Benvicktor is the Codon Stream's sample of the Transylian species from the planet, Anur Transyl. Ben got its DNA for the Omnitrix from Dr. Vicktor, who was one of Zs'Skayr (Ghostfreak)'s allies. This is also a species from an Anur word at the beginning.He first appears in Be Afraid of the Dark When fighting Zs'Skayr.


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Benvicktor can generate "green" electricity and manipulate the resulting energy to attack enemies or adhere himself to metal through magnetism. He also possesses enhanced strength and intelligence. Benvicktor has two conductor coils on his back which can generate the electricity. He also has a power pack on his back. He can also control technology by connecting the wires on his back into a device.


Benvicktor has no known weakness yet. Possibly water or moving slow during combat.

Benvicktor omnitrix picture

Benvicktor icon on the Omnitrix.


See: Anur Transyl.

Difference From Dr. Victor

  • His skin is lighter
  • He has longer hair
  • He shoots green lightning instead of purple.
  • He does not have the same details as Dr. Vicktor does. One example is that Dr. Vicktor's left eye is bigger than his right eye, and Benvicktor does not have that metal parts on his feet as Dr. Vicktor does. And Dr. Vicktor's left arm is different than his right arm,possible a reference that Dr. Vicktor modified his body.

Ultimate Alien

His appearance from the original series is different, his body its now light green with his symbol now on his chest. The bottom of his feet, his belt, and his gloves are now metallic.He still has the energy pack on his back.


  • Transylian is based off of the country of Transylvania.
  • Benvicktor's species were said to be the second smartest species in the galaxy; rivaled only by the Galvan. Although the Cerebrocrustacean seemed to take this place in Alien Force. It is unknown whether or not Transylians are smarter.
  • In Portuguese his name is Benfrank a reference to Frankenstein.
  • Benvicktor is the last alien to appear in the Ultimate Alien intro, last alien to be asorbed in the Omnitrix, and the last alien introduced of the Halloween Trio.
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