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Freezeghost is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Necrofriggian from the planet Kylmyys and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Big Chill.


Freezeghost resembles 16-year-old Big Chill in Omniverse except his wings, antennae, and chest are light blue, his neck and head are white with blue markings, his eyes are blue, and his belt is white with thin gold straps. The Omnitrix on his belt is blue with a golden rim.

Powers and Abilities

Freezeghost is capable of breathing a wind or beam that reduces the temperature surrounding it, turns to ice constructs mid-air or upon touching a target, or encasing a target completely in ice. His breath can be as strong as wind, capable of pushing the Rust Bucket 2 off a cliff,[1] as demonstrated by Big Chill.

Freezeghost can freeze strong adhesives using his ice breath and make them brittle.[2]

Freezeghost can fly using his wings, normally by gliding. He can also leave behind an ice trail while flying.[3]

Freezeghost can become intangible, to the point where he can cause opponents and objects to freeze by phasing through them, though he can choose not to.

Freezeghost has cryokinesis, allowing him to control the ice he generates at will. He can also generate ice beams from his hands which he can manipulate.[4]

Freezeghost can form manipulatable ice constructs from the ground by touching it.[5]

Freezeghost can freeze objects just by touching them.[6][7]

Freezeghost has enhanced strength, as seen when Big Chill was on a metal-eating spree, where he effortlessly ripped apart a large metal statue and snapped iron girders in half.[8] He can also carry a Revonnahgander while keeping steady flight.

Freezeghost's strength extends to his feet, which are prehensile, as he can carry an Opticoid while flying.[9]

Freezeghost is rather durable, as Big Chill was able to take a laser blast to the back from Kraab and only be slightly fazed.[10]

Freezeghost is quite agile, as he is capable of dodging attacks while flying.[2]

Freezeghost is immune to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.[11] As such, he can drink molten steel.[8]

Freezeghost can survive underwater,[12] as well as in the vacuum of space.[10][7]

Freezeghost can levitate without using his wings.[6][13]

Freezeghost has powerful jaws capable of chewing up and devouring metal statues, poles, buildings, signs, iron girders, and serving trays.[8]

Freezeghost possesses sharp claws, which were able to tear through Inspector 13's suit to remove one of his devices.[14]

Freezeghost can cover his eyes by folding his eye flaps to prevent him from looking at things he should not see, such as a Psycholeopterran's hypnotic mist.[3]

Freezeghost can withstand radiation, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[15]


Freezeghost's intangibility is useless against opponents who can also turn intangible, such as Ectonurites and other Necrofriggians, as it will cancel out their abilities to do so.[11]

The only inanimate objects that have been able to touch intangible Freezeghost are the Rust Bucket 2's netting,[1] the Shield of Seagle,[16] the Techadon Factory's defense systems,[17] and the Plumber Headquarters' prison cell's door[14], all of which were demonstrated by Big Chill.

Being a Necrofriggian, Freezeghost is vulnerable to being hypnotized and trapped by a Psycholeopterran. His ice breath is also useless against Psycholeopterrans, as shown when Hypnotick escaped Big Chill's ice breath using her own intangibility.[3][18]

Freezeghost can be harmed by electricity, such as that generated by a Cerebrocrustacean[19] and/or the Shield of Seagle.[16]

Freezeghost is incapable consuming anything other than metal, as shown when Big Chill was uninterested in devouring Kevin's stone armor.[8]

Freezeghost is vulnerable to magic, as shown when Big Chill was trapped by one of Gwen's mana spheres. However, he can easily phase out of it.[8]

Freezeghost is sensitive to high-pitched sounds, such as those of an Evolved Sonorosian's Sonic Disks, as demonstrated with several Albino Necrofriggian guards.[11]





Season 7

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Polish Zimnoduch From zimno, cold and duch, spirit
Portuguese (Br) Fantasma Frio from fantasma, ghost and frio, cold
Romanian Fantoma îngheţată From fantoma, ghost and îngheţată, ice
Russian Крылатый
Холодный Призрак
From крылатый, winged
From холодный, cold and призрак, ghost
Spanish (HA) Fantasmobruma From bruma, fog; and fantasma, ghost


Freezeghost's name is a combination of the words "freeze" and "ghost".



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