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FusionFall Heroes is a new Cartoon Network online game based on FusionFall. It features characters from Ben 10: Omniverse, Dexter's Laboratory, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and other various characters from Cartoon Network.


About story

When Planet Fusion attacked the Cartoon Network universe, a legion of kids rose up to help defend the world. But what were your favorite Cartoon Network characters up to? It turns out they decided to fight the fusion monsters right at their source! When they weren't busy helping the resistance, Cartoon Networks greatest heroes formed small, co-op fireteams to assault the fusion spawning from the grounds. If they succeeded in their missions, they would strike a huge blow against Lord Fuse and his army of evil minions. Empowered by the rare element Dextronium, the heroes aim to destroy these monsters and take back their planet.

Playable Ben 10 Characters


FusionFall Heroes Trailer

FusionFall Heroes Trailer

  • Four Arms
    • Proto Four Arms (regular 10-year-old design)
    • Megas Four Arms (with Megas XLR's hands)
    • Smackhands Four Arms (with Rex's Smackhands build)
    • Pompadour Four Arms (with Johnny Bravo's hair)
    • Spiked Four Arms
    • Toon Four Arms
    • Pom-pom Four Arms (with Penny Fitzgerald's horns and pom-poms)
    • Marauder Four Arms (16-year-old design with Adventure Time's marauder hat and pigs tied to his fists)
  • Feedback
    • Young Feedback (regular 11-year-old design)
    • Fiesta Feedback
    • Boogie Pack Feedback (with Rex's Boogie Pack build)
    • Ooo Feedback
    • Santa Feedback (with Santa's beard and hat)
    • Teenage Feedback (regular 16-year-old design)

Weapons based on Ben 10

Used by

Outfits based on Ben 10

Used by

  • Gumball
    • Hex Gumball (Outfit based on Hex from the original series).
    • Plumber Gumball (Outfit based on the Plumbers uniform).



  • In FusionFall Heroes, Feedback is shown with a pupil for the first time in any game.

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