Doo! franchise.
  • The out-of-universe reason for Gwen's mana being recolored from blue to pink was because the crew decided that the color palette needed a review. Regardless, changing the color of Gwen's mana was not Duncan Rouleau's favorite choice.[DR 1]
  • There have been several attempts at making a spin-off series focused on Gwen, including an anime planned in 2013,[AC 1][JK 1] but none of them have come to fruition.[DR 2]
  • Not all of Gwen's alternate counterparts are Anodites like their Prime Timeline counterpart.[DJW 10] Confirmed examples include Dimension 23's Gwen,[125][DJW 11] Gwen 10,[DJW 12] No Watch Timeline's Gwen,[DJW 13] and Benzarro's Gwen.[DJW 14]
    • A counterpart of Gwen does not exist on Rex's home universe.[DR 3] This was proven true during Ben's visit there, as he hypothesized that Gwen may not exist on Rex's Earth.[126]
    • Very little is known about Dimension 23's Gwen, other than the fact she is shy.[DJW 15]
    • Benzarro's Gwen is also scientist constantly working on a cure for Benzarro from a secure secret bunker.[DJW 14]
    • Nega Ben's version of Gwen is a cheerleader[DJW 16] with strawberry-blonde hair[DJW 17] of average intelligence. However, she acts less smart than she really is.[DJW 18] Much like her Prime Timeline counterpart, Gwen is dating Kevin.[DJW 19]
    • It is unknown if a counterpart of Gwen exists on Mad Ben's dimension.[DJW 20]


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