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Gimlinopithecus are a yeti-like species from the planet Pattersonea.[OV Brief 1]


Gimlinopithecus are large, muscular, furry, yeti-like creatures. They have bolts on different parts of their body, and so far they have been on their wrists and neck. Gimlinopithecus faces are grey.

Male Gimlinopithecus tend to have yellow fur, with black fur on their limbs and white fur bordering these areas. Gimlinopithecus from Dimension 23 have blue fur instead of black and pale blue instead of white.

Female Gimlinopithecus have a higher proportion of white fur on their body, and are a paler shade of yellow and don't have black fur. They also have a more feminine figure.


Due to the lethal zones on their home planet, Gimlinopithecus adopted a nomadic lifestyle.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gimlinopithecus have the power of electrokinesis, which gives them the ability to manipulate the strong charges of yellow, high-voltage electricity they release from the bolts on their bodies, or from their mouths.[1][2] These charges can be used to create localized electric fields,[OV Brief 1] or can be projected as beams at targets a considerable distance away. These beams can even travel across the ground, as demonstrated by Crashocker.[3]

Gimlinopithecus can charge up their bodies with static electricity, by generating which from their bolts, or by rubbing their hands together, as demostrated by Electricyeti.[4] Once their body is sufficiently charged, their fur will stand on end, and they can unleash a powerful electric shock to the next thing they touch.[2][5] Gimlinopithecus can also use this power supportively to beings that are electrically resistant, such as a rolled-up Arburian Pelarota, by transferring their charge to the Arburian Pelarota's body.[4]

By covering objects with their electricity, Gimlinopithecus can telekinetically move them.[6] Gimlinopithecus can also generate an electric force field that can shoot beams of electricity in multiple directions.[7]

Gimlinopithecus are quite strong, as shown when Shocksquatch punched Buglizard until the ground fell apart, causing them to fall through into the subway.[2]

Gimlinopithecus have a degree of enhanced durability, as Shocksquatch was able to withstand being flicked off a Way Bad.[8] They are also immune to freezing climates thanks to their thick fur.[OV Brief 1]

Gimlinopithecus are more agile than they look, as Shocksquatch jumped over Buglizard easily.[2]

Gimlinopithecus are fast enough on foot to keep up with a speeding car, as demonstrated by Shocksquatch.[9] They can also run on all fours in a similar fashion to a bull or rhinoceros to increase their speed.[10]

Gimlinopithecus can temporarily shield themselves against cosmic radiation by generating electric fields around their body.[OV Brief 1]


A Gimlinopithecus' electrokinesis is useless against electricity-impermeable materials, as demonstrated by Fistrick. He was able to defend himself against Shocksquatch's attack with his electrically-insulated boots.[11]

Gimlinopithecus can shock themselves, as demonstrated when Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey wrapped a metal pipe around Shocksquatch.[12] Gimlinopithecus can also be harmed by external electricity.[13]

Gimlinopithecus are helpless while insulated, as they are completely unable to generate electricity, demonstrated by Bubble Helmet as a Gimlinopithecus hybrid when he was insulated by thick foam.[14]

Gimlinopithecus are weak against enemies who can drain electricity, such as Phil.[15]

Gimlinopithecus can be ensnared by an Evolved Arachnichimp's webs.[16]

Even though they can resist cosmic radiation, it can still be lethal to Gimlinopithecus after a certain period of time.[OV Brief 1]

Notable Gimlinopithecus[]

Notable Gimlinopithecus Hybrids[]


"Gimlinopithecus" is partially based on the last name of Robert "Bob" Gimlin, who, along Roger Patterson, filmed a supposed Bigfoot in a 1967 film known as Patterson-Gimlin film

"Gimlinopithecus" is also based on Gigantopithecus, a genus of large extinct apes that many cryptozoologists believe are the ancestors of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and other similar cryptids.  


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