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Newredomni This article contains information on Gamepad-icon of the franchise and is non-canon

Fusion Ben is a copy made of fusion matter, a monster created by Fuse, from the game FusionFall.


Fusion Ben resembles Ben Tennyson but Fusion Ben has green hair, a dark green tank, red jacket with a black stripe, dark green jeans, red eyes, an Omnitrix/Ultimatrix (not functional) and Fusion Matter skin.


Fusion Ben was created by Fuse and was in charge to cover the Space Center with Fusion Goo. Fusion Ben then held Fusion Gwen responsible for bringing him DNA samples from his doppelgänger, Ben Tennyson, so he can create Fusion Monsters for Fuse as an
File:Fusion Fall - Fusion Ben.png
additional mission. The Hero is called to retrieve the samples that Fusion Gwen had dropped and to bring them to Ben one at a time. Finally Ben gives you a mission to enter the spaceport and defeat Fusion Gwen in order to receive the last sample, a Swampfire root. It turns out Fusion Ben used Fusion Gwen in order to buy some time to create to Fusion but the Hero destroys Fusion Gwen just in time to stop Fusion Ben from making any Fusion Monsters.


  • He returns for a 2nd battle but doesn't carry a nano.
  • In the 2nd battle he doesn't have Fusion Gwen.
  • He is in the same area as Ben is, the spaceport.
  • Fusion Ben also appears in Providence HQ in containment in order to receive the hero's Alien X nano
  • Similar to Ben, Fusion Ben is creative and comes up with plenty of plans.
  • In one mission, bet on Ben, the hero is told to defeat Vilgax, Mojo and Mandark since Fusion Ben convinced them to abandon their truce with the heroes and combat each other in war.
  • Unlike Ben, he isn't working on similar projects as Ben is in the game.
  • Fusion Ben is similar to Ben because he doesn't think things through like when he took the princes device but didn't expect to be shot at and how he didn't expect the hero to come to finish Fusion Ben off AKA destroy him.
  • Fusion Ben is similar to other various clones of Ben in the series like Albedo, the Naljian Destructor and the Plant Clones.
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