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Fool's Gold is the thirtieth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin are assigned to Walton to find one of the aliens who came by Max. On the way to Walton, they stop to find a trail of poop made of solid gold. While traveling around the town, they see that the locals are quite wealthy.

They meet Mayor Coleman and he explains that every 17 years the aliens come for the popcorn festival during their spring break. Gwen finds Orb, learning that he was the one who called Max because his best friend Decka went missing.

Ben and Kevin watch the other aliens as they try to wreck a greenhouse. Ben transforms into Spidermonkey and stops them from tipping the house with his webbing. Another group throws a silo at him and Kevin, but they miss.

After all of them are tied up, the mayor asks them to release the aliens and reveals that the town's economy is based on the gold poop. Ben continues to search and Kevin follows him.

When Ben and Kevin were keeping an eye on a large group of the aliens, they end up having a battle with them. When Gwen and the Mayor show up and the mayor lets them go and tells the team that no matter what damage they have, the town can use the gold poop to fix it.

After that Ben goes to look for Decka and Kevin follows him again and Gwen starts to think that Kevin is trying to avoid her. The mayor enters his barn to check on Decka, whom he kidnapped so that he'll have enough gold to pay off his debts. When Decka says he can't eat anymore, the mayor changes his diet to meat.

The festival is finally over and all the aliens venture home, except for Orb. Ben, Kevin and Gwen notice two empty spaceships, one is Orb's, the other is Decka's. Gwen tracks down Decka through his ship to the mayor's barn. The mayor attacks them with a laser gun. Ben transforms into Goop with Gwen and Kevin manage to defeat the mayor.

Decka then shows up in his feral form because of eating the meat. Ben transforms into Big Chill and tries to freeze Decka, but fails to stop him. Orb warns them that Decka will eat anything and then split himself and the poop is now radioactive and unstable. Kevin accidentally steps on one, and it sends him flying.

They find Decka at the power plant, absorbing energy. Big Chill freezes the reactor, making Decka eat the building instead. Orb tries to reason with him, but it also fails and tried to eat Orb. Ben then transforms into Echo Echo because to Decka's species, silicon is poisonous.

Decka then eats all of the Echo Echo clones, causing him to vomit everything he ate and transforms into his original form.

After Echo Echo transforms back into Ben, he apologizes to Decka and promises that the mayor will be punished. Decka returns home with Orb angrily, saying that he will tell everyone to never return to Earth. Kevin gives Gwen a locket holding a picture of him before the mutation with her, asking her to remember how he used to be, signifying he may have lost most of his hopes of returning to normal.

Noteworthy Events

Minor Events

  • It's revealed that Orb and Decka's Species visited Mars sometime in the past and turned it into the Red Planet when one or more members of their species accidentally ingested meat.
  • It was revealed in this episode that in the Ben 10 universe, Mars was called the Popcorn Planet before its desolation.



Aliens Used



Ben: Look at this place?
Kevin: Sure. These farmers must be rolling in--
Gwen: Kevin!
Kevin: I was gonna say "dough"!

Quotes Right


Mayor: Okay, you got us. Every 17 years we make some popcorn and shovel up the gold. Our entire economy is based on alien...
Kevin: (coughing) Poop!
Gwen: Wrong on so many levels. (rolls her eyes)

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Kevin: See? This is why everyone hates politicians!

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Orb: (about Decka) Don't hurt him! He's still my best friend!
Gwen: We'll try.
Kevin: She'll try. I'm not promising anything.

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(as the aliens cavort in a popcorn-filled swimming pool)
Kevin: I've seen a lot of strange, messed-up things.
Ben: And how does this rank?
Kevin: It's up there.
Ben: I dunno. It seems pretty laid back for Spring Break.
(the aliens start smashing the windows of a greenhouse)
Kevin: Laid back?
Ben: Could be worse.
Alien: House-tipping! Everybody tip the house!
Ben: Okay, is worse.

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Gwen: (concerned after managing to catch Kevin) Are you hurt?
Kevin: No, I like being blown up!
(Gwen lets Kevin fall)

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French La Règle D'Or The Golden Rule
Hungarian Bolondok aranya Fools' Gold
Portuguese (Br) Ouro dos Tolos Fool's Gold
Spanish (HA) El Pueblo de Oro The Town of Gold
Spanish (Spain) Locos por el Oro Crazy for the Gold


  • Decka's Species are a reference to gremlins, which should not be fed after midnight. Otherwise, they'll become monsters. Just like how Decka was fed meat and turned into a monster.
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