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Forgeti is a character in Ben 10. He first appeared in Forgeti. He is a yeti.


The Forgeti is a tall hairy humanoid Yeti. He has two large arms and two short legs. His fur is dark gray with a wave pattern in his shoulders, knees and forearms, which are a darker gray in color. His fur covers all of his body except his ears, eyes, hands, stomach, back and feet. He has lilac colored skin, a magenta colored nose, yellow eyes, red pupils and thick eyebrows.


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The Forgeti first appeared in the episode Forgeti, where he saved Gwen and the rest of the Tennyson's from Dr. Animo.

He later appeared in Billy Bajillions, where he attacked Billy for harming the environment. He teamed up with Humungousaur to get rid of the fake snow Billy put down. After the Tennyson's forgave Billy, and befriended him, the Forgeti used his gasses to make them all forget.

He briefly appeared in Mutiny for the Bounty, where he cried due to Rath destroying the trees in the forest.

He appeared in You Remind Me of Someone, where he ran into Kevin and Ben. He then made them forget their memories. Soon he runs into them again, after they were fighting each other.

Powers and Abilities

The Forgeti can create a fog that can make people forget its appearance from looking at it for a defense mechanism.

If a overdose of the fog is too much for the person, they might get a short term amnesia.[1]

The Forgeti has enhanced strength, durability and speed, being able to keep up with Humungousaur,[2]


The Forgeti has difficulty fighting small, fast or enemies with a tail. [3]

Gutrot's Species is immune to the Forgeti's memory gas.[DR 1]


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