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The Galactic Enforcers are a group of alien superheroes who act as protectors of the galaxy, empowered by the Galactic Code of Conduct. They first appeared in The Galactic Enforcers.


Ben 10

After coming to Earth and failing an arrest on SixSix and Vulkanus, the Enforcers join the Tennysons and operate on Earth to aprehend the criminals. As Ben has the Omnitrix, the Enforcers' leader Ultimos allows Ben to be a temporary member of their group. Tini flirts with Ben when he is Four Arms, but then learns he is actually a human child. She stops flirting with him, but still expresses excitement at seeing him in his Tetramand form again. Because of this, Synaptak, who feels affection towards Tini, grows jealous. Ben picks up on this jealousy and provokes Synaptak into revealing his emotions to Tini, making both of them happy. After apprehending SixSix and Vulkanus, Ultimos reveals his being impressed with Ben's outside-the-box style of fighting, and offers him the chance to join the Galactic Enforcers full-time. Ben declines, and the Enforcers leave Earth with the criminals.

Alien Force

The Galactic Enforcers make a small appearance in Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1. As part of his plan to destroy Ben Tennyson, Vilgax invaded T.K., a planet protected by the Enforcers, by issuing a Conqueror's Challenge to Ultimos. Tini and Synaptak tried to fend Vilgax off, but he defeated them, pointed out their interference as cheating, and defeated Ultimos singlehandedly. After victory, Vilgax drained Ultimos' powers, with the help of Psyphon and a machine, and claimed T.K. as part of his empire.

Original Future

The Galactic Enforcers appear in Ben 10,000, where Ben 10,000's almost-perfect defending of the world leaves them practically without a career, repeatedly offering their help to Ben but only ending up transporting Ben's defeated criminals to prison. After future Ben is enlightened by his ten-year old self, he lets them handle the Nuevo Circus Freaks on their own, to their delight.

Notable Members


Main Article: Ultimos
Ultimos is an alien very similar to the comic hero Superman, both in abilities and righteousness. He is very obedient to the Galactic Code of Conduct, citing it constantly and always following protocol. However, Ben opens his mind to a more freestyle way of combat, which excites him. His powers are superhuman strength and durability, flight, heat vision, and ice breath. Chocolate is very poisonous to his species; when he eats it, it makes his whole body shrivel up and turn brown.


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Seemingly the team's smartest member, and understudy to be leader, Synaptak is a telekinetic, flying brain with octopus-like lower tentacles and a computerized face. His powers are levitation, telekinesis, and creating blasts and force fields. Synaptak has feelings for Tini.


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Tini is the strongest of the three, being a female Tetramand. Her primary powers are the same as Four Arms' with the only difference of having greater mastery of them. Her name also shows a sense of irony. She has a fondness for Ben in his Four Arms form. She also reciprocates Synaptak's feelings for her.

Ben Tennyson

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Ben was a former temporary member of the team, only in the episode The Galactic Enforcers. He was offered a full commission, but declined, saying he was already part of a super team (though secretly simply not wanting to hang out with them anymore).


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  • Incarcecon was built nearly 500 years ago by the very first version of the Galactic Enforcers.[pop-up 1][1]
  • There are other interplanetary and intergalactic law enforcement organizations besides the Plumbers and Galactic Enforcers.[DM 1]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt regrets not having the Galactic Enforcers return in Omniverse.[DJW 1]


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