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Fulmas was the home planet of the Fulmini.[1]


The environment of Fulmas consisted of large, floating magnetic rocks held together by the electric forces of the planet.


The Fulmini are combative, and will fight for resources be it with themselves or a common enemy.


The warlords of Fulmas fought endlessly over the energy that the planet held, until it began to fall apart. United under a single banner, the Fulmini became conquerors that travelled via wormhole to nearby systems without warning. They plunder the planets for energy, in order to restore their own world.[2]

Centuries later, the overconcentration of hoarded energy the Fulmini acquired from other planets irreparably destroyed Fulmas, forcing the Fulmini to abandon their homeworld on their mothership, christened Fulmas II.

The Tetramand armada, unaware of Fulmas' fate, attempted an invasion on the planet. However, upon finding it abandoned, they withdrew disappointed.[3]

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Fulmas may be derived from Fulmine, the Italian word for lightning, just like the name Fulmini. It is most likely derived directly from Esperanto, however, as 'Fulmas' is the Esperanto word for lightning.


  • In the Shock Rock alien world short, from which most of the above lore is derived, the planet's name is misspelled as 'Fulmis'.
    • The word 'Fulmis' is also the Esperanto word for lightning, only in past tense, so the two spellings share the same Etymological root despite one of them being wrong.


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