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Gust-O is a villain robot who first appeared in Riding the Storm Out and the leader of the Weatherheads.


Gust-O is robotic in appearance and resembles a businessmen with white shirt and light blue colored tie. His head resembles a skull and he has orange eyes.


Just like the other Weatherheads, Gust-O has a tendency to remark that he has no emotions, yet it is clear that he is programmed to have them, as seen with a 'on/off' button for his emotions. This can be exploited, as he was tricked by Ben into fighting with the other Weatherheads. However, they all fear failing their leader Sunny.

When his emotions are turned on, Gust-O becomes full of rage, prone to trash talk (calling Shock-O "coat rack") and losing his temper and then lashing out at the target of his frustration, even at his own allies.[1]


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Gust-O first appeared alongside the other Weatherheads in Riding the Storm Out.

In Beach Heads, the Weatherheads are seen at Tampa beach, where they attempt to charge their solar battery. After a fight with Diamondhead, and later Cannonbolt, the Gust-O begins to take in the positive emotions once more that they experience whilst battling the latter - this distraction subsequently providing enough time for Gwen and Max Tennyson to destroy the solar battery and thus foiling their plans once more. The episode ends with Gust-O finally accepting the relaxation and enjoyment that they feel on the beach.

Powers and Abilities

Gust-O controls air and wind, allowing him to attack with powerful gusts of air or trap opponents within tornadoes. He can also use it for the purpose of dodging and propulsion, blasting gusts of wind from his palms behind or below him to increase speed.


Gust-O's denial of his own emotions can easily be exploited by the Weatherheads' enemies.

In the event that the Weatherheads perform acts that generate positive emotions, Gust-O will malfunction and shut down.[2]

Being a robot, his battery can run low. In order to recharge, he needs solar energy.[3]


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