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The Great One was a giant, tick-like parasitic alien that travelled from world to world, sucking the energy from the planets it landed on to feed itself.


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It resembles as a purple tick with four blue sack-like eyes, four purple insectoid legs and the abdomen was bigger than its own head. When it moults its shell, it exposes a pale whitish brown on the abdomen.


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The Great One came to Earth in The Big Tick and attempted to devour the planet. It was destroyed from the inside by Cannonbolt.

The Great One was responsible for the complete destruction of Arburia, home planet of the Arburian Pelarota, approximately a week before it attempted to destroy Earth--a somewhat ironic accomplishment considering that it's death was at the hands of Cannonbolt, a single Arburian Pelarota.

Powers and Abilities

The Great One's absorption process poisoned and eventually made the planet it fed on implode. It also caused the landscape to mutate as an extra defence, making it very difficult to attack once the process had begun.

The Great One's shell appeared impenetrable to most forms of power and weaponry, as evidenced by when Grandpa Max and Gwen used fallen pieces of its shell to fend off the Great One's followers' attacks (which didn't even scratch them). Also, none of Ben's aliens were able to break the shell until he finally used Cannonbolt to destroy it from the inside after it shed some of his shell.

The Great One secreted slime while shedding, which was sometimes acidic in nature.

On top of that, the Great One was followed by a group of aliens that worshipped the creature, following it "from planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy". They aided the Great One in its task, defending it from attackers.


The Great One was destroyed when Cannonbolt attacked it from the inside when its shell was moulting, and the newer shell was softer.


Ben 10

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Le Grand Sauveur
La Tique géante (alias)
From Le Grand Sauveur The Grand Savior
From La Tique geante, Giant Tick
Portuguese (Br) O Grande From O Grande, The Great One or The Big
Spanish (HA) El Grande From El Grande, The Big


  • The Great One is like Galactus from the Marvel Universe, also well known for destroying entire planets in order to absorb their vast energy resources.
    • It seems to be a lot closer to Lavos from Chrono Trigger as he is similar in structure and has a similar technique in feeding off the planet.
  • The Great One was the toughest opponent that even all of Ben's Aliens can't defeat.

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