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Fourmungousaur is the combination of Four Arms and Humungousaur's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.


Fourmungousaur has the body of Humungousaur with the features of Four Arms. His skin is two-toned like Humungousaur's, but the darker tan is replaced by Four Arms' red. He has four Humungousaur arms with Four Arms' gloves on the hands. On his arms and head, he has Four Arms' spikes.

He has Humungousaur's white belt with a green stripe, along with Four Arms' pants that go above the belt. His feet are Four Arms' with Humungousaur's toenails. His head is shaped like Four Arms' with his facial features and Humungousaur's nose.

The Biomnitrix is located on his sash.

Powers and Abilities

Fourmungousaur has the combined strength of both Humungousaur and Four Arms,[DJW 1] being able to overpower an Appoplexian and break free from a Thep Khufan's bandages.

Being part-Tetramand, Fourmungousaur can jump just as high as Four Arms.

Being part-Vaxasaurian, Fourmungousaur has the power to increase or decrease his own body size and mass like Humungousaur.[DJW 2]





Season 5

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Quadnormosaure from Quad, Fourarms and Énormosaure, Humungousaur
Italian 2x2sauro From 2x2,Fourarms and Omosauro, Humungousaur
Polish Czterogantozaur From cztero, four and Gigantozaur, Polish name for Humungousaur
Portuguese (Br) Quatronormossauro From quatro, four, enorme, enormous, and -sauro, dinosaur suffix
Romanian Patrumungozaur From patru, four, and Humungousaur
Russian Четырёхрукий Гумангозавр From четырёхрукий, four-armed and гумангозавр, Humungousaur
Spanish (HA) Humungosaurio From Humungousaur


  • Fourmungousaur is the only fusion alien to have never spoken.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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