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Ghost Ship is a graphic novel that was published by Viz Media.


For more than five years, Ben Tennyson has been saving the universe with his Omnitrix , which allows him to use the DNA of aliens to take on heroic new forms. But he’s never encountered a challenge quite like this! Teamed up with a new partner, Rook, who seriously needs to relax, Ben investigates the mysteries of a hidden underground alien city and has to battle a new enemy, Khyber, who has only one thing on his mind: hunting down Ben 10!

Ben and Rook investigate a distress call that lands them on a stranded space ship with a secret...and puts them right where Khyber wants them, trapped with no way out while he and his shape-shifting dog hunt them down. Now Ben’s got to get off a ship that’s falling out of space, save himself and his partner from Khyber’s dog, and figure out the mystery of the “Ghost Ship!”[1]


Aliens Used

By Ben

By Zed


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