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Galvan B was once much like Earth's moon... Miles of dead rock, no atmosphere, no day or night.
It was the perfect environment to conduct a planet wide experiment... a place upon which life would thrive.


Galvan B is the moon of Galvan Prime.


Galvan B is like one big living machine made up of millions of Galvanic Mechamorphs.[pop-up 1][2]



We Galvan had no right to colonize their world. Instead, we gave it to them.
With our help, they built an entire civilization in mere days. They were peaceful new neighbors.

– Azmuth.[1]

In the past, Galvan B was much like Earth's Moon. There were miles of dead rock, no night or day, and no atmosphere.

Galvan scientists lead by Azmuth worked on terraforming Galvan B to make it habitable for a future colonization attempt. However, the project didn't go as planned, instead bringing forth an entire new species called the Galvanic Mechamorphs. As they came to life, the Galvan allowed them to keep their world and live in peace as neighbors. With the help of the Galvan, they built an entire civilization in mere days.


SD2 (29)

Galvan B temporarily destroyed

In Showdown: Part 1, Galvan B was destroyed by Malware when he created a core meltdown in the Helix chamber.

In Showdown: Part 2, Galvan B was quickly repaired by the Galvanic Mechamorphs after being revived by the helix.

In Malgax Attacks, Ben as Diamondhead and Atomix had a brief fight with Vilgax on Galvan B.

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  • Originally, Galvan B was an uninhabited moon orbiting Galvan Prime which was brought to life by an environmental disaster. Though it seems to have reverted to its natural state, subtle surface ripples and the occasional metallic glint say otherwise.[merch 1] In Alien Force, Galvan B was an artificial moon.[DM 1] This was retconned in Omniverse, as it is revealed that Galvan B was a natural, uninhabited moon and the Galvanic Mechamorphs were brought to life after one of Azmuth's projects went awry.[1]
  • In the Argitrix Timeline, Malware is the tyrant of Galvan B.[DJW 1]
  • Galvan B is about 6 times the size of the Moon (A larger-type moon, similarly to Ganymede)[DR 1] and more distant from Galvan Prime. Otherwise, it would be drawn into Prime's orbit and eventually collide with the planet.[DR 2][DR 3]


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