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I'm a Crystal Gem. I fight off threats from outer space and protect my planet from anything that would harm it. The name's Garnet.

– Garnet to K.O. and Ben.

Garnet is a hero from Steven Universe. She is a two-Gem fusion between Ruby and Sapphire originally from the Gem Homeworld. She appeared in the Crossover Nexus event alongside Ben Tennyson.


Garnet is a tall cerise-skinned humanoid with poofy black hair. She has three eyes almost always hidden behind her reflective shades, one red, one blue, and one purple. Her two gemstones are located in the palms of her hands.


Garnet is calm and outwardly cold in appearance, but in reality is a very friendly and deeply caring individual. She is incredibly accepting of people for who they are, and encourages love in all forms.


Early life

Garnet was first created 5,750 years ago when a Ruby guard accidentally fused with a Sapphire from Blue Diamond's court in an effort to protect her from a Crystal Gem attack. Due to the abhorrence of multi-type gem fusions in Homeworld society, Sapphire took Ruby and fled to the Earth below in order to save the guard's life from the wrath of the court. On Earth they meet Rose Quartz, who encourages them to remain as Garnet if that is what makes them happy before inviting them to join the Crystal Gem rebellion against the Diamond Authority.

Garnet was one of the few Gems Rose Quartz was able to save when the Diamonds unleashed their final devastating attack on Earth, which corrupted all unshielded Gems on Earth. Since then she has lived with Rose and Pearl (and more recently Amethyst and Steven, without Rose) in the Crystal Temple.

OK K.O.! Crossover Nexus

Garnet was at some point summoned to the Nexus Realm by Strike. Soon, K.O. is summoned as well, and she saves him. Ben comes in and finds cover for them. Garnet introduces herself as a Crystal Gem that protects her planet from anything that could harm it. Soon, Strikes pen finds them, and Garnet helps fight it off, loosing her visors in the process. The trio soon runs into Raven. Together, the four fly across Strikes deadly traps, and over to his evil lair. K.O. soon restores everyone's powers, and they fight off Strike. After Strike was defeated, Garnet reprogrammed his pen to fix the city. After saying goodbyes to Ben and Raven, Garnet says her final goodbye to K.O. She gives him her own Pow Card before she leaves.

Powers and Abilities

Garnet's signature ability is her "Future Vision", allowing her to see potential futures although she isn't always sure which one will occur. She inherited this ability from Sapphire, and can transfer it to others by kissing them on the forehead if she desires.

Since her body is a hard-light hologram created by the two gems in her hands, her physical body is near impervious to damage. Even if her body is somehow destroyed, so long as her gems remain undamaged she can reform given a little time. This fact also allows her to alter her physical appearance at will, as well as her weight.

Garnet's weapons of choice are a pair of powerful gauntlets, which she can summon from the gems in her palms. Thanks to Bismuth, she has the additional choice of summoning sharp brass knuckles with her gauntlets.

Like all Gems, Garnet can fuse with other Gems to form powerful fusions. The power of these fusions scale with the number of Gems in the fusion and how well said Gems get along.


Garnet wears a visor that gives her clarity needed for her Future Vision.[IJQ 1]


Gems are shown to be highly vulnerable to sharp objects, as they can near-instantly 'poof' the body and reduce them to their gemstone.


OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!


  • In Crossover Nexus, Garnet is missing her wedding rings. This indicates that the events of the episode occurred before Reunited from Garnet's point-of-view.


Ian Jones-Quartey

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