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Geochelone Aerios, also known as Aldabrans,[1][2] are a turtle-like species from the planet Aldabra,[3][4][merch 1] in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Geochelone Aerios are a green turtle-like race, with holes in their torsos, and big flat flipper-like arms with retractable claws that can be used as fingers. They also have small stumpy legs, white eyes with no pupils and lines going down their eyes.


Geochelone Aerios are non-violent and prefer to spend their time eating grass and debating philosophy with each other.[merch 1]

Geochelone Aerios appear to enjoy gathering in groups.

Geochelone Aerios are very truthful and do not have the concept of lying.[3][4]

They revere an ancient, mystical member of their species, Addwaitya.[4]


Geochelone Aerios eat grass.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Geochelone Aerios can create devastating wind blasts and tornados.[5] When doing so, they retract their heads into their shells, open a hatch to see, their fins become triangular, and their legs combine into a similar shape. Their shell stays static and suspended while their limbs rotate at high speeds.

The holes in a Geochelone Aerio's shell eject powerful winds, as well as the reverse, creating strong vacuums. They can use their winds to fly, blowing air to hover over a surface and using their rotating limbs as propellers.

A Geochelone Aerio's wind blasts are powerful enough to put out fires[6] and redirect objects,[7][DM 1] as demonstrated by Terraspin.

Geochelone Aerios possess enhanced strength, as Terraspin was able to hold a giant robot with his bare hands while spinning,[8] charge into a building by busting down a door,[9] and punch a mutant seagull,[10] and carry a Tetramand on his back while keeping steady flight.[11]

Even though Geochelone Aerios have flippers rather than hands, they have enhanced dexterity as they can hold poles without fingers.

A Geochelone Aerio's arms become very sharp while spinning.[11]

Geochelone Aerios are immune to poisonous gas.[12] They are also selectively immune to both spells and mana, as demonstrated by Galapagus[13] and Ultimate Aggregor.[14]

Geochelone Aerios possess enhanced durability when they are completely withdrawn into their shells, as demonstrated by Galapagus.[4]

Geochelone Aerios can extend the black holes at the tips of their flippers into finger-like claws, as demonstrated by Galapagus.[4]

Geochelone Aerios can learn to use magic,[DM 2] as demonstrated by Addwaitya.[15][16]


If they get stuck to something and cannot spin their arms and legs, or if any the holes on their chest get blocked, a Geochelone Aerio's wind powers will decrease.

If enemies jump onto a Geochelone Aerio while they attempt to fly, they have to attempt to shake them off, making their flight unsteady.[11]

There are certain things that a Geochelone Aerio's wind blasts are not sharp enough to break, such as Rook Ben's bi'nthak.[17]

Also while flying, a Geochelone Aerio's arms become very sharp while spinning, making them essentially a spinning blade, which may cause unintentional damage.[11]

Unless they are flying, a Geochelone Aerio's body is cumbersome and not very agile. The position of their face also gives them a very big blind spot and they have to turn their entire body around to see behind them.[18]

If a small object is jammed in a Geochelone Aerio's shell, it can cause them to stop in order to remove the obstruction. This also appears to cause them great discomfort, as Terraspin describes the ordeal to be "really not comfortable".[19]

Geochelone Aerios can be affected by magic if they are not using their magic immunity.[20]

Geochelone Aerios can easily slip on certain surfaces, such as water.[9]

Notable Geochelone Aerios

Notable Mutated Geochelone Aerios

Notable Geochelone Aerio Hybrids


"Geochelone" is a genus of tortoises and "Aerio" is Latin for air.


  • Lying and prison have been postulated by Geochelone Aerio philosophers.[DM 3]
    • Some of them have thought of lying, but they don't do it.[DM 4]
  • Because the Geochelone Aerios are from the Andromeda Galaxy, Geochelone Aerio DNA wasn't in the Codon Stream until the Ultimatrix scanned Galapagus in Escape from Aggregor.
  • The Geochelone Aerio's facial expressions seem to resemble those of real life sea turtles.


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