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The Gracklflint are an alien species from an unknown planet.


A Gracklflint looks like a light purple spider with six legs and three dark purple stripes on its body. Each leg has two dark purple claws each. It has four eyes, two smaller ones above the bottom large ones. It has nine teeth, three on the top jaw and six on the bottom jaw, the two outer lower teeth are tusk like. It has two strips of fur on the lower jaw.


A Gracklflint appears in Rad, where it was transported by Ben and Rook. It was released by Pax en route, and attacked them. Later in the episode, it was used against the Incurseans to force Raff to let the heroes through. It was tamed and used to cure the Plumbers trapped on Terminus III. The Gracklflint was then transported to another planet and released into the wild.

Sometime before The Final Countdown, Fistina sent Rook a baby Gracklflint as a gift.


Gracklflint are extremely violent when agitated.

A Gracklflint's only interest is to kill anyone who are not Gracklflints and destroy whatever they see.[1] Their destructive nature is so intense that Raff was willing to make any deal, just to get one off of his ship.

Conversely, it is discovered that a Gracklflint can be calmed down, and even tamed when baited with fruit from a Florauna.[2]


Gracklflints are herbivores, or at least omnivores, as it is easily distracted and manipulated by Florauna fruits and was shown eating one. Especially odd considering its many fangs and aggressive behavior.

Powers and Abilities

Gracklflints can spit venom out of its mouth. Its venom is the only antidote to the toxic atmosphere of Terminus III.

Gracklflints are extremely durable, as Incursean blasters had no effect on it.

Each leg has claws that can rip through metal and thick cables with ease. 

Gracklflints are very strong and aggressive as several squads of Incurseans were unable to subdue one.



Season 3

  • Rad (first appearance)


  • The saliva or venom of a Gracklflint has extraordinary healing properties, but only if it's fresh.
  • Gracklflint is the name of the species, though it may also have a more proper taxonomy.[MW 1]


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