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The Galvan Historical Museum is a museum on Galvan Prime. It first appeared in Showdown: Part 1.


  • The Hall of Predators
  • The Hall of Astounding Galvan Brilliance


In Showdown: Part 1, Y-it was explaining to Fergi and two other Galvan the story of the Omnivoracious extinction. As they leave, Dr. Psychobos, Malware, Khyber and his dog come in, scanning the DNA of the Omnivoracious skeleton and uploading it to the Nemetrix, Malware killing two Galvanic Mechamorphs who tried to stop them.

Later, as Azmuth is investigating, Dr. Psychobos traps him in the Hall of Predators with Khyber's dog. Khyber turns her into Omnivoracious who tries to kill Azmuth, who teleports Ben and Rook in. As they battle Khyber's dog, Azmuth creates a whistle to tame her and eventually turn her into Vicetopus, who defeats Dr. Psychobos.

In Malgax Attacks, Malware's remains are stolen by Vilgax and Albedo to be modified into a mechamorph armor.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors

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