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Galileans are bulky, gravity-controlling aliens with rocks covering their bodies.


Being silicon-based lifeforms,[DJW 1] Galileans are bulky, rock armored aliens. They are reddish-brown in color and have a red/orange core on the center of their chest, and have four reddish-brown fingers and three grey toes. They have black markings on their face, as well as a big mouth with teeth that are also made out of rock.[DJW 2]

When rolled up into their planetary sphere form, it is notable that their rocky plating fuses to resemble continents with their black markings looking similar to oceans; their core is hidden as well as a result.

Most Galileans are rocky, although a few of the larger ones are not.[DJW 3] Some of them are the size of actual planetoids.[DJW 4]


Galileans do not live on planets, as they themselves are tiny planets. They live in space and orbit their sun.[DJW 5]

At some point in their life cycle, Galileans orbit Keplorr.[DJW 6]


Galileans are known to be wise and patient.[1][2] It's because they are so long-lived, and for extended periods of time, they can exist in contemplative solitude, meditating on the nature of gravity and its effects on the universe. They are renowned for their insights into the mysteries of the universe.[DJW 7]

Powers and Abilities

Galileans can control gravity to manipulate the weight and motion of objects, allowing them to suspend and levitate targets in the air, send them flying back or forth, or slam them down to the ground with hand gestures. Their control over gravity allows them to change its direction, allowing them to telekinetically send targets flying upwards or across the air as if they were falling.

Galileans can place objects into an orbital track, causing them to fly in circles at various speeds. When using their powers, they emit an aura of hazy energy which they can also form into walls, barriers and domes.

Galileans can use the laws of general relativity to their advantage and can reduce the speed of objects (or in some cases, creatures) to nothing even if they were moving at the speed of light before.

Galileans can make matter or energy orbit around them whenever they manipulate their own gravity in order to levitate and retract their limbs, curling their body to a planetoid sphere.

Galileans possess enhanced strength, as Gravattack can punch a hole in the ground[3] and carry Max.[4]

Galileans have enhanced durability, as seen when Gravattack endured physical attacks from Fistrick's armor.[5]

Because they are living planetoids, Galileans can survive in the vacuum of space.[4]

With enough practice, Galileans can create a Quasar.[DR 1]


If a Galilean takes large amounts of damage to their core, it can cause them immense pain. This will also make them enter meltdown and explode, which can be dangerous enough to destroy the whole area they are in.[2]

A Galilean's large body makes it hard for them to move in small spaces.[6]

Sudden changes of mass can throw off a Galilean's orbit.[7]

Galileans cannot stop someone from using energy-based attacks.[8]

If a Galilean manipulates the gravity of an opponent or object too much, they can accidentally create a black hole and will be unable to undo this despite their impressive ability to create it in the first place.[3] There is also a structural limit that a Galilean's target reaches long before the fusion starts.[MW 1]

Notable Galileans

Notable Galilean Hybrids


Galilean is a play on Galileo Galilei, the Italian scientist who first observed planetary motion.


  • Galileans are the first and only Omniverse Species to get an Ultimate Form.


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