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Gluto is a Protost and a friend of Tetrax Shard. Debuting in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, he is an expert pilot of the Resolute, Tetrax's ship.


Gluto has the appearance of a pink blob of slime. He has three yellow eyes with black stripes above them and two antennae-like protrusions on his forehead.

He sits on and wears a grey and black suit with four four-toed feet and two four-fingered hands. It also has a Universal Translator in front, shown as a grey vent with two yellow orbs around it.


Not much of his personality was shown, but from what could be seen, Gluto is very obedient to Tetrax, doing everything he asks of him. He often chirps cheerfully in his language, suggesting he's the more upbeat and positive one between them both. Gluto showed to have an affection for Gwen, hugging her when in danger, saving her from being killed twice, and sacrificing his life for her.


In Secret of the Omnitrix, Gluto debuts as the pilot of the Resolute. He takes Tetrax, Ben (and later Gwen) to find Azmuth: slipping them in and out of Incarcecon and navigating through the asteroid belt of Xenon. During the course of their travels, he develops a friendship with Gwen, while Ben just thinks he's a gross "snot blob". When Vilgax boards the Resolute before they reach Xenon, Gluto strategically exits his suit and hides; when Vilgax and SixSix arrive in the control room, they think he was scared away. SixSix leaves Vilgax alone in the room, to where Gluto attacks him by surprise. Though Vilgax is able to beat him and leaves. Afterwards, Gwen comes into the room and finds it empty, and a damaged drone manages to pull its gun on her. Right as it's about to shoot, Gluto reforms from being scattered around the room and morphs around the gun, taking the full force of its blast. His body explodes, disassembled pieces flying across the room. Gwen thinks he's dead, and takes up the Resolute's controls before it crashes on Xenon.

Later, when Gwen has been kidnapped and carried away by the group of Florauna, Gluto manages to completely regenerate himself from the miniscule pieces of him on her clothes and save her. She and him later join the fight against Vilgax's army and help win the day. After the battle, Gluto casually speaks to Ben in English, revealing that he not only could this entire time, but also heard all his "snot blob" comments.

Powers and Abilities

Gluto can shapeshift to a low degree and grow basic tentacles, which comes in handy when piloting a ship that requires multiple limbs.

Gluto can easily abandon his suit and move just as a blob. His ability to morph his body allows him to stretch himself, squeeze though the smallest of spaces, reconstitute if splattered, and extend his size. Gluto has increased speed and strength when moving as a blob, enough to move across a room in seconds and effortlessly overpower and pull apart Vilgax's humanoid drones.

Gluto's gel-like body makes him invulnerable to most physical attacks.[pop-up 1][1]

Gluto has regenerative capabilities and can regenerate even from the smallest of remains, so long as his body is not evaporated.[pop-up 2][1]


Gluto's suit has feet on the bottom that can help him move and fingered hands for more precise inputs. The suit also has a Universal Translator attached, which he uses to understand other languages and have his speech translated.[pop-up 3][1]


Ben 10

Season 4


  • Gluto is very similar to Goop in terms of powers, as both are made of a similar material. However, unlike Goop, Gluto does not have feet, is pink, and does not need an Anti-Gravity Projector to move.
  • Apparently, Tetrax doesn't know that much about Gluto and his species based on the fact that Tetrax didn't know Gluto had a Universal Translator or that Gluto could regenerate.
  • Gluto's multiple "arms" allow him to pull maneuvers that would be impossible for most pilots.[pop-up 4][1]
  • Gluto still works with Tetrax.[DJW 1]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt regrets not having Gluto return in Omniverse.[DJW 2]


Derrick J. Wyatt


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