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The results were beyond anything I could've hoped for. Not only Galvan B was inhabitable, but there was an unforeseen consequence. My experiment had inadvertently prompted the creation of a brand new techno-organic species, the Galvanic Mechamorphs.

Azmuth, talking about the origin of Galvanic Mechamorphs.[1]

The Galvanic Mechamorphs are a technological alien species accidentally created by the Galvans from Galvan Prime's moon, Galvan B.


Galvanic Mechamorphs are a techno-organic species with a gel-like body composed of small cell-like creatures called nanites.[pop-up 1][2] They have a green color scheme and have one cyclopean eye in the center of their face. Their bodies are covered entirely in a circuitry pattern that can vary from Mechamorph to Mechamorph. They can be slim, fat or muscular.

Galvanic Mechamorphs can come in a variety of other forms as well, some of them resembling animals, and some appearing as trees and other plants.

Some Galvanic Mechamorphs can come in different colors. For example, there was a blue Galvanic Mechamorph seen in the background in Ben 10,000 and a white one in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.


The Galvanic Mechamorphs were first brought to life as a complete accident. Galvan B was originally an uninhabited moon, orbiting Galvan Prime. Galvan scientists, lead by Azmuth, were originally working on a project to make Galvan B habitable, but it went farther than intended when a sentient new species came to life. It didn’t take long before the first Galvanic Mechamorphs came to join the galactic community and meet their creators in person. Azmuth and the Galvan were surprised by the unexpected result of their experiment on Galvan B. With their help they built a great civilization within days.

The Helix also created Malware, an incomplete Mechamorph by accident whose life code was corrupted and interrupted during creation.

The Galvan and Galvanic Mechamorphs are peaceful neighbors.[3][1]

Powers and Abilities

Galvanic Mechamorphs are not completely solid, as they can be both liquid and gelatinous. The nanites in their bodies are what allow them to reshape and move like liquid even though they are solid beings.[pop-up 2][2] Due to this, they can reshape themselves to let projectiles or blows pass through them by creating a hole in their body at will. Their physiology also makes him extremely flexible.

A Galvanic Mechamorph's DNA is "programmed" with blueprints of every alien technology,[pop-up 3][4] allowing them to merge with and possess any technology by encasing themselves over it. The size of the device is not significant and they control it as naturally as they would their own body. When they merge, they upgrade the technology, making the technology he possesses far more advanced and futuristic, causing new features to form. After they separate from a machine, it returns to normal.

A Galvanic Mechamorph's technological possession can work on non-electrical machinery, such as a row machine in a gym.[5] This ability extends to even sentient beings that are mechanical in nature, like Chronosapiens[6][7] and probably Nanochips.[DJW 1]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can reconfigure technology to suit any situation, as shown when Upgrade transformed the Rust Bucket into a battle armor, with an arsenal of heavy energy weapons.[8]

Possessing technology allows Galvanic Mechamorphs to transform it with seemingly no limit, as shown when Upgrade merged with a baseball pitching machine and turned it into a tripod-like robot that fired a seemingly infinite amount of baseballs.[9]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can make their head or face appear anywhere on the machines they possess.[10]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can merge with organic beings, as long as there is machinery integrated within them.

Galvanic Mechamorphs can enhance certain devices, such as Rook's Proto-Tool, just by touching them.[11]

By energizing their biomechanical blood,[pop-up 4][2] Galvanic Mechamorphs can launch a powerful green energy blast from their eye.[12][13][14]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can form energy constructs such as an energy spike and can generate a beam of light that can harm an Ectonurite,[14] though mostly while merged with machinery and upgrading them into weapons.[15]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can travel through electrical currents[16] and phase through most technology.

Galvanic Mechamorphs can reshape their body to resemble a parachute in order to gently descend and glide through the air before landing safely.[17]

Being inorganic, Galvanic Mechamorphs are able to survive in the vacuum of space.[13]

Due to being made of living metal, Galvanic Mechamorphs are able to regenerate themselves.[18]

Galvanic Mechamorphs possess enhanced strength, as Upgrade was able to throw a sewer lid at a Megawhatt,[12] push Vilgax off of a ship,[17] and overpower Viktor.[13]

Galvanic Mechamorphs are durable enough to withstand a blast from the Proto-Tool without physical damage.[11]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can generate electrical charges capable of shocking their opponents into submission.[4]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can separate and release a part of them into technologies and control them without fully merging to them.[11]

Due to being technological, Galvanic Mechamorphs possess digitalized vision.[15]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can repair damaged machinery with ease and come out unscathed, as demonstrated by Azmuth when he used the Retaliator Armor to repair the Rust Bucket by absorbing its remains into itself and reassembling them.[18]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can turn their hands into tools, like a flashlight, and extend parts of their body into cable or hand-like structures, as demonstrated by Malware and several Mechamorph Guards.[19][20]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can shapeshift into technology they have touched at least once. Ship has also shown the ability to turn into technology they haven't touched before, and into non-eletrical items, such as a tennis racket. If they are blown apart, they can gather together their liquid body and reform.

Baz-l, a humanoid Galvanic Mechamorph, was able to spawn Ship, a small animalistic Galvanic Mechamorph[21] However, it is only possible to do so once a humanoid Galvanic Mechamorph has absorbed an animalistic Galvanic Mechamorph.[DJW 2]

Galvanic Mechamorphs have the ability to manipulate the environment of Galvan B. By merging all together, they can reform Galvan B if it is destroyed.[20]


While Galvanic Mechamorphs are masters of the mechanical, their merging powers are useless on organic creatures, with the few exceptions being those who already have technology integrated into their organic systems. Upgrade is sensitive to electromagnetic pulses/fields and magnetic fields.[22]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can be hurt if they are pulled and stretched hard enough, as shown when Upgrade was being pulled and stretched by Dr. Animo's Mutant Squid.[4]

If they are being continuously attacked, Galvanic Mechamorphs cannot regenerate themselves.[14]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can be affected by technorganic viruses[DJW 3] and a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 4]

Despite their enhanced durability, Galvanic Mechamorphs are weak against acid[AC 1] and intense heat such as lava.[DJW 5]

Being living metal, Galvanic Mechamorphs are weak against electricity, such as that generated by Nosedeenians[12] and Conductoids.[23]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can be encased by Petrosapiens, as demonstrated with Malware.[1]

Galvanic Mechamorphs can be controlled by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[DJW 6]

Notable Galvanic Mechamorphs

Notable Galvanic Mechamorph Mutants

Notable Galvanic Mechamorph Hybrids

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Mecamorfo Galvânico From mecamorfo, mechamorph and galvânico, galvanic
Spanish (HA) Mecamorph Galvanizado (Ben 10)
Galvano Mecamórfico (Alien Force)
Galvano Mechomórfico (Vreedle, Vreedle
Mecamorfo Galvánico (Omniverse)
From mechamorph and galvanizado, galvanized
From galvano, galvan and mecamórfico, mechamorphic
Dub error.
From mecamorfo, mechamorph and galvánico, galvanic


The name Galvanic Mechamorph is a portmanteau of the prefix "mecha-", meaning machine, and the suffix "-morph", meaning form or transform. The "Galvanic" portion of their name refers to their origin as a creation of the Galvan.


  • Some Galvanic Mechamorphs have plant-like forms or animal-like forms like Ship.[DJW 8]
  • Galvanic Mechamorphs have no natural predator due to the nature of their creation.[DJW 9]
  • Azmuth is responsible for the creation of the Galvanic Mechamorphs through the Helix.



Crew Statements

Derrick J. Wyatt

Audio Commentary

  1. Ben 10 Volume 2 DVD


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