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Goodbye and Good Riddance is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Ben 10, and the fiftieth episode overall. It is also a "what if" episode, like Gwen 10.


The episode begins with a group of criminals dressed as birds that have hijacked an airship and plan to use it to terrorize a city. One of the birdmen is fighting Wildvine. Wildvine knocks him down a level, where Gwen ties him up. Another one sets a bomb in the engine room, but Max stops him. Wildvine takes out the leader and throws the bomb away. Wildvine asks Max what they're going to do next and Max says that it's time to get everyone home and ready for school because summer is over, much to his dismay.

Pages of a comic strip appear while a narrator explains there are as many ways a story can begin as there is to end one, and it will be one of those stories for Ben. In the Rust Bucket, Ben does not want to go to school as they arrive at Bellwood, Ben's town. Ben wants to quit school and join the police, but Max tells him to keep the Omnitrix a secret from everyone. Ben says that the only good thing about school is that Gwen isn't there.

Max drops Ben off at his house, but he leaves quickly when Ben's mother, Sandra, and father, Carl, arrive. Ben and Gwen say goodbye and the Rust Bucket drives away (with Max and Gwen). Ben's parents notice the Omnitrix, but Ben lies about what it is. Sandra takes Ben to his room and instructs him to clean it. Ben transforms XLR8 and does this and several other chores. At dinner, Ben asks for a raise in his allowance, but Carl says that he also has to pick up after his dog.

The next day, Carl asks Ben if he wants to go to work with him, but Ben says no. At school, Ben overhears kids talking about his aliens. Ben observes as Cash and J.T. are bullying Jamie and tries to stop them, but he gets a milkshake thrown at him. The bell rings and the bullies leave.

During gym class, everyone is selected for dodgeball except for Ben. The wall blows up and Vilgax's Mechadroids enter and locate the Omnitrix. As the Mechadroids attack the kids, Ben secretly runs off and transforms into Diamondhead. Diamondhead comes out and Cash and J.T. state that they recognize him from the Little League World Series. Diamondhead tells the students to leave and continues to battle the Mechadroids. On their way out, Cash and J.T. notice that Ben is missing, and the Mechadroids chase Diamondhead through the school. He destroys several of the Mechadroids, but more of them arrive. Max comes and blows one up and he says that he picked up a drone signal. Diamondhead reverts back into Ben and the police arrive into the school and Max tells them that Ben told him it was 'Bring Your Grandfather to School Day'. Ben tries to tell J.T. and Cash that he was Diamondhead, but Max stops him.

Afterwards, in the Rust Bucket, Ben says that Max might get along with Carl if Max had told Carl the truth, but Max drops Ben off at home and gives him his box of souvenirs. Ben sees that someone is home. He invites Max in, but Max declines and drives off. Inside, Ben discovers that his house has been destroyed and Vilgax is holding Carl hostage. Vilgax demands the Omnitrix. Ben moves to give it to him, but he transforms into Cannonbolt. Cannonbolt rescues Carl and says never to trust Vilgax. Carl is confused and Cannonbolt grabs him and rolls away, but Vilgax chases after them. Vilgax says that he sent the Mechadroids out as decoys and that he plans to destroy Bellwood. Mechadroids arrive and attack Cannonbolt. He rolls away and the Mechadroids chase him. The house collapses on Vilgax. Carl blames Max, but Cannonbolt defends him. Carl says that Max never felt proud of him.

Mechadroids attack downtown Bellwood as Ben and Carl arrive. Max and Gwen are there too. Max gives Carl and Ben guns. They shoot down Mechadroids. Carl enjoys it but tells Max that nothing has changed. The police arrive and Mechadroids blow them up. Vilgax comes and Gwen casts a spell, collapsing the building he is on. Behind a vehicle, Cash and J.T. observe the battle. Max gives Ben permission to transform and he transforms into XLR8. Cash and J.T. are shocked towards their discovery of the fact that Ben can transform into aliens and XLR8 says that he's every alien hero. Max tells Carl to use a nearby float to run into Mechadroids. XLR8 and Gwen destroy Mechadroids as well. When all of the Mechadroids are gone, Vilgax attacks XLR8 and XLR8 fights him, but he is easily defeated. Carl receives an idea of how to defeat Vilgax and the Tennysons run off. XLR8 taunts Vilgax and Vilgax chases him underground. He emerges in the town's pipes. XLR8 drops from the ceiling. Carl opens a gas valve and ignites it and XLR8 takes Carl and runs. Vilgax and the underground blow up, and there are explosions all over town. On the surface, XLR8 sees Cash and J.T. and he hangs them from a tree, revealing that it was him all along and later on, Carl and Max reconcile.

At school the next day, the kids finally respect Ben. He sits down and discovers that Gwen is now attending his school. However, just when everything is quiet, Dr. Animo shows up with a mob of mutated animals to attack the school and Ben activates the Omnitrix as the episode ends. The narrator says even though Ben didn't want summer to end at the first, he knew going back to school would be another beginning.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ben and Gwen's summer vacation ends and they head back to Bellwood.
  • Vilgax is killed by Carl and Ben.

Character Debuts



Aliens Used

Spells Used

  • Badickinis Metalalurca



Ben: Aww, man. Can't this thing go any slower?
Gwen: If we go any slower, we'll miss the first day of school.
Ben: Duh, that's the point, brainiac!

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Gwen: From superhero back to plain old supergeek. Have fun back at school.
Ben: Well... There is one good thing about my school.
Gwen: What?
Ben: (pointing at Gwen) You don't go there!

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Cannonbolt: If there's one thing you made me believe, Vilgax, it's to never believe you!

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J.t. and Cash: Tennyson? You're...
XLR8: Every single one of those heroes!

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Gwen: I'm so gonna ace this class...
Ben: After we ace Animo and his mutants!

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Croatian Zbogom Zauvijek Goodbye Forever
Hungarian Viszlát, Ezt Megúsztuk Goodbye, We Got Away with It
Polish Do Widzenia i Nie ma Czego żałować Goodbye and There is Nothing to Regret
Portuguese (Br) Adeus e Já Vai Tarde Goodbye and Good Riddance
Romanian La Revedere, Călătorie Sprâncenată Goodbye, Eyebrow Trip
Spanish (HA) De Regreso a Casa Back Home
Spanish (Spain) El Retorno A Casa The Return Home


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Sandra Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Student #1
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Bird Villain #1
Dee Bradley Baker Carl Tennyson
Cash Murray
Student #2
Steve Blum Vilgax
Edward White
Jim Ward Wildvine
Fred Tatasciore Cannonbolt
Richard Horvitz Arnold
Adam Wylie J.T.
Bill Ratner Narrator
Bird Villain #2




  • On the comic cover, Ditto's fins are white instead of black.
  • In two scenes, XLR8's visor is green.
  • When Principal White appears to allow Ben to fight Dr. Animo, the lower part of Gwen's shirt is the wrong shade of blue.
  • Grey Matter and Ripjaws are listed in the credits despite not appearing in the episode.


  • According to pop-up trivia from the enhanced version of the episode, just like Gwen 10, this episode is a non-canon "what if" episode.
    • This episode was meant to show what would happen if Vilgax revealed Ben's identity.
  • This episode takes place after Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2, despite being produced before it.
  • The robots that attacked Ben at school had an "aggression program" to make them relentless hunters.[merch 1]
  • This episode was promoted and aired as the final episode of the Original Series.


Kersti Myrberg


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