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The Forever Knight is a mysterious armored knight who appears in Ben 10. Over the course of season 3, he recruits enemies of Team Tennyson to join his cause.


The Forever Knight wears metal armor partially inspired by medieval European knights. It is augmented with technology that affords him great manoeuvrability and speed that would otherwise be inhibited by the clunkiness of the armor. When damaged, the yellow strips of light fade and turn off. He has yellow lighting on his helmet, and he wears a cape along with his armor. He also bears the Forever Knight symbol on his chest, resembling the classic continuity's Forever Knights.

Knight Mask Crack

Forever Knight with a cracked helmet

Beneath his mask he is a white male of indeterminate age. He has no facial hair.



As revealed in Roundabout, his goal is to go back in time and prevent alien signals from contacting Earth. Throughout Season 3, he tests Team Tennyson's enemies to determine those he needs for this goal. He needed Ben and Kevin to power his time gateway due to both of them having Kineceleran forms in their Omnitrixes, Charmcaster to stabilize the portal with her magic, Vin Ethanol to monitor Ben and Kevin's progress, Billy Billions to provide his drones as security, and Simon Sez to help activate the gateway.


The Forever Knight first appeared in Omni-Copped, when he sees footage on how Ben defeated Steam Smythe.

He appears again in This One Goes to 11 after Kevin was defeated, remarking that Kevin would been an even better candidate than Ben.

In King of the Castle, the Forever Knight reached out to Kevin, who turned him down.

He appears in Don't Touch, where he battles Ben over a katana only to get his helmet damaged and knocked over the horizon by Humungousaur. The Knight appeared to be smiling at the exact moment Humungousaur threw him off far away with his tail, possible showing that he was trying to see if Ben was worthy of being recruited.

He then appears in Welcome to Zombozo-Zone! with Zombozo, who is trying to impress him in hopes of joining up with him. The Knight remarks that he never was a king after the former was arrested, suggesting that he has no intention of bringing Zombozo into his team.

The Forever Knight appears in Bridge Out after Simon was stopped. Knowing that Simon can be useful, the Knight calls off the blockade responsible for the traffic.

He then appears at the end of Charm School's Out, where he recruits Charmcaster to his cause.

In Franken-Fight, he scolds Kevin for failing to defeat Ben due to his romantic interests in Gwen only for Kevin to destroy the transponder hidden on his padlock necklace.

In Buggy Out, the Forever Knight sent Kevin to steal the Rustbucket for its technology, though the boy ended up failing due to interference from Ben and Glitch. Kevin then attempted to use Glitch to run over the Tennysons, forcing the Knight to attack Kevin in retaliation, though his jetpack as blasted by Heatblast.

In Introducing Kevin 11, Kevin officially joins the Forever Knight's side, having abandoned his pride in favor of jealousy towards the Tennysons.

Powers and Abilities


From what we have seen so far, the Forever Knight uses an energy shield and a mace as his primary weapons. He also uses a drone, to look at the villains battling Ben, and recruits them to his cause.

At his Mansion, he has a robotic servant, presumably to take care of his house.


Ben 10

Season 3


  • The Forever Knight making a team of villains is similar to when Driscoll assembled the Negative 10.
  • The existence of the Forever Knight was first discovered through the app Ben 10 Moji, which contained stock artwork of him available as stickers.
  • His goal of keeping aliens from arriving on Earth is similar to how the goals of the Forever Knights changed to ridding Earth of all aliens when Sir George united the factions into a whole army.
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