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Freezeghost is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Necrofriggian from the planet Kylmyys and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Big Chill.


Freezeghost resembles his counterpart's 16-year-old design, but he has a different coloring scheme. His wings and antennae are a lighter blue. His chest is the same color as the wings. His belt is white with thin gold straps surrounding it and the Omnitrix is in the middle. His neck and head are white with blue markings. His eyes are light blue.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Necrofriggian, Freezeghost has the same abilities as his species.


Being a Necrofriggian, Freezeghost has the same weaknesses as his species.




Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 7


Freezeghost's name is a play on the words freeze and ghost.


  • The color scheme is similar to the Necrofriggian inhabitants in Mykdl'dy.
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