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Fright Face[DJW 1] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet, and the Dimension 23 equivalent to Toepick.[DJW 2]

Powers and Abilities

Fright Face's only known way of defeating his enemies is with his extremely scary face, which taps into the primordial fears locked in all beings' subconscious and primitive brains.[DJW 3] Fright Face's face is so hideously horrifying that almost no being in the known universe can look at it without being scared to the point of turning pale white. If someone were to take a photograph of Fright Face's face, the picture would come out blurry, but it would still make people uneasy.[DJW 4]

The sight of Fright Face's face can cause adverse effects.[DJW 5] The most common of these effects are the inducement of terror and insanity, as a Dwarf Star-powered Psyphon was so terrified by Toepick's face that he begged him to stay away in-between screams of terror.[1]

Fright Face's face can also induce nausea, as shown when Argit vomited several things he had eaten.[2]

Fright Face can counteract forces that feed on fear, as Zombozo found it impossible not to be scared of Toepick's face.[3]

Other beings such as Ectonurites,[DJW 6] Appoplexians,[DJW 7] and even a Celestialsapien's personalities[DJW 8] can be terrified by Fright Face's face. Depending on the time, Maltruant can also be scared by his face.[DJW 9]

Fright Face has a type of layered multiphasic eyesight that makes his already mediocre vision even worse when looking at multidimensional or unknowable sights,[DJW 10] meaning that he cannot be frightened by his own face if he were to look into anything reflective.

Fright Face is able to bulge his eyes outwards,[DJW 11] and in addition to his face, he can also produce a series of horrifying sounds for extra terror.

When Fright Face's helmet prepares to open, it releases a small amount of green gases. It is also incredibly difficult to damage.[DJW 12]

Fright Face has a degree of enhanced strength, enough to lift a car.[DJW 13][DJW 14]

Fright Face can shoot acid from his fingertips.[pop-up 1][4][DJW 15]


Despite Fright Face not being afraid of his own face, Ken found Toepick's face to be so gross that he did not want to turn into him when he received his own Omnitrix.[4]

Due to him being too heavy, Fright Face can easily lose balance.[3]

Blind beings such as Vulpimancers would be immune to Fright Face's face.[DJW 16] Similarly, deaf beings would be immune to his sounds.

Beings that lack sapient emotion or survival instincts, such as drones and robots, would be immune to Fright Face's face and sounds as well. However, it would invoke some sort of defensive reaction from them.[MW 1]

Fright Face has below-average reflexes, making it possible to sneak up on him and attack before he has time to open his cage.[1]

There are certain beings Fright Face is unable to scare, such as Ma Vreedle because "she [has] seen worse"[DJW 17] and Dagon.[DJW 18]

Professor Paradox can see Fright Face's face clearly. It is not an unknowable horror to him, therefore he is able to overcome his initial fears.[DJW 19]


  • Ben 23 has only used Fright Face once due to his low poll rating.[DJW 1][DJW 2]


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