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Geezer Bob is a groundskeeper that first appeared in Cutting Corners.


He first met Ben, when he asked him if he could mow the park, Ben agrees, and shows him an old lawn mower. When he tried to warn him about the Boblins, Ben turns into Upgrade and merges into the old lawn mower to make it work, but when he accidentally hits a tree root, he enters the wrong part of the park, and the Boblins start to attack him, and starts to run back to Geezer Bob, he tries to shake hands with King Boblin, but the lawn mower destroyed their village, when the whole army of them attack the whole park, However Ben transforms into Stinkfly and helps Geezer Bob get the Boblins back to their turf, by saying yo mama jokes, then Stinkfly squirts stink gas in order to make them stop, as soon as the watch times out quickly, it times back in and Ben uses Wildvine to grow a bush to give them privacy.


Geezer Bob has a grey moustache and beard, wears he green collared shirt, dark brown pants, long socks, and a pair of light brown shoes.


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