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The true potential of this form is found only in a lifetime of the deliberate honing of one's raw strength. Which is why this power is rightfully mine!

Vilgax before stealing Gax from Ben.[1]

Gax was the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chimera Sui Generis from Vilgaxia.


Gax resembled Vilgax, however, he is dressed in black armor that had a white stripe on the chest. He had spikes on his knees and shoulder pads and six green tentacles dangling in the front of his face. His tentacles and arms faded into brown and he wore fingerless black gloves. He had green sacs on the side of his head and red eyes.

Gax wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gax is strong enough to lift the Rustbucket,[2] a giant boulder, two giant trees, and a multitude of other aliens with relative ease.[1][3] Technically speaking, he is physically stronger than Quad Smack, who is already stronger than regular Tetramands.[4]

Gax can project powerful laser beams from his eyes that are capable of starting fires if he chooses to do so.[1]

Gax has shapeshifting arms that could change into a bunch of extremely powerful tentacles (five on each arm), retaining equal strength to his arms as a whole. This allows him to grab his opponents, run quickly, and swing great distances.

Gax has demonstrated to be a very skilled climber, using his sharp claws to dig into the ground.

Gax is highly heat resistant and durable, as Vilgax has been able to survive being drowned in lava,[5] a lab explosion,[6] and attacks from a powerful Fulmini.[7]

Gax can telepathically sense parts of his DNA; this was how Vilgax was able to track down his missing half.[1]


Gax is limited to how much damage he can take, as Vilgax gained burn marks on his skin from his near-death experience with lava.[5]

Gax is vulnerable to electricity, such as a Fulmini's Omni-Enhanced energy, as demonstrated with Vilgax.[8]

Gax is vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of High Override, as demonstrated with Vilgax.[7]

If Gax is reckless with his lasers, it can cause fire damage.[1]


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Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Gax From the original English name
Romanian Gax From the original English name
Russian Гакс From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Gax From the original English name
Turkish Gax From the original English name


Gax's name is an onomatopoeia of a throat clear.[DR 4] It is also half of Vilgax's full name, serving as a reference to the connection between the alien and his genetic donor.


  • Gax shares some similarities with the Classic Continuity alien, Feedback:
    • Both are additional aliens voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
    • Both quickly become Ben's favorite alien to the point that he is majorly excited to use their transformation over any other regardless of the situation.
    • Both were removed from the Omnitrix by major villains, Gax being taken out by Vilgax and Feedback being taken out by Malware.
    • Both have their own theme song.
  • Gax is also similar to Ghostfreak, as both were part of Ben's alien roster until they were removed and became villains; though Ghostfreak was really Zs'Skayr trapped within the Omnitrix while Gax was absorbed by "Vil".
  • When switching his arms into tentacles, each individual finger becomes a separate tentacle. Although often missing due to animation errors, Gax's gloves do not disappear when his arms become tentacles. They are worn by a fifth tentacle that does not form one of his fingers when part of a normal arm.
  • Gax's concept art resembles the second design of the Classic Continuity counterpart of Vilgax in the original series.
  • Despite being introduced in the Reboot Continuity, Gax has been confirmed to have existed in the Classic Continuity.[DR 5][DR 6] However, his DNA was removed from the Omnitrix by the power surge on the Chimeran Hammer during the events of Secrets.[DR 7]
  • Gax is Kelly Turnbull's favorite transformation.[KT 1]
  • Gax is tied with NRG for the shortest name for any alien in the Ben 10 franchise.


  1. Gax was unlocked after his chamber was activated by Vilgax using his DNA as an inside man.[DR 1]
  2. It is initially believed that Gax's DNA was no longer available in the Omnitrix after Vilgax absorbed the transformation to restore himself in Omni-Tricked: Part 3.[DR 2] However, this would later be contradicted by Gax's tentacled being briefly seen during Animo's transformation into Rath.[6]
    • Therefore, it is implied that Gax was simply locked from the active playlist and still available within the Omnitrix.[9]


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