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Galvan Prime is the home planet of the Galvans. Galvan Prime has 4 visible moons, one of which is Galvan B.

Galvan Prime has a central computer, which contains all of the DNA sampled by the Galvan's sentient drones. The planet is considered the center of research into the DNA of the universe.


The dominant species of Galvan Prime are the Galvans, they are constantly in search of knowledge and seek to catalog all alien DNA.

Galvan Prime is also shown to contain various species of deep sea creatures. One such species adapted to feed on the energy of Galvan technology, causing blackouts in the process.


Galvan Prime is a covered in turquoise oceans. Galvans build towering homes that extend from Galvan Prime's sea floors up to the surface.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Galvans
  • Sentient Galvan Drones
  • Isoderic Parasites
  • Aquatic Predators
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