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Galvan Prime (also known as Galvin Prime)[merch 1] or Galvan Mark II[1][2] after being rebuilt, is the former homeworld of the Omnivoracious, the current home planet of the Galvan, and has at least one moon, Galvan B, home of the Galvanic Mechamorphs. Its sun is called Galvan.[DM 1]


From space, Galvan Prime is a pale green world with what looks like a giant crater with a large dark green area around it.

Galvan Prime, while very technologic, settles for rustic and simple villages built inside mushrooms. The technology the Galvans incorporate into their lifestyles is very subtly hidden in their cities, being at their most visible when seen in the various laboratories and monuments scattered around the planet. The most notable lab is the one belonging to First Thinker Azmuth.


On the fifth season, a hot wind blows from the north and the female Galvans' faces become dry and crusty, which is apparently attractive for the males.[3][4]

Galvan Prime can have lightning storms.[5]



WotW2 (560)

Galvan Prime destroyed

Millions of years ago, a meteor struck Galvan Prime and killed most of the Omnivoracious. Any remaining members continued to roam, but eventually all died in cold weather due to the following change in climate on Galvan Prime.

Alien Force[]

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, the Highbreed invaded Galvan Prime. Professor Paradox teleported to Galvan Prime and took Azmuth to Earth before the Highbreed destroyed the planet.

After the war, Azmuth left to help rebuild Galvan Prime. The planet was completely rebuilt sometime before The Final Battle: Part 1.

Ultimate Alien[]

WotW1 (5)

Galvan Prime in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien

In Map of Infinity, Galvan Prime was revealed to have been given another name, Galvan Mark II. Azmuth teleported the team there to explain to them about the Map of Infinity and to put Max into treatment for his damaged nervous system.

In The Forge of Creation, on Galvan Prime, Azmuth was angry at the team for failing four times to stop Ultimate Aggregor. Ben turned into Alien X in an attempt to stop Ultimate Aggregor, but couldn't convince Bellicus and Serena, so Paradox arrived and reverted him to normal. He then explained the Forge of Creation to the team.

In The Ultimate Sacrifice, Kevin travelled to Galvan Prime to ask for Azmuth's help in fixing the Ultimatrix.


Trouble Helix (35)

Galvan Prime in Omniverse

In Showdown: Part 1, Azmuth teleports Ben and Rook to Galvan Prime to fight Khyber and Dr. Psychobos.

In Showdown: Part 2, Azmuth explains that he designed Galvan Prime to have a series of firewalls to safeguard against viral attacks.

Sometime between then and Malgax Attacks, Azmuth made upgrades in their defenses in light of Malware's attack of blowing up Galvan B.

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Ultimate Alien[]

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Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Galvan (Ben 10: Alien Force)
Galvan Mark II (Map of Infinity)
Prime Galvan (The Transmogrification of Eunice)
Galvan Prime
From Galvan (Classic); pronounced /gal'ban/. Galvan is referred as a planet.
From the original English name; pronounced /'galban 'mark 'ðos/.
Unknown dub error.
From the original English name; pronounced /gal'ban 'praɪm/ (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien), /'galban 'preɪm/ (Showdown: Part 2) and /'galban 'praɪm/ (Ben 10: Omniverse).


  • Some Galvanic Mechamorphs work and live on Galvan Prime.
  • Galvan Prime is 76,000 light years away from Earth.[1][7] This would put it at the very edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, on the opposite side from Earth.
  • In The Secret Saturdays episode Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner?, Dr. Beeman says "Sweet Galvan Prime!" when spotting a UFO.
  • Galvan Prime's form of government is a technocracy.[DJW 1]
  • Galvan Prime was first described as a "tiny but highly advanced planet".[pop-up 1][8] While highly advanced when first seen, the planet appears to be normal in size.

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