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Fusion Max is an evil clone of Max Tennyson that was created by Lord Fuse to invade Earth in FusionFall.


Fusion Max has Max Tennyson's original series appearance but with black hair, a green Hawaiian shirt, orange eyes, a green tint on his shoes, and fusion matter skin.


Fusion Max was sent by Fuse to the Fissure in Townsville Park to research fusion matter in Galaxy Gardens. He came across Max Tennyson researching how fusion matter reacts to plants and recording what he noticed on his laptop. He ended up ordering Sky Drones to attack Max, and this made Max drop his laptop. While the Hero was retrieving Max's laptop, Fusion Max kidnapped Dexter and brought him to his lair in the Fissure. After the Hero rescued Dexter and gave Max's laptop to him, he attempted to retrieve the laptop by attacking both of them. The Hero was able to defeat Fusion Max and was rewarded with a Four Arms nano.


  • The Plasma Rifle he carries is the same weapon that players can use during the game.
  • All though he isn't Fusion Ben, he carries a Four Arms Nano.
  • Him carrying a Four Arms Nano represents how Ben used Four Arms in the original series, where Max had assisted instead of Kevin.
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