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Gil is a mutant created by Dr. Animo, and makes its first appearance in the episode Forgeti.


Gil is a kind of mutant fish capable of walking on land. Its scales are of different colors of green: in the back, head, arms, and tail of a dark green color while its chest, belly and legs are of a light green color. It has fins on its back, big fangs and yellow eyes.


Gil likes to scare people just for fun, getting to the point of aiming them with a laser gun threatening them to death just to entertain themselves. Gil is very obedient, however, if he loses his laser gun from his shoulder, he'll feel helpless.


Gil makes his first appearance in Forgeti, where he scares Gwen Tennyson in the woods. He accompanied Dr. Animo in the forest to get revenge on the Tennysons. Soon, he faces Diamondhead, while Dr. Animo kidnaps Grandpa Max and flees to his secret lair.

Already in Dr. Animo's lab, Gil was guarding Dr. Animo's prisoners in cages. While he was working Grey Matter and Gwen attack in order to free Grandpa Max and, after losing his weapon, he locks himself in a cage only to avoid being hurt when he was pointed with his own weapon.

Later, after an accident in the laboratory with some numbing gas, he was rescued by the Forgeti along with all the people who were in Dr. Animo's laboratory, while being still dizzy from the effect of gas.

Powers and Abilities

He has a sharp claws to fight with.


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