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Girl Trouble is the fifth episode of the third season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Gwen's cousin, Sunny, pays a visit but she's more than meets the eye![CN 1]


The team is driving to Gwen's house from a mission. They arrive and rush inside. Gwen wants to try to analyze data from their mission and predict where the robots from Dimension 12 will strike next.

GT (28)

Sunny and the boys

When they get to Gwen's room, they find a girl, Gwen's cousin Sunny, there. Gwen and her mother argue over Sunny, who is staying with them for the summer. Gwen turns to leave and continue the mission and Natalie tells her to bring Sunny. In the car, Sunny bothers and distracts the team. Gwen gets fed up and tells her to leave, but then she gets an alert on her laptop. They drive to where the robots are and tell Sunny to stay in the car. The robots are at some kind of power plant. Ben transforms into Four Arms. Gwen tells Four Arms and Kevin to save her a head to hack, and then they attack the robots. From the car, Sunny sees the explosions and walks to the battle. There, she joins in using mana, destroying the robots and surprising the team. Four Arms transforms back into Ben. Sunny destroys robot parts, including the head Gwen intended to hack. Kevin notices that Sunny is more powerful than Gwen, which annoys Gwen. Sunny wants to fight again.

GT (282)

Sunny in her human disguise using her powers

At home, Gwen tells Natalie that Sunny is an Anodite, which irritates Natalie. Ben and Kevin argue over why the robots were stealing oil when Sunny says that she wants to fight more. Someone knocks on the door and Kevin answers it. It is a giant troll creature, Sunny's boyfriend Antonio. Natalie tries to keep him and Sunny apart, but she flies out of the window to him while taunting Gwen telling her to fly over to her and make her come back, only to mockingly remind her that she can't fly. Gwen then begins to chase them, and Kevin picks her up in the car. Ben says that the robots are back, and she gets in. Sunny tells Antonio to follow them.

The team arrives at a particle accelerator. The robots are inside. They plant a bomb, which Kevin says is too small to do any damage unless they use the accelerator to enrich its battery. They do so and Ben transforms into Lodestar. Lodestar attacks the robots, tossing them away from the bomb. One attacks Kevin and he and Gwen fight. Gwen tells Kevin to shut down the accelerator. He isn't sure if he can. Robots spill out of a portal when Sunny and Antonio arrive and join the fight. Kevin tries to shut off the particle accelerator and ends up breaking the console, shutting it off. He suggests that Sunny join the team, but Gwen refuses. Lodestar sends the robots back into the portal and it closes and transforms back into Ben. Ben and Kevin stop Antonio from playing with the bomb. Gwen tells Sunny that she's going home, but Sunny refuses and turns into an Anodite.

When Gwen threatens to tell Sunny's parents about her misbehaving, a fight ensues. Gwen fights Sunny, Ben transforms into Humungousaur and fights Antonio and Kevin is in charge of making sure the upgraded canister bomb doesn't blow up and destroy them all. Sunny overpowers Gwen and Antonio's strength is too much for Humungousaur, so he evolves into Ultimate Humungousaur and quickly gains the upper hand, while Gwen calls her grandmother Verdona through the mana field (unbeknownst to Sunny). Ultimate Humungousaur tricks Antonio by picking up an unlit light post, while Antonio picks up a lit light post that shocks him and knocks him out. Kevin disarms the bomb by pulling its cord. Before Sunny can finish off Gwen, Verdona arrives and overpowers Sunny, trapping her in her own shield.

GT (512)

Verdona comes to help Ben and Gwen

Ultimate Humungousaur brings an unconscious Antonio over and Verdona takes him in a mana bubble. Ultimate Humungousaur transforms back into Humungousaur, and then back into Ben. Kevin arrives. Verdona asks Gwen if she wants to be an Anodite and offers her another chance to go to Anodyne with her to practice her powers, but Gwen turns the offer down again. She leaves with Sunny and Antonio. The team goes back to tracking the robots from Dimension 12.

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  • Adficio potentia


Kevin: She's pretty powerful. How come you can't do that?
Gwen: Because...SHUT UP!

Gwen: Kevin, can you shut down the accelerator?
Kevin: I don't know, you need like a PhD to use one of these things.
Gwen: Figure it out!
Kevin: (presses a button) Nope. (presses a button) Nope. (presses a button) Nope. Aw, just forget it. (hits control panel and particle accelerator shuts down) Huh what do you know?

Kevin: (mimicking Gwen) "Kevin, shut down the particle accelerator! Kevin, disarm the fusion bomb!" (in his normal voice) If this thing blows up, I'm never speaking to those guys again.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Lányos Gond Girly Problem
Polish Kłopotliwa Kuzynka Troublesome Cousin
Portuguese (Br) A Garota Problema Girl Trouble
Romanian Probleme între Fete Problems Between Girls
Spanish (HA) Batalla Entre Primas Battle Between Cousins
Spanish (Spain) Chica Problematica Problematic Girl


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Four Arms
Ultimate Humungousaur
Juliet Landau Natalie Tennyson
Jason Marsden Antonio


  • Sunny's eyes change between green and blue throughout the episode.
  • During Four Arms' transformation sequence, he has four fingers on each hand before the part where his five human fingers merge into four.
  • In one shot, the rim of Four Arms' Ultimatrix symbol is black.
  • When Ben says "She's an Anodite?", the closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast DVD attribute the dialogue to Natalie.
  • In one shot, the black emblem on Ben's jacket is white and the "10" is black.
  • Lodestar's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Lodestar's voice is higher than usual, and his eyes are bigger than usual.
  • When Gwen steps on the Dimension 12 robots, the highlight on one of them changes within seconds.
  • When Kevin is trying to stop the bomb from becoming more powerful, the on-off switches look alike, both set to the off position. As soon as the camera changes to a few frames before Kevin smashes the machine, one switch is set to on.
  • When Antonio throws Humungousaur, Humungousaur's toes are the same color as his scales.
  • When Ultimate Humungousaur fires his missiles at Antonio, the missiles don't explode.
  • After Antonio is defeated, Ultimate Humungousaur's neck is blue.


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