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The Ground Hawg Gang is a gang of mutant groundhogs that first appeared in Hole in 10.


Ground Hawg Gang are groundhogs mutated by Dr. Animo. They have a small, stocky body and are brown in color. They wear jackets with the name of their group on the back and also wear helmets or caps that vary according to the member, as do their pants. They are usually in their AniMotors.


They ride Animotors to wreck the miniature golf course.


The Ground Hawg Gang are mutants created by Dr. Animo. Apparently, they tend to disobey him and do what they want. They first appeared in Hole in 10, where they destroyed the Mini-Golf town. Because they caused problems, Ben Tennyson decided to confront them. They were defeated one by one by Ben as Upgrade, leaving only their leader who was defeated by Grey Matter after causing an explosion.

As Ben defeated their leader, the rest of the gang crowned Ben leader, following his orders. They ended up rebuilding the Mini-Golf that they destroyed and then went free.

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Powers and Abilities

They are expert motorcycle drivers. They can even dig underground with their motorcycles to surprise their enemies and cause earthquakes.


Without their motorcycles, they can't do much in combat.


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