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Fusion Kevin is an evil copy of Kevin Levin created by the powerful evil being known as Fuse in the game FusionFall.


Created using Kevin's car keys, Fusion Kevin has the appearance of Kevin Levin's original series mutation. The only difference is that instead of red skin and orange lower arms, he has green Fusion Matter skin, a darker blue Diamondhead arm, red Stinkfly wings and a Spidermonkey blue XLR8 tail.


  • Kevin's Upgrade back is gone and replaced with Fusion Matter.
  • Having his red skin replaced with Fusion Matter, Kevin's Ghostfreak Line is gone as well as his Ripjaws gills.
  • Unlike the real Kevin, Fusion Kevin doesn't seem to have a romantic interest in Gwen or Fusion Gwen.
  • He is a Cosmix Monster which relates to how he is a part of Ben's transformations; Ben's Nanos are Cosmix as well.
  • He is located in Green Maw.
  • Fusion Kevin's Diamondhead arm is slate grey, while Fusion Tetrax has regular fusion matter skin, despite the originals being made from the same material.
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