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I am from a peaceful planet called Aldabra, where, like the rest of my people, I ate grass all day and hovered above the ground, debating philosophy and enjoying the great gift of life. My kind lacks aggression.


Geochelone Aerios,[2][3][note 1] also known as Aldabrans,[5][6] are a turtle-like species from the planet Aldabra,[7][1] in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Geochelone Aerios are a green turtle-like race, with holes in their torsos, and big flat flipper-like arms with retractable claws that can be used as fingers. They also have small stumpy legs, white eyes with no pupils and lines going down their eyes.


Geochelone Aerios are, almost entirely, a pacifist species. They are non-violent, lack aggression, and will only attack if pushed to the point of needing to defend themselves.[merch 1] There has been only one known exception to this.

Geochelone Aerios are highly social, and spend most of their time eating and debating philosophy with each other.[merch 1] They are very truthful and have next to no concept of lying. They also aren't well versed in the concept of prison, as they believe the restriction of other beings' freedom to be unthinkable.[7][1]

Geochelone Aerios are highly religious as well. They primarily revere an ancient mystical member of their species, Addwaitya[merch 1] (still unaware of his descent into evil), such as by praising his name in times of good fortune. They also believe in reincarnation.[7][1]


Geochelone Aerios eat grass.[1][merch 1]


Geochelone Aerios have developed advanced camouflaging technology, which is incorporated into their architecture. It is capable of changing the color and form of something to blend in harmoniously with the landscape, and can continuously match even the subtlest changes in its surroundings.[merch 1]

Powers and Abilities[]

From the vents on their front shell, Geochelone Aerios can expel powerful gusts of wind to push opponents away.[8] They can also form their limbs into rotating fans to amplify this; where their fins become triangular and sharp,[9] and their legs combine and morph into a similar shape. In combination, the three fans of a Geochelone Aerios can whirl incredibly fast, while their shell stays static and suspended in the air, and generate hurricane-force winds[1] or destructive, mini corckscrew cyclones.[10][11][merch 1] Geochelone Aerios also possess aerokinesis,[merch 3] allowing them to influence the direction of wind in the air,[1] and generate tornadoes without spinning, as demonstrated by Ultimate Kevin.[12]

A Geochelone Aerios' wind blasts are powerful enough to put out fires[13] and redirect objects.[6][DM 1] Geochelone Aerios can also harness their aerokinetic powers to fly, blowing air to hover over a surface and using their rotating limbs as propellers.[merch 3]

Geochelone Aerios can also spin in reverse, creating strong vacuums.[14] Geochelone Aerios can utilize this to absorb lethal toxins out of the nearby air.[15]

Geochelone Aerios possess enhanced strength, as Terraspin was able to hold a giant robot with his bare hands while spinning[16] and charge into a building by busting down a door.[17]

Geochelone Aerios possess enhanced durability, as their thick, impermeable shells protect them from most assaults.[merch 1][1][9]

Geochelone Aerios are immune to poisonous gas.[15] They are also resistant to mana, as demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor.[18]

Geochelone Aerios can extend the black holes at the tips of their flippers into finger-like claws, as demonstrated by Galapagus.[1] Geochelone Aerios can also fully retract their heads and limbs into their shells.[11]

Geochelone Aerios are capable of using magic,[DM 2] as demonstrated by Addwaitya.[19] [20]


Unless they are flying, a Geochelone Aerios's body is cumbersome and not very agile, as Attea claims if Terraspin wanted to run, Ben picked the wrong species to turn into.[21]

When Geochelone Aerios are spinning around, the air vents on their chest are vulnerable to being jammed with large foreign objects. This causes them immense discomfort and forces them to stop spinning and remove the object.[14]

Geochelone Aerios are not fully immune to mana attacks, as demonstrated by Galapagus.[1][8]

As demonstrated with Addwaitya, Geochelone Aerios are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[19]

Geochelone Aerios can be immobilized by ice.[1]

Notable Geochelone Aerios[]

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"Geochelone" is a genus of tortoises and "Aerio" is Latin for air.



  1. This page was originally created under the title "Geochelone Aerios" on August 25, 2010, which was the name featured in Terraspin's Alien Data File as both the singular and plural forms of the species.[merch 1] The page was renamed to "Geochelone Aerio" a day later on August 26, 2010 by Linkmadara, with the name being used as the species' singular form on the wiki until February 16, 2024, when it was discovered that "Geochelone Aerios" was used for both the singular and plural forms of the species as evidenced by the Data File and the closed captions for Of Predators and Prey: Part 2.[CN 1] In that time, Terraspin's species was listed as "Geochelone Areio", a misspelling of "Geochelone Aerio", in the Alien Database on the Ben 10 Omniverse: Aliens at War DVD.[merch 2][4]


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