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The Generator Rex Universe is where the series Generator Rex takes place. This universe is visited in the special Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United.


The "Nanite Event" spread microscopic machines called Nanites across the world, and nanites are present in nearly every living being. When a person, animal, or plant's nanites spontaneously activate, the victim is mutated into a being known as an "Exponentially Variegated Organism," or E.V.O. for short, becoming monstrous and typically losing any sanity and going on a violent rampage.

The EVO threat is controlled by an organization known as Providence. EVOs, Providence, and other places like the Bug Jar are present here and not the universe of Ben. In this universe, alien contact has not been established and the idea of aliens is seen, at least by Rex, as something ridiculous.


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  • Generator Rex was originally intended to take place in the same universe as Ben 10, but that did not come to pass due to both series having different toy licenses.[MoA 1]
    • The scrapped “shared universe” idea would be resurrected years later for Ben Gen 10.
  • There is a chance that an alternate version of Ben exists in Rex's universe,[DR 1] but not counterparts of characters related to him.[DR 2] During his visit to this universe, Ben hypothesized that Gwen, Kevin, and Max may not exist on Rex's Earth.[1]
  • It is noticeable that there's a connection between the Reboot Universe and Rex's.[2]
  • Life exists on other planets besides Earth in Rex's universe.[AC 1]


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