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The Galactic Gladiator is a Celestialsapien who first appeared in Universe vs. Tennyson.


The Galactic Gladiator is a muscular Celestialsapien wearing dark silver armor on parts of his body, consisting of armlets, fingerless forearm gloves, a sleeveless leotard that exposes his chest and upper back, a silver strap across his chest, knee-length boots, and a helmet that looks identical to Andreas' head and features a flame-like plume of the same color as his body that emerges from the top of his helmet.


The Galactic Gladiator's two consciousnesses are in full balance, making him the most decisive Celestialsapien that Serena has ever seen. Bellicus joined her in agreement because he couldn't debate on the subject even if his life depended on it. He doesn't talk and never attacks first in a fight.


The Galactic Gladiator battled Ben in Universe vs. Tennyson, after the latter was found guilty of remaking the universe. He won against both Four Arms and Eye Guy, but was ultimately defeated by Alien X.

Powers and Abilities

Just like any other Celestialsapien, the Galactic Gladiator is omnipotent. He is shown to be skilled at using his various powers in battles. Most notably, regeneration, flight, size changing, enhanced strength, agility and speed, void transformation and teleportation.


The Galactic Gladiator can be defeated by another Celestialsapien, as their power matches his own.

When faced with many opponents, the Galactic Gladiator will be slower to attack as he has to make more decisions before acting.


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Galactic Gladiator is the most decisive Celestialsapien Serena and Bellicus have ever seen.
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