Goodbye and Good Riddance is the final episode of Ben 10.
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Original Airdate

April 15, 2008


Ben returns home after summer vacation ends, and is told that he must keep the Omnitrix a secret. This is made all the more difficult by his classmates admiring the alien heroes they've seen on the news. Initially disappointed, Ben gets the chance to use the Omnitrix when Vilgax attacks, yet again looking to take the device from Ben. All four Tennysons (Ben's father helps) fight off Vilgax's drones running amok in the city. When Vilgax appears again, easily fending off Ben, Ben's father suggests leading him into the underground gas line, which they ignite to incinerate the villain. Ben's secret is revealed to the public during the affair, and Gwen ends up transferring to his school. Just when it seems like everything is quiet, Dr. Animo shows up with a cadre of mutated animals, which Ben and Gwen get ready to fight.


Aliens used


  • The episode is possibily what leads to the alternate future of Ben 10,000 episode, when the future XLR8 said to the younger Ben that Vilgax was mutilated and destroyed, that is a high possibility that was from the explosion in the end of the episode.
  • Just like the episode Gwen 10, this episode is non-canon, it is just another "what if" episode, which was revealed in the Ben 10: Pop-up Edition.
  • Despite the fact that this episode is non-canon, Gwen and her family did move into Bellwood.
  • Even though Cash and JT appear they do not give Ben a wedgie, but Ben gave them a wedgie.
  • Many of Ben's alien exploits are mentioned by the students, such as Heatblast's burning building rescue in Washington B.C., Fourarms' fight with Kevin 11 atop the Golden Gate bridge in Framed, Wildmutt's battle with Hex in Las Vegas in Tough Luck, Wildvine's battle with Sublimino in Midnight Madness, and Fourarms at the Little League World Series in The Unnaturals.

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