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Get Me Out of Here is a song sung by Yawk in Mayhem in Mascot. In it Yawk sings about how he was a living totem.


Yawk: "I was once a majestic beast til' I was cursed by some bad voodoo... Now, I wait to be released, by someone just like you..."

Gwen: What are you?

Yawk: "I'm a mighty king, the true king of the desert. I'm the lord of all that I survey. But a magic curse, from a jealous wizard, and well, that's why I look this way..."

Ben: A jealous wizard, huh?

Yawk: Naturally, sometimes when you're flying too high, other people just have to bring you down to their level. I'm sure you can relate.

Yawk: "So, if you break my chains, take me from this prison... I'll make sure you're rewarded handsomely. I gotta roam the plains, so give me what I'm wishin', come on now children... set me free."

Gwen: But how can we help?

Yawk: Well, that's easy, all you gotta do is get me outta the valley before the sun comes up.

Ben: I don't know.

Yawk: Oh, come on, I'm sure between the two of you, you can get me out with time to spare.

Ben: You sure talk a lot for a wooden bear.

Yawk: "I ain't just any bear! I'm a living legend, his illustrious majesty Yawkwawi, call me Yawk cause we're friends. I've got work to do, so give me what I'm wishing, come on now children, set me free... I'm tired of being stuck in this one-horse town, I've got places to go, people to seeee. I've got hunger pangs, a case of malnutrition, come on now children, you've gotta set me freeee. Come on now children, set me freeeeeee."


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