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The Forge of Creation is the source of the universe's greatest power and where ideas become real. It is outside the universe. It is a place hidden to everyone except Celestialsapiens, Professor Paradox and anyone with the Map of Infinity.


The Forge of Creation is a beautiful outer space-like realm with no identifiable borders or land masses.

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  • Celestialsapiens are born in the Forge of Creation, but some live in the Milky Way Galaxy.[DM 1]
  • With the Forge of Creation enclosed by a Chronal Randomization Barrier, it is out of sync with all time and totally inaccessible without the Map of Infinity, except for Professor Paradox and Celestialsapiens.
    • However, Paradox is not allowed to be within 500 light years of a Celestialsapien and thus is not allowed to enter the Forge of Creation.
  • The Forge of Creation shares similarities with the Q Continuum from Star Trek, which are both extra-dimensional planes of existence that serve as a home for species of omnipotence. The Q Continuum serves as a home for the Q and The Forge of Creation serves as a home for Celestialsapiens.

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  • Zvezda (Celestialsapien home world according to Bandai; non-canon version)


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