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Fulmini are a silicon-based species from the planet Fulmas.


Fulmini are made entirely of Omni-Enhanced energy, although what that energy actually is has yet to be explained. Their blue energy bodies are reinforced with gray rock amour that covers their head, chest, shoulders, some of their forearms, and everything from the thighs down. This rock has a green moss-like pattern onit's surface nearest the top of the body.

Fulmini can vary greatly in height, from around twice a young Ben's height to nearly four times his height. Some are even as big as a To'kustar.

Under the influence or revitalization of High Override, Fulmini energy turns lilac, and the Fulmini gain red eyes. Fulmini bodies can also be enhanced by High Override. The most notable example of this is Shock Rock.


The Fulmini fought amongst themselves over the energy that Fulmas held, until the planet began to fall apart. United, the Fulmini began to wage war against the rest of the universe, using wormholes to travel to nearby planets in order to plunder their energy and use it to restore Fulmas to its former strength.

Vilgax described them as being incredibly destructive and a danger to the Earth itself.[1] However, Ben later determined that this was a lie in order to stop him from using the Omnitrix.[2] Vilgax eventually clarified on the subject once the Fulmini invasion was underway.[3]

The Fulmini went to Petropia to harvest the resources to restore Fulmas, but Petropia's inhabitants forced them to retreat.

With Fulmas destroyed, the Fulmini went to Khoros using their mothership to invade the planet. They left Khoros once they found out it was populated with Tetramand's predators.


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Powers and Abilities

Fulmini have the ability to release strong, blue electrical charges from any part of their bodies.

Fulmini are able to absorb and produce electricity. They can control it with great skill. Shock Rock has demonstrated the ability to generate large electrical constructs shaped like a boomerang.

Fulmini also have indestructible stone armor and possesses enhanced strength.

Fulmini higher-ups can drain the energy from their soldiers, leaving only the parts that aren't energy.


The Fulmini possess ground vehicles and flying machines that appear to be made of the same rock as Fulmas and the Fulmini themselves.

The Fulmini also possess the ability to generate wormholes, which they use to raid nearby star systems.

Notable Fulmini


Fulmini is derived from Fulmine, the Italian word for lightning. It may also be derived from the word 'Fulminate' which, in a literary sense, means to explode violently or flash like lightning.

Fulmini may also be a portmanteau of Fulmine and mini, effectively calling them little balls of lightning.


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